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      Brewery & the Beast (BATB), the West Coast’s most anticipated summer party, returns to Vancouver this Sunday (July 9). The event, now in its 10th year, highlights the region’s most talented chefs and culinary leaders through a day of unique eats.

      Taking place at Concord Pacific Place, BATB brings together more than 50 chefs to prepare delightful dishes produced with locally-sourced ingredients. Guests get to visit as many food stations as possible while sipping on an endless supply—and variety—of drinks, including craft beers and ciders, seltzers, cocktails, wine, and other beverages.

      The event is already sold out, so instead of an article on why you should go, we caught up with event organizer Scott Gurney to learn how the event has evolved 10 years in, and how attendees can get the most out of it. Take notes for next year!

      What’s your Brewery & the Beast elevator pitch?

      Brewery & the Beast is a premium culinary experience. A truly unique event showcasing the very best chefs, restaurants, farms, and beverage producers.

      The event is in its 10th year. How has it changed over the past decade, and what does that mean for attendees?

      It has only gotten better! Chefs bring their A-game, and the food is interesting, thoughtful, and very delicious. The drink offerings have diversified so guests can enjoy other refreshments aside from the award-winning craft beer and cider on hand.

      What’s specifically new this year that you’re excited about?

      There will be lots of people coming to BATB for the very first time, and I am excited to hear about their experience as a first-timer!

      For the uninitiated, what’s the smartest way to navigate the food and beverage stations while appropriately pacing oneself throughout the three-hour (or four-hour for VIP ticket holders) event?

      My advice is this: take your time and don’t rush—unless you see a spot you just have to try! Otherwise, grab a few bites and a beverage, wander, explore, and take in what is being offered. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. But my best advice is: don’t fill up on drinks. This is the best food event in the city, and these chefs are cooking their hearts out. You want to enjoy as much of the food as possible without filling your belly full of liquid!

      What common mistakes should newbies watch out for?

      Eating and drinking too fast. Take your time.

      I know you can’t pick favourites, but who are some of the most highly anticipated culinary and beverage partners involved?

      Fan favourites always include places like Juke Fried Chicken, Savio Volpe, Published, Boulevard, and of course the famous tomahawks from Two Rivers Meats! But we challenge you to visit the many other wonderful chefs on hand. There are plenty of chefs who bring big flavours and wild dishes that are so fun to get into, and we guarantee you will find some new favourite places to eat in the community.

      Are there any must-see activations for this year?

      Elisa, Paella Guys, Boulevard, Anh & Chi, and Supper Club YVR.

      It feels like non-alcoholic beverage options are having a moment. Can you give us a sneak peek of what will be showcased this year?

      Plenty of variety and options from Fruit Karma, Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Beverages, and freshly brewed specialty coffees from Artigiano.

      How will the event and its collaborators contribute to the larger culinary community beyond what’s taking place the day of the festivities?

      BATB will be raising funds for the Chefs’ Table Society of BC and their amazing initiatives; plus, the event will benefit Mind the Bar and the wonderful work they do to support mental health and wellness in the hospitality industry, and funds are being raised for the Vancouver Firefighter Charities Fund.

      For you personally, what part of organizing Brewery & the Beast never gets old?

      Seeing the happy faces of people who are enjoying delicious food, live music, and time with their pals.

      Any last words for our readers?

      Tickets are sold out. Sign up for our newsletter so you can get the first crack at tickets next year!