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Top 10 Best UnderCounter Ice Makers in 2024

Best UnderCounter Ice Maker

Are you in search of the best undercounter ice maker? Allow us to assist you. We have conducted comprehensive analysis and evaluation on 18 popular models to determine their worth in terms of your time and resources. Here are our top choices!

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and colors so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. These undercounter ice makers will make it easy to keep up with demand at home or in your business without breaking a sweat. And they won’t take up too much space either. Now, read more about these amazing products!

What Is An Under-counter Ice Maker?

Undercounter ice makers are designed to be installed under the counter in a kitchen. They’re available as free-standing units or built-in appliances, and they come with different capacities, depending on the size of your family and how much space you have. The best undercounter ice makers will produce about 26 lbs of ice per day for a family of four, which is enough to meet most people’s needs. If you need more than this amount, then it might be worth looking into getting an external unit instead.

Why You Should Invest In UnderCounter Ice Makers

If you are looking for an undercounter ice maker, one of the best ways to go is with this under-counter model. It’s easy to clean and put away when not in use. If you live on your own, or maybe even if you have a small family like I do, having some extra ice on hand can be really nice during the hot summer months.

I clean my undercounter ice makers regularly and haven’t had a problem with it yet, but I also store the bag of extra ice in a freezer to help protect it from getting dirty or going bad before we can use it all up. One thing that is nice about this specific model is that you don’t need any kind of plumbing hookup.

You just have to pour water into it and are good to go! You can get ice within minutes of turning it on since the machine is so fast. If you’re looking for an under-counter model that makes tons of different sizes, this one might be what you’re looking for. It has settings where you can choose between small, medium, large and extra-large cubes.

It’s also nice that the undercounter ice makers shut off on their own when it is out of the water, so you don’t have to worry about unplugging it before getting more ice. If your family loves iced tea as much as mine does, this will be a must-have appliance at home.

Best UnderCounter Ice Maker Reviews

1. DUURA DI50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine

The DURA DI50P undercounter ice maker is the perfect appliance for home use or small businesses. With clear restaurant-quality ice produced at a tremendous rate, this machine will have your customers loving you even more!

You won’t need to worry about whether or not you can afford it because installation is flexible since there’s no freezer involved – the only thing needed is an available drain. Make sure they appreciate how professional and clean their product look with the included leveling legs, large storage capacity that stores up to 65 pounds of clear cubes per day, and front-breathing design, which allows installation under counters where space may be limited.

The DUURA DI50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine is not your average ice maker. With sleek, professional features like energy-efficient components that meet strict Energy Star guidelines and a full-length reversible stainless steel door that opens from either the right or left. This freezer has all of the latest updates for an efficient machine with stylistic flair.

Choose between vibrant blue LED lighting to illuminate the interior of your DUURA DI50P 65Lb undercounter ice makers with an elegant design, or let it shine through room-darkening shades for use in commercial spaces; This freezer doesn’t skimp on style!

2. EdgeStar IB450SS 50 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker

This ice maker is perfect for businesses that are looking to save time and money by producing restaurant-quality clear, cubed ice right on site.

With the EdgeStar IB450SS 50 lb. 15-inch Wide UnderCounter Ice Maker installed in your business, there’s no need to drive around town looking for this much-needed product or order it at an inflated price because of its high demand. At only 76.7 lbs., the EdgeStar IB450SS fits nicely under counters – even those with few countertop opening gaps available – without any problems!

Edge Star’s ICE8001IB450SS ice maker has the capacity to produce up to 50 lbs of clear restaurant-quality cubed ice in a 24 hour period. It is a gravity-feed-only unit, so ample space for drainage is required and does not include a condensate pump or electrical connection kit. The recommended installation is with a licensed plumber.

This is a stainless steel undercounter ice maker that offers a convenient and space-saving solution for any kitchen or bar in need of crystal clear, odorless ice to keep delicious drinks cold and refreshing.

It’s equipped with a computerized control for freestanding or built-in installation options, so you’ll never have to concern yourself with frozen door handles interfering with your coffee break again.

3. SMETA 15 Inch Wide Built-in Undercounter Ice Machine

Serving up cold drinks to satisfied customers is a breeze with the Onyx SMETA On-Counter Ice Maker. Operating as an ice maker and refrigerator, this powerful machine will store up to 6 pounds of ice at a time with no need for a drain. This automatic appliance is equipped with features that are easy to use for anyone in your culinary organization.

Forget about adding messy water lines or draining worries – this cleverly designed, built-in undercounter ice maker fits right over your refrigerator’s freezer compartment so it’ll never get in the way of essential items during assembly or clean up.

With the perfect dimensions, you can install it wherever there’s a room without sacrificing precious kitchen space. Plus, enjoy the 40-50 min intervals between cycles that produce 12 lbs of ice cubes per day!

4. Linsion Under Counter Automatic Stainless Steel Ice Cube Machine

Owning a commercial ice maker will take your business to another level! It features a compact, lightweight design that is portable and easy to use. The Linsion Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Maker is perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, or any other food and drink establishment!

You can store plenty of ice in the 33lb bin while this machine produces fresh batches in minutes with fast freezing technology. With its sturdy stainless steel construction and high energy efficiency ratio (the highest out of every comparable product), we guarantee top-quality service for years without worry.

Completely certified by UL, CE, EMC – you can rest assured your company will experience no difficulties in operation thanks to the machine’s solidly tested technology.

The Linsion undercounter ice maker is as environmentally friendly as it is efficient. This machine will produce up to 100lbs of ice in 24 hours and does so with an energy efficiency rate of 99%. It also only takes 12-18 minutes for a cycle.

It also offers different functions to meet all of your needs and comes equipped with special features like ice cube thickness adjustments, reservation settings, reminders for when it’s time to drain water as well as warning reminders for low water levels and scheduled shutdown time so that there aren’t accidental power-cuts. This quick and easy-to-operate machine makes handling fresh icy drinks fun again!

5. Barton Commercial Freestanding Built-in Under Counter Ice Maker

The Barton Commercial Freestanding Built-in Under Counter Ice Maker is a must-have for your home, restaurant, or hotel. With its freestanding design and a rust-resistant stainless steel interior, this ice maker produces 99lbs of ice in 24hrs with an enviable reputation for producing fresh cubes quickly!

Its sleek exterior allows it to be installed anywhere inside the kitchen. With only 45PC of ice cubes produced in one cycle within 11-20 mins and featuring a compact size and no external water hookups needed, this machine disrupts the ideas we had about traditional ice makers while still functioning as well any other product advertised.

The Barton Under Counter Ice Makers are also built with an intuitive control panel designed for ease of use, not having to go through any complicated process; just fill it up and press start for all your needs when it comes to ice. From high-quality models like these, no one should ever complain about thirst again.

With a water tank directly connected to your water supply, you don’t have to worry about filling this baby up like a normal countertop model. It comes with a full set of accessories for an ice maker, including an ice scoop, hose connector, and drainage hose that all come included in your purchase! Order today before they run out!

6. CROWNFUL Free-Standing Under Counter ice Maker

This ice maker is designed for those who live in smaller homes and don’t want to waste valuable space with an immobile device. The CROWNFUL Free-Standing Under Counter ice Maker provides all the benefits of a commercial-sized freezer at home: it’s fast, quiet, efficient, and sustainable. It’s also convenient and easy to use: because it can be installed anywhere you like (even behind your bar!), you won’t need to sacrifice valuable floor space for this device.

The Crownful Under Counter ice Maker is a fast and efficient machine, which makes 45 ice cubes per cycle in 11-20 minutes. Due to its large storage capacity of 33lbs, it can keep your customers happy when they need extra ice for drinks. The thick insulating layer will extend the life of ice cubes, so there are no worries about running out when you need them.

CROWNFUL commercial ice maker is for your use, with multiple functions to delight you. You can control the water inlet pipe, drain pipe, and other accessory accessories for this machine. The processing of the ice-making process will be automatic if you set the timer beforehand.

Choose between different sizes and thicknesses, set the timer for when you want it to turn on and how long until it turns off again, as well as adjust where the water goes in case there’s any shortage. The machine also comes with every necessary attachment that comes into play during operation, including a water inlet pipe, drain pipe, quick water connector, and an ice scoop if needed.

7. OYLUS 70 lbs/24H Stainless Steel Ice Cube Machine

There has never been an easier way for you to distribute ice cubes with the OYLUS Stainless Steel Ice Cube Machine with 10 lbs of storage capacity. You can enjoy high-quality iced drinks with the best-chilled flavor that is clear and the perfect consistency every time.

The machine’s sleek design will be helpful for your bar or under-counter, so you got all the entertainment points covered. With a powerful compressor, this ice maker dispenses 70 pounds of quality ice per day, which is two times faster than any other kind of commercial model, making it perfect for any event!

OYLUS Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Maker features an easy-to-use interactive panel that allows you to specify your desired ice cube size. With the sleek stainless steel design, this machine provides great durability and longevity while keeping your food cold with inner insulated ABS construction. Additionally, the intuitive indicators make it clear when there’s a change in water levels or if your ice basket is full.

The machines come with a free-standing unit, as well as elbow-outfitting that can be mounted on the back of your fridge. Maintaining quality levels is no obstacle with this machine’s innovative foaming technology that helps preserve the texture and taste of every ice cube, regardless of how long they’re stored out in public before being served; best of all, you can adjust its thickness; by pressing a button!

8. Maxx Ice Under Counter Outdoor Ice Maker Cuber Machine

With the Maxx Ice UnderCounter Outdoor Ice Maker Cuber Machine, you can have perfectly clear ice made on demand for your drinks. You won’t ever have to deal with smelly or cloudy batches of ice again!

The Maxx boasts up to 50 pounds of production per day; even more, if you happen to lose electricity supply during an outage. It features a user-friendly functionality that will make producing high-quality crystals like this part of your everyday routine. This machine features a removable 25 lb storage bin that automatically shuts itself off when full so that there is no overflowing!

Energy Star, NSF, and UL Listed for peace of mind. The durable black exterior lets everyone know this product can be used indoors or outdoors for convenience in any location. Whether freestanding or built-in under your countertop, only Maxx produces hard ice – crystal clear slab cubes perfect for multiple uses in any climate.

9. Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker

With its professional design and production in the USA, the Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker is made out of stainless steel for high durability, so it is approved for outdoor use. It has a water level indicator, so you know when to refill it, along with reusable filters that help ensure crystal clear ice without odors or flavors interfering with your drinks.

Compact in size yet powerful enough to produce up to 65 pounds of gourmet ice in 24 hours, this air-cooled ice maker offers peace of mind when you run out of cube trays. Our user-friendly design ensures an easy installation that requires minimal plumbing connections too!

This undercountertop ice maker features a built-in drain that eliminates one extra step during install because even draining can be fun with this machine! The dual indicators alert you when there’s no water and when it is time for cleaning. Owners will love how our self-monitoring alerts them when they need to replace filters or clean their machines.

10. VEVOR 110V Commercial Undercounter Ice Maker

The VEVOR 110V Commercial Undercounter Ice Maker has a faster and larger capacity than other ice makers of its size. This powerful machine produces 14*13 clear, chewable cubes ready in only 8 minutes!

With 350 lbs of storage capacity and a contemporary design with a stainless-steel finish, this unit will make direct contributions to your potential profits. Additional features include the 30-day resend offer for quality issues and it offers three years warranty.

The luxurious brushed stainless steel exterior makes it durable and stylish enough to fit anywhere, while its food-grade PP liner provides strong reinforcement to prevent the melting of ice cubes stored inside the cage after 5-7hrs. With this quality appliance built just for your kitchen or business deli, there’s no denying how much you’ll love using it every day!

The VEVOR 110V Undercounter Ice Maker includes an LCD panel to show the status of your ice maker for easier diagnostics. The Auto Clean function makes it easy to take care of the inside of the machine. And now, you can choose how thick your cubes are with one button!

It’s like having a personal assistant in your kitchen every time you want some ice cubes. With its cleanability and programmability improvements, you’ll find yourself enjoying this product even more than before.

How To Choose the Best UnderCounter Ice Makers

Storage Capacity

This is where you will need to determine how much ice your machine can hold at once. A good undercounter ice machine is designed for commercial use and must have enough space to store most ice requirements. A good undercounter ice maker should be able to store approximately 5 lbs of ice per hour. This will allow you to host a 7-10 person outdoor party or dinner party.


When it comes to ice machine drainage, there are three possible scenarios: gravity drainage, no drainage, and pump drainage.

No drainage ice machines are, of course, the easiest and most convenient to install. Most undercounter ice makers that are refrigerator-ready don’t require drainage.

A hose must be connected to gravity drainage icemakers. This is where water or waste can flow out of the unit.

A pump drain can be used to drain your kitchen sink or kitchen drain if it isn’t accessible by gravity. Pump drains can drain the melted water to a drain or sink located above the unit.

Ice Quality

The water quality and the ice-making equipment are key factors in the quality of ice. An undercounter icemaker is equipped with a water filter. This filters the water and removes any sediment. It also prevents the ice that comes in contact with skin, air, and other surfaces. This unit produces strong, clear ice cubes that are tasteless.

The ice cube’s shape will depend on the mold or the evaporator it uses. While a residential ice machine can make ice cubes that are bullet-shaped, nugget-, crescent-, dice-, or gourmet in shape, some machines will produce specific shapes for their manufacturer. Based on the melting speed and melting rate of crushed ice, different types can be used to make soft drinks, cocktails, and high-end spirits. You can also use blenders to crush ice.

Energy Efficiency

Making ice takes a lot of water and electricity. If you are concerned about the environment and your monthly bills, you can choose to have the machine rated Energy Star. Commercial units are more likely to be certified. However, it is important to verify the information provided by manufacturers. Some trusted companies produce Energy Star undercounter ice makers for homes.

Avoid buying a machine that produces a lot of frozen food if you don’t need them. Equipment that is more expensive will cost you more, and you’ll end up paying a lot.


Undercounter ice makers like these typically have a standard warranty of 1 year. However, high-end brands may offer a longer warranty. Look for one that covers shipping damage as well as the manufacturer’s warranty. Most of the negative reviews I have read about the product are related to shipping damage.

It is also important to find out if after-sales support is reliable and responsive. A responsive customer service team will make it simple for you to return a defective product or get a replacement.

FAQs About Installing And Maintaining Your New UnderCounter Ice Maker

How much do undercounter ice makers cost? 

Undercounter ice makers can range from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, depending on the size and style of the unit.

Do you need a water line for your built-in ice maker?

No – You can hook your built-in ice maker up to any faucet. Simply attach the desired nozzle for the water supply using a clip provided with the unit’s installation kit, turn on the tap and let it go until an adequate amount of water is flowing through it.

Do I need a water filter for my new under-counter ice machine?

A water filter is recommended if your home’s water supply is questionable. For example, if you use well water or your home has an older plumbing system that uses lead pipes.

Do I need a drain for my new undercounter ice makers?

You don’t have to have one, but it’s recommended as it can help with drainage. If you have a family, the kids will likely want to use ice in their drinks, and water from melted ice can drip down into your cupboard, so having one is helpful for this reason too.

If no drain is available, where do I put my undercounter ice makers?

You should try putting it as far as possible from the kitchen sink, but you can put it close if needed.

What is a good location for my undercounter ice maker?

It should be out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources such as ovens or dishwashers to avoid damage due to high temperatures. It should also have enough room around to open the ice machine door and to change out or refill your water supply.

Make sure that you have plugged in, turned it on, and connected properly before using it for the first time!  Most under-counter ice machines will require a dedicated electrical connection near an existing circuit breaker box.

Is it normal for a new undercounter ice maker to make a clicking noise when turned on?

It is normal for undercounter ice makers to make clicking noises when turned on. The motor often makes noise as the gears engage, or it may emit vibrations as it builds up speed.


Here are 10 of the best undercounter ice makers that we recommend for your home. Whether you need one because you entertain a lot or to have peace of mind in case of power outages, there is an option for everyone on our list! We hope this article has helped answer any questions about what features to look for when purchasing an undercounter ice maker and which ones would be most suited to your needs. If not, feel free to reach out with any additional inquiries!

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