Vegan fast-food chain Odd Burger coming to Vancouver and Victoria

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      A successful vegan fast-food chain that started life as a food truck in southern Ontario is coming to B.C.

      Odd Burger, with seven stores in Ontario (and three more in the planning stages there), has announced that it has granted franchises in Vancouver and Victoria.

      The chain is also planning to open a restaurant in Calgary soon.

      In a company bulletin, Vancouver franchisees (and brothers) Stephen and James Wall are said to be "seeking an ideal location to introduce the community to Odd Burger’s affordable, mainstream, healthy and satisfying vegan fast food".

      The company—which specializes in compact takeout and delivery-oriented outlets—said it expects the location to open within three months of site confirmation and permit approvals.

      “This city is ready for more plant-based options, especially at a reasonable price, and we think Odd Burger is the right opportunity for us as franchisees as well as for Vancouver,” Stephen Wall said in the release. “We are now evaluating the best sites and can’t wait to be up and running.”

      The Victoria location is said to be awaiting a response to "an offer to lease on a promising site in the downtown area".

      “These are the first franchises opening in the West," Odd Burger CEO and cofounder James McInnes said, "and we’re looking forward to welcoming guests in Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary to a very new fast-food experience.” 

      Odd Burger manufactures and distributes its own proprietary brand of plant-based proteins and dairy alternatives to make its burgers, sausages, mac and cheese, and "ChickUn".

      After having success with their "Famous Burger" at an Ontario festival in 2016, James McInnes and Lia Vasiliki ran a food truck, then launched what they called the first vegan fast-food outlet in Canada in 2016. They claim to have then opened the world's first 24-hour vegan drive-through six months after that.

      In 2018, they opened their own manufacturing centre.