Where to try Vancouver’s most unique burgers

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      I firmly believe that a classic burger will always hit the spot. Something about a medium-cooked patty with the right char, fresh and crisp veggies atop, and whatever spreads you’re drawn to will always satisfy a nostalgia craving like no other. However, because a classic burger is so simple, it also makes it the ideal vessel for creativity. Here are some of my favourite not-so-common burgers in Vancouver.

      Street Hawker

      Street Hawker is the sister restaurant to the popular Southeast Asian spot Potluck Hawker Eatery. It offers an Asian twist on classic burgers and fries. My favourite beef burger is the Shrimp Mac 2.0, a take on the McDonald’s Big Mac—but instead of a middle bun, it’s a piece of coconut shrimp toast with mango mustard.


      DL Chicken

      If you find yourself on Commercial Drive, DL Chicken will satisfy any craving for delicious chicken. While DL offers fried chicken by the piece and as tenders, my go-to will always be the sandos. Piled high with toppings and consistently delivering on the flavour, these chicken sandwiches are the size of your face. My favourite is The Pizza, featuring your choice of breast or boneless leg meat with pizza dust and basil mayo.


      Burger Crush

      I think Burger Crush has the best vegan cheeseburger in the city. What makes it unique is that instead of opting for Impossible patties or other mass-distributed meat alternatives, Burger Crush makes its own in-house vegan patties to ensure the taste and quality never leave you missing meat.


      ARC Restaurant

      Can a burger be elevated to fine dining? The culinary team at ARC Restaurant at the Fairmont Waterfront would argue yes with an impressive six-ounce Hiro wagyu beef burger topped with foie gras, onion jam, and the perfect fried egg. There is something so delightful about eating a dish that is so luxe in design but so primal upon consumption.


      Score on Davie

      I don’t think I can talk about unique burgers in Vancouver without a mention of one of the many Caesars you can order at the Score. Piled high with garnishes that double as a meal, you’ll probably forget that a drink is included. The Checkmate Caesar comes with the classic pickle, a pulled pork slider, a mac and cheese hot dog, a complete classic burger, onion rings, hot wings, an entire Cornish game hen, and a brownie with whipped cream for dessert. Yup, it really is all on top of the glass.