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Top 7 Best Sacramento Architecture Firms

Best Sacramento Architecture Firms

Sacramento, California, stands out for its architectural wealth that covers various periods in time. The city accommodates an assortment of constructions, ranging from buildings of the Victorian period to contemporary gems. It is a place that marries history, culture, and city thrills, providing its inhabitants with a flourishing arts circle, manifold communities, and a plethora of opportunities for outdoor activities.

For those seeking exceptional architectural services in Sacramento, there are several firms to consider. These firms have been selected based on their portfolios, design philosophy, industry recognition, and client testimonials. Whether you are planning a residential project, commercial development, or a public infrastructure project, these architectural firms possess the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.

1. AC Martin

AC Martin is an architecture, planning, interior architecture, and research firm based in Los Angeles, California. The firm was founded over a century ago by Albert C. Martin, Sr. with the vision of helping Los Angeles develop into a thriving community. Today, the firm is renowned for its integrated design approach, creating lasting environments for the 21st century.

The firm has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious 2023 Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Award for the New Natural Resources Headquarters. AC Martin is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.

AC Martin’s work has been recognized in various publications, including Archinect, LA Times, and Interior Design Magazine. The firm’s contributions have propelled the economic vitality of downtown Los Angeles.

The firm is currently led by Chairman Christopher C. Martin, FAIA, a third-generation leader, and CEO and president Tom Hsieh, who spearheads an integrated team of architectural professionals dedicated to addressing community needs through thoughtful design.

2. Mogavero Architects

Mogavero Architects is a Sacramento-based architectural, planning, and development services firm that focuses on sustainable growth through infill development and renovation. The firm has completed projects throughout California and offers multidisciplinary capabilities and extensive expertise in design, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, development, and community advocacy.

Mogavero Architects has received recognition for its outstanding work, including the Urban Land Institute Suburban Project of the Year award for The Lohse Apartments in 2019. The firm maintains affiliations with the American Institute of Architects, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Construction Specification Institute’s Certified Construction Contract Administration (CCCA).

The firm’s portfolio includes multi-family, retail, mixed-use, and institutional architecture. Mogavero Architects has been highlighted in publications such as The Business Journals, The Union, and Sacramento News & Review. The firm is led by senior principal David Mogavero, who provides his extensive expertise and experience in designing sustainable buildings with natural heating and cooling systems.

Mogavero Architects’ commitment to sustainable growth and community advocacy is evident in the firm’s work. Through their multidisciplinary capabilities and expertise, they continue to make their mark in the industry.

3. Comstock Johnson Architects

Comstock Johnson Architects (CJA) is an architectural firm established in 1982 and licensed in eight states. The company has been designing with integrity and inspiration for 39 years. The firm’s history is rooted in the merger of Don Comstock’s and Duane Johnson’s respective firms in 1982. Since then, the leadership team has expanded to include principals Dan Eriksson and Kevin Wilcox, who have further contributed to the firm’s advancing capabilities.

CJA’s portfolio is diverse, encompassing sectors such as technology, bioscience, R&D facilities, office buildings, industrial complexes, retail centers, and multifamily housing. The company’s commitment to thorough analysis and proven skill ensures clients receive a tailored approach to their projects, whether a small tenant improvement or a large, multi-building complex.

CJA has a no-nonsense approach to design and a steadfast commitment to clients, which has built a reputation for excellence that has stood the test of time. The firm has been recognized as one of Sacramento’s Fastest Growing Companies by the Sacramento Business Journal in 2019. As members of the American Institute of Architects and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), CJA remains at the forefront of architectural innovation.

4. HGA

HGA is a national, interdisciplinary design firm with a focus on exceptional modern design. The company was founded in 1953 by Richard Hammel, Curt Green, and Bruce Abrahamson, and has since expanded to eleven offices across the country. HGA is deeply rooted in architecture and engineering and takes a collaborative and integrated approach to their work.

As members of the American Institute of Architects and the U.S. Green Building Council, HGA remains at the forefront of industry trends and sustainability practices. The firm’s commitment to creating a positive and inspiring work environment has been recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work in 2021.

HGA’s work has been featured in notable publications such as Global Design News, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and The Sacramento Bee, highlighting the firm’s impact and innovation. The company’s interdisciplinary staff of architects, interior designers, and engineers bring a unique perspective to every project.

Principal Beth Young, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, EDAC, DBIA has more than two decades of experience in construction, design management, and architectural design. Beth’s result-oriented approach and collaborative leadership style ensure the successful execution of projects across various sectors, including healthcare, education, biotechnology, and public agencies.

Overall, HGA is a highly respected design firm that takes a collaborative and integrated approach to their work, resulting in exceptional modern designs that are informed by industry trends and sustainability practices.

5. Donald Joseph

Donald Joseph, Inc. is a Sacramento-based architecture and interior design firm that has been providing custom home designs for over 30 years. The firm is led by Donald J. Fugina, an accomplished CEO and president, who founded the company in 1982 with the aim of creating exquisite and cohesive residential and commercial properties.

Donald Joseph, Inc. is known for its client-centric approach, where they strive to bring dreams to life through their architectural expertise and meticulous attention to detail. The firm’s dedication to excellence has been acknowledged through its affiliations with organizations such as the American Institute of Architects.

With a rich legacy of crafting custom home designs, Donald Joseph, Inc. has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The firm’s commitment to integrity and meaningful design is evident in its exceptional work, which continues to leave an indelible mark in architecture and design.

6. Henry + Associates Architects

Henry + Associates Architects is a California-based architectural firm that specializes in creating practical and inspiring projects. The firm has completed various residential infill designs in Sacramento and multiple public school projects, showcasing its expertise in diverse sectors. Led by principal architect Stephen Henry, a UC Berkeley graduate with over 25 years of experience, the firm is driven by a passion for architectural design.

Henry + Associates Architects has a design-oriented approach that embraces innovation and creativity in its projects. The firm draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including Hawaiian fishing shacks, Green & Green’s ultimate bungalows, Samuel Mockbee’s Rural Studio, and Le Corbusier’s church at Ronchamp. Stephen’s insatiable curiosity and dedication to continuous learning drive him to explore, observe, and create groundbreaking designs.

With an impressive track record and a commitment to excellence, Henry + Associates Architects is renowned for its ability to deliver exceptional results that harmonize functionality and aesthetics, creating spaces that truly inspire. The firm’s services include design development, construction documents, cost estimating, value engineering, ADA compliance assessments, agency approvals, bidding and negotiating, and construction administration.

7. Studio Oxeye

Studio Oxeye is a full-service architecture firm based in Sacramento, California. The firm’s philosophy centers around the belief that architecture is the foundation for everyday stories. The team aims to create spaces that reflect individuals’ perceptions of themselves and their aspirations. Guided by mindfulness towards context, climate, history, and people, the firm strives to enrich experiences through thoughtful design.

Led by Gennifer Muñoz, AIA, the founder, and principal architect, Studio Oxeye brings over 15 years of experience in various architectural domains, including residential, commercial, developer-driven, and large-scale projects. Gennifer’s educational background at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and the University of Virginia, coupled with her extensive travel experiences, has nurtured her curiosity, love for diverse environments, and understanding of climate-specific design and green building practices.

Studio Oxeye has professional affiliations with the American Institute of Architects and Small Business Certification. The firm’s notable features include its appearance in publications such as Dwell, Comstock’s, and Women of Sacramento.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sacramento architecture firms are renowned for residential design?

Several Sacramento architecture firms are renowned for their residential design work. The following are a few of the firms that are known for their exceptional residential design work:

  • Mogavero Architects
  • Ellis Architects
  • Carter Design Associates
  • Sage Architecture, Inc.
  • Ward-Young Architecture & Planning

What are the most prestigious architecture firms in Sacramento?

The most prestigious architecture firms in Sacramento are those that have established a reputation for excellence in the industry. Some of the most prestigious firms in the city include:

  • LPAS Architecture + Design
  • Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture
  • Mogavero Architects
  • Nacht & Lewis Architects
  • Perkins+Will

Which Sacramento architecture firms offer the best career opportunities?

There are several architecture firms in Sacramento that offer excellent career opportunities for architects. Some of the firms that are known for their great work environment and employee benefits include:

  • LPAS Architecture + Design
  • Nacht & Lewis Architects
  • Mogavero Architects
  • Perkins+Will
  • Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture

How do the top Sacramento architecture firms compare in terms of salary for architects?

The salaries of architects in Sacramento vary depending on the firm and the level of experience of the architect. However, the top architecture firms in Sacramento generally offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. Some of the firms that are known for their competitive salaries include:

  • LPAS Architecture + Design
  • Nacht & Lewis Architects
  • Mogavero Architects
  • Perkins+Will
  • Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture

Can you list some of the award-winning architecture firms in Sacramento?

Several architecture firms in Sacramento have won awards for their exceptional work. The following are a few of the award-winning architecture firms in the city:

  • LPAS Architecture + Design
  • Mogavero Architects
  • Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture
  • Nacht & Lewis Architects
  • Perkins+Will

What are the characteristics of the leading architecture firms in Sacramento?

The leading architecture firms in Sacramento share several characteristics that set them apart from other firms. Some of the characteristics of the top architecture firms in Sacramento include:

  • A commitment to sustainability and green building practices
  • A collaborative approach to design and project management
  • A focus on meeting the needs of clients and delivering exceptional results
  • A dedication to innovation and staying at the forefront of industry trends
  • A commitment to fostering a positive work environment for employees

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