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Top 16 Best Brownie Pans in 2024

Best Brownie Pan

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve discovered a brownie recipe and mused, “I wish I could give this a shot, but I’m lacking the right pan.”? If your experience is anything similar to mine, this sentiment might have surfaced frequently. Quit being stuck in the past and pave a path for the future- procuring the ideal brownie pan has now become easier than ever!

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive option or one of the best pans out there, we’ve got your back with our list of 16 best brownie pans.

What Is A Brownie Pan?

The brownie pan is a small baking pan that has been specially designed with measurements proportional to the production of brownies. It is primarily made from three types of materials- steel, aluminum, or non-stick material.

This pan is designed to allow the brownies to bake without losing their shape or form. The brownie recipe will stay within these measurements and create a thicker consistency than if it were baked in an oven dish with higher edges.

List of 16 Best Brownie Pan Reviews

1. SILIVO Silicone Brownie Pan with Dividers

Silicone Brownie molds is the product line from Silivio is a professional high-quality food-grade silicone pan. These pans can be used in ovens, microwaves, and under any type of heat with ease. Durable design will not warp or leak when heated up to 450 F or 230 C in a short span of time.

The non-stick finish makes release easy and quick. This flexible yet durable bakeware allows for one quick shake to remove all baked goods safely without breaking apart, like tin brownie molds that are sealed tightly together, which becomes hard to clean.

2. Twscvc Brownie Cake Pan

Think of the Twscvc Brownie Cake Pan as a baker’s most versatile cooking utensil. You’ll be happy you have this 6-cavity design when it comes to satisfying the pickiest eater or having plenty for leftovers. Yes, individual brownies are delicious, but with this pan, there’s no need to restrict yourself to making just one at a time.

The nonstick coating ensures your cakes release easily from the baking dish with minimum breakage and zero mess. It is oven-safe up to 445ºF (230°C), which means it can even serve as an additional temporary cake carrier in case your guests want some fresh-baked goodies on their way out.

Beautifully crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the pan is the perfect accessory for any baker who wants to have fun baking mini loaves just like a pro.

Your time is valuable, and baking these six loaves one by one can become tedious and time-consuming. With the excellent tool, you’ll be able to knock out an entire batch at once so you can speed past your kitchen panic of not having enough brownies or cakes for all your special guests. And unlike some pans on the market today – this one is dishwasher safe! Let it do all the work with a quick wash between batches.

3. CHEFMADE Brownie Cake Pan

The CHEFMADE Brownie Cake Pan is a practical non-stick muffin pan that will delight the taste buds of every vegan/vegetarian+ made with robust carbon steel.

Non-Teflon fabric won’t release harmful substances when heated and can be used in high temperatures up to 500F degrees. Easy on the environment, it’s also PFOA-free, freeing shoppers from guilt while delectably munching away on guilty indulgences.

The new kitchen tool has “professional grade” following features – safe food-grade coating; strong strengthened edge for convenient use; more durable service life; less baking time and low energy consumption; easy cleanability without sticking.

4. Wilton Brownie Bar Pan

Say goodbye to messy, impossible-to-remove brownie bars with this Wilton Brownie Bar Pan. Each of the 12 cavities in this pan is made just right for snack-sized treats that are perfect for gatherings or parties – giving people more opportunities to try your delicious creations.

You can customize each one by adding different toppings on each bar, so long as long as they do not go over the max line. Plus, it will be incredibly easy to remove these tasty goodies from the nonstick coating.

The brownie pan helps you bake a dozen brownies with a single pan. These delicious snacks come out smooth on the outside and crisp on the edges, perfect for topping with nuts, candies, or more.

5. Brooklyn Brownie Copper by GOTHAM STEEL

With its heavy-weight aluminized steel, this Brooklyn Brownie Pan resists warping and provides perfect baking conditions. Offering a nonstick coating for easy release, it has excellent heat conduction, so you can keep an eye on your brownies with ease. Long-lasting in any oven type, the pan is also durable for quality that spans many years of family meals.

With 18 individual brownie dividers, this pan is perfect for anyone hoping to slice their brownies into neat and shareable portions. You won’t need messy knives or cutting boards when using the Brooklyn Brownie Pan because you can cut all your divider bars before it’s time to bake them.

The removable dividers also offer endless possibilities of making mini cakes, square pizzas, other sweets—the possibilities are only limited by your own creativity. Easily cleaned up with a dishwasher-safe nonstick finish makes this product worth every penny.

6. Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Biscuit and Brownie Pan

How do you keep up with all your needs without skimping on substance?  Whether your idea of a perfect situation is whipping dough into biscuits or brownies, then this Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Brownie Pan have got you covered.

The professional-standard coating ensures quick release and easy cleanup, while the convenient handles offer ergonomic handling in and out of the oven.

With big brawny dimensions at 11x7x1½ inches, this pan will never let you down no matter how sweet the job demands – heat spreads evenly throughout, so there’s no warping. Easy to clean too! Buy now before somebody else gets wind of it…

7. Walfos Silicone Brownie Pan

The Walfos Brownie Pan is unlike any brownie pan you’ve come across before. Made of food-grade, heat-resistant silicone with a nonstick finish, the oven (to 446℉) and safe freezer pan can be used in an array of different appliances.

We recommend cooking your brownie batter inside this baking sheet for even results every time. Fill the square baking pan to just below the top line with batter, or fill it up halfway with water to steam vegetables or cook rice.

The flexible silicone makes it easy to release baked goods without worrying about messes on your countertop–more proof that you don’t need metal pans if they rust over time.

The versatile Walfos Silicone Brownie Pan is the perfect pan for any of your cooking needs. Ideal for beginners and professionals, they include a clear silicone brownie pan with 9 cavities, so you never have to worry about dirtying multiple utensils – simply wash this one.

With easy hand-washing or dishwasher-safe cleanup, kitchen space will no longer be an issue. For creative bakers only: this product offers both oven and microwave use – all it takes is just 10 minutes of necessary prep time before your dish comes out looking finger-lickin’ good. Start baking now.

8. Baker’s Edge – Edge Brownie Pan Complete Set

Baking brownies is easy-peasy with the Baker’s Edge Complete Set. With this set, you’ll get the original edgeless brownie pan which will give you two chewy edges on top of your delicious chocolatey dessert in just one simple step.

Plus, there are no special baking pans to buy or adjustments needed to make your favorite box mix recipes fit because it works with all standard mixes. The lid helps keep moisture in, and the spatula makes serving a breeze.

This edge brownie pan is ideal for baking with kids. The unique edging process adds two extra chewy edges to every guest size portion and fits nicely into a standard cake mix box using no adjustments needed whatsoever. Made from heavy-gauge cast aluminum with a durable nonstick coating that’s PFOA and PFTE Free, this original USA pan allows you to bake guilt-free without any cleanup hassle.

9. Chicago Metallic Professional Slice Solutions Brownie Pan

The Chicago Metallic Brownie Pan is an innovative baking accessory that gives you uniformly sliced brownies with ease. With 18 slots, each 2” by 3” in size, this divided brownie pan is perfect for batch baking anything from brownies to blondies to lemon bars.

Simply use the removable divider that comes with the pan and create uniform shapes time after time without having to resort to a knife. The nonstick coating makes for quick release of all your baked goods while also being heat safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit; those delicate frosting swirls can be made beautifully.

Its heavy-weight aluminized steel construction is ideal for conducting heat evenly, so you always get the perfect, delicious interior texture. The 9×13″ brownie pan is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and is recommended by our home bakers since it will not scratch or chip as lesser quality pans may often do.

10. Tobepico Non Stick Brownie Pan with Built-In Slice

Perfectly sized, uniform brownies that are ready to slide out of the pan and into your mouth. Nonstick technology makes it easy for you to mix a batter without worrying about annoying peeling or scratching. Super durable and built to last through many bakings with its food-grade thickened high carbon steel construction. Make beautiful cooking desserts a piece of cake when you use this one-of-a-kind baking tray from Tobepico.

Brownie baking tray has 18 perfect flawlessly baked brownies; the size of each part is 2″ x 2.6″, which you can make evenly and beautifully. Though it’s small and lightweight, its nonstick coating ensures that your batter will not release from the pan.

Slide-out cutting slots built into the Brownie pan allow for clean, precise cuts without having to dirty any tools or put the yummy dough back in the plastic container for storage – saving both time and mess.

11. Good Cook 11 Inch x 7 Inch Biscuit/ Brownie Pan

The baking pans used for brownies I’ve looked at so far can be used to bake cookies, side dishes, and other desserts in addition to brownies and cakes. It’s the same with this pan. It comes with durable housing and a nonstick smooth baking surface that is sure to improve your baking experience.

The pan is 11×7 inches. It is the usual size for cakes that bake. It is possible to use a stand mixer to work with the batter inside the pan. Its surface is designed to efficiently handle the heat and ensures that the warmth is distributed evenly throughout the food. Because of the strong gauge steel, which stands out in the face of warping, you will get flawlessly baked products regardless of the baking skill level.

To ensure the safety of your children and others in your family. It has a nonstick cooking surface is free of PFOA. This makes cleaning easier and other chores. It is possible to use a normal dishwasher to completely clean the interior of the pan to get rid of grease, stains, and smells.

12. G & S Metal Products Company 3-Piece Nonstick Brownie Pan Set

The G & S metal products company 3-piece nonstick brownie pan set is ingenious for two reasons. First, the removable pan bottom makes it easy to transfer brownies from your oven to a plate without damaging their integrity or risking any big cleanup. And second, the design of this three-piece set includes an insert divider that helps make 12 individual pre-sliced servings.

The clever first reason means you can bake great whole cake pans with ease and less mess. The second means you’ll never have to go on another dessert date kicking yourself, wishing you had brought more cake on time ever again.

This set includes a bottom brownie mold, sandwiching it between two nonstick metal baking pans that are oven safe to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. One item dish removal makes cleanup easy – just hand washes and dry without using chemicals or scrubbing brushes. These brownie pans make 12 individual one-inch slices, perfect for lunch meetings or social gatherings.

13. Bakelicious Crispy Corner Brownie Pan

You can now make your favorite chocolate treat for easy afternoon snacks or evening dessert, and no one has to fight over the corners. With the patented pan with 48 edges as opposed to a regular brownie baking pan which has at most 14, every square is an even square of crispy chocolatey goodness.

And since they release so easily from the pan, cleanup is fast and easy–much more than any other recipe process out there. Enjoy this bestseller combination of cookies and cakes that have been revised over many batches just for your taste buds today.

The high-quality non-stick coating makes the release of your brownies effortless once they’re done baking. Kids will love these corner brownies because they get twice as many delicious treats per recipe amount compared to a typical pan size!

14. SUJUDE Non Stick Brownie Pans

You’ll be irresistible to your guests with SUJUDE brownie pans. The surface of nonstick brownie pans can transfer heat faster, ensuring even browning and delicious edge corners. Use the included 1 ½ inch metal cutter for perfect size bars no matter what recipe you’re using.

With nonstick coating and platinum-3X 3-layer spraying technology, it’s easy to clean up and always producing delicious desserts that are perfect for gatherings or holiday gifts. We do not recommend cooking at high temperatures because this will increase the risk of harmful substances being released into your food.

These precut brownie pans make 18 perfectly sized, perfect slices. The quality materials won’t corrode or bend, ruining your dessert. You can enjoy savings too; buy one and get one free on these incredible pans that are worth every penny.

15. USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Brownie Bite Pan

Clearly engineered for durability and longevity, this 28-inch brownie pan is made with an aluminized steel that is reinforced for exceptional baking performance time after time which makes it an investment in value-priced bakeware because you’ll love how often you use it.

Each well has measured dimensions to create 20 individually sized brownies or muffins, so they come out perfect every time.

They have a corrugated surface design which allows air circulation around the product evenly. These pans also feature Americoat coating- an ingredient made from silicone PTFE, PFOA, and BPA-free materials.

16. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Cake Pan

OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Brownie Pan has a professional design that could fulfill even the most demanding experts. To begin with, this brownie pan is made of commercial-grade aluminized steel, which offers rapid and even heat distribution.

Secondly, this pan is reinforced with two layers of non-stick ceramic, which makes it resistant to scratches, stains, and corrosion whilst also helps you immediately discharge the cake. Third, OXO Non-Stick Brownie Pan includes a micro-textured pattern that will help minimize contact surfaces between the brownie and the pan, even while fostering greater airflow during the cake, which makes the cake as equally and well as you can.

The square wrapped borders with a strengthened structure provide a safe grip that can help you move the pan in the oven, concurrently raising the strength and endurance. Eventually, OXO Brownie Pan appeared at the Last round of this 2018 Home Appliance Innovation Award.

How To Choose The Best Brownie Pan

There are slight differences in the batter used for brownies, cakes, cookies, and cakes. There are also differences in texture, density, cooking times, and temperature. These variations are important when choosing the best brownie pan. Let’s now look at some important shopping considerations.


We mentioned different types of brownie pans in our article. To avoid any health hazards, ensure that the pans are made from food-grade materials.

Aluminum: The majority of pans are made from aluminum and are more durable than others. However, do not purchase pans made of low-quality aluminum.

Silicone: The silicone pans can be used to remove the brownies from the pan. They are easy to clean. They are also easy to clean. However, silicone pans do not have a long life expectancy. Also, silicone pans should not be used above 230 degrees Celsius.

Porcelain: These pans are heavy-duty and evenly heat the pan. Brownie pans are coated with a nonstick coating. However, it is best to use oil or butter to make the batter easier to extract. If they are well maintained, porcelain pans will last a lifetime. These pans should not be washed in the dishwasher.


Brownie pans are usually coated with a nonstick coating, but this is not always the case. Because recipes and pans are different, make sure to always read the instructions and follow the recipe to decide if you need to grease your brownie pan.

Heat Circulation

Heat flow plays a significant role in any tasty treat’s success. If your brownies don’t cook on the top or burn to the floor, it is likely that something is wrong.

A brownie pan that circulates heat on one side or uses a material that promotes even cooking is not recommended. This will make you a better cook.


Are you willing to make adjustments to your recipes or purchase more mixes to please the entire family? Consider how many ingredients your recipe makes, and then choose a pan that will hold the whole thing. A family-size pan and a standard recipe will measure approximately 9 by 13 inches.

For a rich, dense, gooey brownie, most brownie pans are 2 inches in depth. If your recipe doesn’t fill the entire pan, you won’t get the full, flavorful bite.

You might also consider buying a larger pan (or more) if your recipe is very large. If you make large batches, some pans can be used in pairs.

Ease of Cleaning

Brownie pans vary in their ease of cleaning and dishwasher safety. Poor cleaning can reduce the life expectancy of your pan. Make sure to read the instructions included with your product for the best cleaning and maintenance methods.


The best brownie pans on the market today have a matching divider. You don’t have to pour the dough into every tiny mold as with the traditional layout. The divider tray can also be easily removed. After cleaning, you can immediately cut your brownies with a cookie cutter.


We all have that one recipe in our minds that we know will taste incredible, but it calls for a brownie pan. What’s the solution? You could go out and buy the best brownie pan on this list! Whether you need something inexpensive or want to invest in quality, these pans are sure to please. If you’re not quite sold yet, take a look at some of their features below. The choice is yours – just pick your favorite from this list and get baking!

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