Voting for the 27th Annual Golden Plates Awards is officially open

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      Let’s be honest: we all like to think we’re experts when it comes to Vancouver’s food scene. The best spot to get sushi? To find cheap eats? To feast on Middle Eastern? To sit on a sunny patio? You probably know the perfect place.

      And now’s your chance to prove it, because voting for The Georgia Straight's 27th Annual Golden Plates Awards is officially open.

      After combing through thousands of nominations, we’re thrilled to announce this year’s finalists, which cover a range of categories in five main sections:

      1. Best of the Bunch: The top bakery, brunch spot, overall experience, and more.
      2. Best Restaurant by City: Beloved spots around Metro Vancouver.
      3. Best Restaurant by Cuisine: From African and Persian to Japanese and French.
      4. Best Restaurant by Neighbourhood: Let’s get hyperlocal!
      5. Best Specialty Items: From bagels to barbecue.

      Show your support for your favourite restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, breweries, and more by casting your votes.

      The Golden Plates are a celebration of what makes Vancouver’s culinary scene so great: its vastness, its diversity, and its depth.

      Go here to cast your votes.

      Voting closes on March 31, and winners will be announced on May 2 both online and in our May print edition.