The Venetian spritz made with Select Aperitivo is the perfect summer cocktail

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      There’s a new pleasantly bitter, Italian aperitif in town and it’s just in time for summer. , founded in Venice back in 1920, encourages cocktail enthusiasts everywhere to indulge in a thirst-quenching Venetian Spritz.

      The warmer months are quickly approaching so now is the time to hone your mixology skills and learn how to craft a mouthwatering Venetian Spritz. It’s exceedingly Instagram-worthy and makes you feel as if you’re unwinding at a quaint ristorante along one of Venice’s scenic canals. There could not be a more sophisticated cocktail.

      But in reality, you’ll likely be spending the majority of this summer sipping fancy beverages on your own patio. Whether you’re lost in a good book while tanning or catching up with a friend over appetizers, a refreshing cocktail will elevate the experience. So until it’s safe to travel again, indulging in a drink that transports you to a dreamy international destination will have to do.

      Similar to its city of origin, Select Aperitivo is unique and opulent. And it also comes with some history.

      After the First World War, the Pilla brothers saw that Venice was in deep turmoil and felt compelled to help others rediscover life’s simple pleasures. They used their expertise in the art of making liquors to create an aperitif that would inspire the surrounding community.

      The ruby red liqueur with dark orange highlights is produced from a mixture of 30 aromatic botanicals collected from around the world. Rhubarb roots and juniper berries are just two of the plants that infuse the liqueur with floral and bitter notes.

      Select Aperitivo

      Once the botanicals are macerated and processed with artisanal mastery, the aperitif achieves its well-balanced bittersweet taste. Each sip is filled with spicy and tropical notes with a smooth finish that leaves the delectable taste of citrus fruit lingering on the palate.

      When safely entertaining this summer, forget about canned vodka sodas and impress your guests (and yourself) by serving chic Venetian Spritzes.

      The Original Venetian Spritz

      Three parts Prosecco

      Two parts Select Aperitivo

      One splash of soda water

      One large green olive

      Pour the Select Aperitivo, Prosecco, and soda water into a wine glass over ice. Garnish with a green olive.

      Since drinking on an empty stomach is an ever-so risky move, consider pairing your gorgeous Venetian Spritz with fresh seafood or a charcuterie board. Smoked salmon, Gorgonzola or Camembert cheese, crostini, prosciutto, and salami compliment the bittersweet taste of the cocktail.

      For those looking for a quick and easy food pairing, salty potato chips also go well with the delicious drink.

      Select Aperitivo can be purchased at specialty liquor stores. For more information, visit . Follow the classic Venetian aperitif on for inspiration and updates.