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Best Podcast to Learn about Crypto Developments in 2023


As the world continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that digital currency is the future. Understanding how cryptocurrencies work and their potential impact on the global economy is essential. But with so much information, you need a crypto advisor, as it can be challenging to know where to start.

Several informative and engaging podcasts are available to help you better understand the world of crypto. Whether you’re an investor or just starting, the best podcast to learn about crypto can provide you with valuable insights and up-to-date news on the latest developments in the industry.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to help you stay on top of the latest trends and news in the crypto landscape.

Best Crypto Podcasts Worth Listening to

Cryptocurrency is a complex topic, and finding reliable information sources can be daunting, especially if you are new to the crypto space. Podcasts offer a great way to keep up with the latest developments in the industry while on the go.

Whatever your level of expertise, podcasts are an excellent resource for staying up-to-date on all things crypto. Below are some of the best cryptocurrency podcasts, covering a wide range of topics from crypto-related news and analysis to expert interviews, crypto payments, and investment strategies.

1. The Pomp Podcast with Anthony Pompliano

The Pomp Podcast with Anthony Pompliano

The Pomp Podcast with Anthony Pompliano is the best podcast to learn crypto because it provides a well-rounded and insightful view of the industry through engaging discussions with experts.

Anthony Pompliano, popularly known as “Pomp,” is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with a vast knowledge of the crypto industry.

Pomp hosts a wide range of guests on his podcast, from industry insiders to thought leaders and entrepreneurs, who share their insights and perspectives on the latest trends, events, and developments in the crypto world.

One of the significant advantages of The Pomp Podcast is the breadth of topics covered. Listeners can expect discussions on everything from Bitcoin payments to blockchain technology to decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and more. Pomp is an excellent host, and he guides his guests with insightful questions, making the discussions engaging and informative.

What sets this podcast apart is that it’s not only entertaining, but it’s also educational. Listeners can expect to learn from the top minds in the industry and gain a deeper understanding of the potential of crypto payments, crypto investment, and crypto assets.

2. Unchained with Laura Shin

Unchained with Laura Shin

Unchained with Laura Shin is an excellent podcast if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency space.

As an experienced journalist and editor, Shin brings a wealth of knowledge to the show, making it an excellent resource for both new and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

The podcast explores various topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including technology, economics, and business. It features interviews with influential people in the industry, including developers, investors, and entrepreneurs, providing valuable insights into the latest developments and trends.

Shin’s expertise and deep understanding of the industry provide listeners with an in-depth analysis of the most pressing issues and questions surrounding cryptocurrency. She is also good at breaking down intricate ideas into manageable sections, making it an ideal resource for those new to the space.

3. What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

What Bitcoin Did, hosted by Peter McCormack, provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the world of cryptocurrency. As one of the industry’s most well-known and respected figures, Peter McCormack brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the show.

The podcast is structured around interviews with experts, insiders, and pioneers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

The conversations are in-depth and engaging and provide a unique insight into the latest developments, trends, and technologies shaping the industry. The show also covers topics like mining, regulation, trading, and investing in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand.

What sets this podcast apart from others is its focus on practical knowledge and actionable insights. Peter McCormack brings a fresh perspective to cryptocurrency, and his conversations with guests are always thought-provoking.

4. The Bad Crypto Podcast with Joel Comm and Travis Wright

The Bad Crypto Podcast with Joel Comm and Travis Wright

With over 500 episodes, The Bad Crypto Podcast is a wealth of information for both novice and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

Joel and Travis have a unique style that makes learning about crypto fun and engaging. They use humor, anecdotes, and real-world examples to clarify difficult concepts in a way everyone can grasp. From Bitcoin and Ethereum to DeFi and NFTs, the podcast covers a wide range of issues related to the crypto world.

They bring industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs to share their insights and experiences. The hosts also answer listener questions and keep up with the latest trends and news in the crypto space.

In addition to providing valuable information, the podcast also has a strong community of listeners. Joel and Travis encourage their listeners to engage with them on social media and share their experiences. This creates a supportive community where people can learn and grow together.

5. Tales From The Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast by Marty Bent

Tales From The Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast by Marty Bent

Tales from the Crypt by Marty Bent is a popular podcast focusing on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Marty Bent, a well-known Bitcoin advocate with vast knowledge of cryptocurrency, hosts the podcast. Marty has a background in finance, and his expertise on the subject is reflected in the quality of the information he provides to his listeners.

The format and delivery of the podcast are also noteworthy. The podcast episodes are structured to make it easy for listeners to follow and understand. They are delivered conversationally, making the content more engaging and relatable.

The podcast has multiple weekly episodes covering various topics relevant to the crypto industry. The podcast is focused on educating its audience about the crypto industry, so the language is not technical, making it easy for anyone to understand the discussed concepts.

6. The Blockchain.com Podcast by Nic Cary

The Blockchain.com Podcast by Nic Cary

The Blockchain.com Podcast is a highly informative and well-produced podcast hosted by Nic Cary, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain technology researchers.

The podcast covers various topics related to cryptocurrency, including blockchain technology, digital assets, and decentralized finance. Each episode typically features a guest from the crypto community, including industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs, who provide valuable insights and perspectives on the latest developments in the field.

One of The Blockchain.com Podcast’s unique features is its focus on technical and non-technical aspects of cryptocurrency. Nic is quite good at explaining difficult ideas in simple terms that listeners of all skill levels can appreciate.

7. CRYPTO 101 Podcast

CRYPTO 101 Podcast

CRYPTO 101 is a leading resource for anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the crypto industry. Bryce Paul, the co-founder and investment partner at Tower 18 Capital, and Aaron Malone, founder of a VC firm and a partner at Tower 18 Capital, host it.

One of the strengths of CRYPTO 101 is its comprehensive coverage of topics related to crypto. The podcast covers various aspects, including cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, mining, trading, investing, and industry trends.

The podcast hosts break down complicated topics into digestible terms, making it easier for listeners to understand and learn. Aaron Malone and Bryce Paul are both well-versed in the crypto industry, with a wealth of experience and expertise.

They have hosted numerous industry experts on the show, providing insights and analysis on various cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology topics.

8. Crypto News Alerts

Crypto News Alerts

The Crypto News Alerts podcast is hosted by Justin Verrengia and delivers timely news updates, crypto price alerts, and market analysis while providing insightful commentary and opinions on the latest developments in the crypto world.

Justin explains complex concepts clearly and concisely, making them easy for beginners to understand. He also invites guests who are experts in the field to share their insights and knowledge, providing a diverse range of perspectives on different topics.

The podcast covers many topics, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, blockchain, mining, trading, investing, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader or a beginner, you’ll find something to learn from this podcast.

9. Bitcoin Audible

Bitcoin Audible

Bitcoin Audible is a popular podcast that goes deep into cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. The podcast is hosted by Guy Swann, known for his expertise and passion for Bitcoin.

His analysis of recent events in the cryptocurrency sector is thorough and informative, making it an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies.

The episodes are also relatively short, with an average length of 20-30 minutes, making it easy for listeners to consume the content in a shorter time frame.

In addition, Bitcoin Audible also stands out for its use of audiobooks to teach listeners about various topics related to cryptocurrencies. Guy Swann reads and explains the concepts in multiple books, making it easy for listeners to learn about crypto while on the go or engaging in other activities.

10. Cryptocurrency for Beginners by Crypto Casey

Cryptocurrency for Beginners By Crypto Casey

Hosted by Crypto Casey, a renowned cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast, the Cryptocurrency for Beginners podcast offers a comprehensive guide to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and other related topics.

The podcast is designed to provide beginners with a solid understanding of how cryptocurrencies work and what makes them different from traditional currencies. It covers various topics, such as how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, store them safely, and trade them on exchanges.

The host, Crypto Casey, does a great job of simplifying difficult concepts, making it easy for listeners to understand. She also shares her experiences and insights on various cryptocurrencies, which helps listeners make informed investment decisions.

The podcast also includes interviews with other experts in the cryptocurrency industry, which adds to its overall value.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Podcast to Learn About Crypto

1. Content Quality

Criteria for Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Podcast

The quality of the content refers to the accuracy, relevance, and depth of information provided in the podcast.

The best crypto podcasts should have a reputation for providing reliable and accurate information. The host should know about the crypto industry and strongly understand market trends.

In addition, the podcast should cover topics of interest to the target audience. For instance, if the podcast is aimed at beginners, it should focus on providing basic information about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and related terms. On the other hand, a podcast for advanced users should go deeper into complex topics such as smart contracts, decentralized finance, and NFTs.

A good podcast should not just scratch the surface of a topic but should provide a deep dive into the subject matter. The host should be able to provide analysis and insights that better elaborate the topic at hand.

2. Format and Delivery

The format should be engaging and keep the listeners interested, and the delivery should be clear and concise. The best crypto podcast will have a consistent format, including expert interviews, news analysis, market updates, and Q&A sessions with listeners.

The delivery should be in a way that is easy to follow and understand, even for listeners who are new to crypto. This may include using examples, analogies, or other techniques to help explain complex topics.

The best crypto podcasts should be produced professionally, with good audio quality and minimal background noise or interruptions.

3. The Expertise of the Host and Guests

Criteria for Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Podcast

The host and guests should have extensive knowledge and experience in the crypto industry to provide accurate information and insights on the latest developments in the market.

The hosts should deeply understand the underlying technology behind crypto and the industry’s history, trends, and best practices.

The guests on the podcast should also have expertise in the crypto industry, be it as investors, traders, entrepreneurs, or developers. They should know about various crypto aspects, including blockchain technology, market trends, regulatory environment, and potential applications.

4. Frequency of New Episodes

This refers to how often the podcast host releases new episodes. Ideally, the best crypto podcasts should have a regular release schedule that is convenient for the listeners.

Podcasts that release new episodes frequently (e.g., weekly or bi-weekly) are preferred because they provide listeners with the most up-to-date information and insights about the world of cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, podcasts that release new episodes sporadically or infrequently may not provide consistent and timely information to their listeners. They may also lose listeners looking for a reliable and consistent source of information about cryptocurrency.

5. Accessibility

Accessibility refers to the ease with which listeners can access and consume the content of a crypto podcast. In choosing the best crypto podcast, accessibility is essential because it impacts the convenience of accessing and learning from the podcast.

An important aspect of accessibility is the availability of podcasts on different platforms. For instance, a good crypto podcast should be available on different platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcasts, making it easy for listeners to access the content from their preferred option.


Podcasts have become an essential tool for anyone looking to learn about crypto, with many offering valuable insights and in-depth analysis of the crypto world.

When choosing the best podcast to learn about crypto, it is crucial to consider factors such as the information’s accuracy, the host’s expertise, format and delivery, frequency of episodes, and accessibility. Top podcasts to learn about crypto include The Pomp Podcast, Unchained, What Crypto Did, Tales from the Crypt, The Bad Crypto Podcast, etc.

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