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Top 8 Best Floating Desks in 2024

Best Floating Desks

If you’re attempting to optimize a small area, the addition of floating desks can be a practical way to expand your desk and shelf space. To be clear, a floating desk doesn’t actually float. This term is used to describe a desk that’s secured to a wall or window, often with suction cup tools. These desks are typically small in size, and some can even be conveniently relocated. They commonly include shelving components, making it possible to neatly store books and ornaments, ensuring a clean, mess-free environment. Among the pioneering and most renowned pieces in this furniture category is the string floating desk and shelf structure, although its fame is mirrored in its cost. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy to mention that numerous sellers and design experts have used the string model as a foundation to create an array of exceptional, less costly alternatives for wall-mounted pieces.

Here we will try to guide you through our best picks!

a) Best Wall Mounted Desk

1. Prepac Floating Desk

The Prepac floating desk is the computer desk you never knew you needed to fit in the limited extra space. The floating desk eliminates the worries that come with limited space because of the capabilities the desk offers. Prepac has an elegant, modern design that doubles as a decorative piece and a computer desk. Your home office will never be the same again because Prepac is coming to change the game entirely.

The wall-mounted table comes in different shades that you can choose from to fit the interior design of your house. Apart from the good looks, the wall-mounted desk performs efficiently and places other brands to the task. In addition, the functional desk has removable shelves that come in handy when you need them. The shelves make it possible for you to customize your space and break the monotony. The wall-mounted desk is the one thing you need to step into a new year because your business is about to thrive.

  • Easy to clean
  • Wall-mounted to save space
  • Stylish floating shelves
  • Removable shelves
  • Home decor piece
  • Spacious side compartments
  • Once mounted, the desk can not be moved.

2. Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk

This corner floating desk is ideal for small spaces. It has two sides so you could put your computer and printer on one side and documents and books on the other. There are also two shelves for extra storage. It is a dark teal that should suit most households. It is made from a P2 class particle board which is strong and durable. The legs are made from steel which is also a very sturdy material.

It has a powder-coated finish on the wood, which helps to keep it in good condition. It is also effortless to care for. All you have to do is wipe it with a dry cloth. It only takes around 40 minutes to assemble, and it can be unassembled if you want to move it to another room. There are added features that make this corner desk a good choice. It has a monitor mount hole, and the panels are interchangeable.

The leg pads are adjustable so that you can balance them correctly. The measurements of the whole desk are 68.90” in length, 53.15” in depth and 29.53” in height. The measurements are perfect for a reading room, or a home office meant to take the least amount of space possible.

  • Great desk for a small space
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent idea for a home corner office
  • Easy assembly
  • Reversible design
  • Extra storage shelves
  • Great home decor idea
  • Perfectly only for corner spaces

3. Industrial Style Laptop Desk by WGX Design for You

If you are looking for an optimal floating desk that will take up minimal space and blend into the room, look no further than this.

This is our top choice because it is compact, multifunctional and space-saving. It also has a rustic design which should suit most decors. There is a desk for your laptop, with 2 shelves above it to store books or display your ornaments and plants. The tubing is made from Galanz steel, which is strong and durable, but it’s painted to look distressed. The desk is made of solid wood, not MDF, and it also has a distressed appearance.

Multifunction pipes have become some of the most valuable materials for interior design ideas worldwide. The material takes a grip on home and office supplies, especially now that most people work from home. Industrial designs are relaxing and freeing for the creative mind. You can come up with ideas knowing you are in a working environment that is not as imposing as the massive deek in the middle of a room is.

  • Multifunctional floating shelf
  • Compact workspace
  • Perfectly suited for small spaces
  • Functions like the regular desk
  • Modern design
  • Useful top shelf
  • Fits most places in the room
  • No drawers

b) What is the Best Budget Floating Desk?

Perhaps you are on a tight budget. Don’t worry; there are plenty of more reasonably priced floating desks out there. This is our choice, which we would highly recommend you check out.

1. Tangkula Wall Mounted Fold Out Multi-Function Computer Desk

We have chosen this floating desk as it is very versatile and comes at a reasonable price. There are shelves to put your books and ornaments on, and then a foldaway desk. The desk could be used for your computer, or you could even have it in the kitchen as a workplace, with the shelves being used for storing herbs and spices, pasta and tinned goods.

It is white and is made of high-quality MDF material, which is sturdy and durable for everyday use. The shelves are adjustable to design a look of your own. The freedom that Tangkula gives you is unrivaled by other desks because of the size and versatility. The desk offers you easy access to whatever you want to have on top of the desk. A convertible desk sounds like something you want to have in your room. Changing the look of your office anytime you want is not freedom many people enjoy. Luckily, you will not be one of the people stuck behind the same desk for decades because of the versatility Tangkula offers.

You can use the desk for purposes other than your office workspace. For example, your bedroom can benefit from the desk sitting by the bedside to hold the lamp, your books, and anything else you like having close to you when you sleep. Likewise, the desk can work perfectly for the reading or living room. You can be sure that Tangkula will breathe life in any room you place it in.

  • Modern look
  • Fits perfectly in different rooms
  • Versatile
  • Ample storage shelves
  • Does not occupy too much space
  • Fits in a narrow room
  • The desk uses enough floor space, leaving room for other things
  • The surface may be too small for many things.

c) Best Combination of Floating Desk & Chair

Another consideration when buying a floating desk is to get a chair to go with it. You don’t want one too big as the main reason for getting a floating desk is to save space and fit in something with great storage into a small area. We have found the perfect combination that matches both color and style. We’ll look at the desk first, followed by the chair.

1. Haotian FWT 18-W Drop-Leaf Table Desk

This floating desk is wall-mounted, and as well as having a desk, it has storage shelves where you can put your ornaments. There are also drawers under the desk for books and magazines. It has cable and wire holes for your very useful computer leads. There is practically no difference between a regular desk and Haotian. The desk is perfect for storing office supplies, studying materials and decorative pieces.

The desk is made from strong and durable MDF as well as clipboard. It will hold a weight of up to 66.14 pounds. It measures 32.28” in width, 8.66” in depth, and height is 23’62”. As you can see on, it is very compact. Of course, you will need to assemble it yourself and fix it on the wall properly, but it isn’t difficult.

Haotian is the desk for someone with limited space. Wall-mounted desks take no real estate on the floor. In addition, the wall-mounted table has a smooth desktop surface that makes your work enjoyable and engaging. The space-saving solution never got better than with the Haotian drop-leaf table desk.

  • Enough space to keep the desk organized
  • Storage compartments and shelves
  • Perfect solution for less floor space
  • Makes good use of vertical wall space
  • Affordable wall mounted desk
  • Modern floating desk
  • No shifting position once fixed.

d) More Floating Desks

1. 9 Plus Wall Mounted Floating Table

Convenience is the most crucial feature of the 9 Plus DIY floating desk. The wall-mounted desk is perfect for use in different rooms depending on your preference. 9 Plus wall mounted desk is perfect for the kitchen space or your bedroom. You can mount the shelf whenever you want in the house. Working from home is quite dull at times, and you may end up wanting to change scenes. The desk helps you move your work to a different location in the house, making your workflow a life-giving experience. You can genuinely enjoy working at home with the 9 Plus floating table.

9 Plus is widely used and has excellent reviews because of its simple yet functional product. The convenience of the desk stands out even more because of the foldable design. You can fold down the floating desk when not in use, creating space for the movement of other things and people. Simplicity solves the most significant problems, and 9 Plus DIY floating desk has beautifully combined simplicity and functionality.

  • Simple
  • versatile design
  • Widely used
  • Affordable
  • Foldable
  • Versatile
  • Convenient desk
  • The desk has no storage compartments.

2. Yu Yusing Wall Mounted Table

The thing that comes with an office life is how consistent it has to be. Yu Yusing offers you the consistency required with the design that you can use daily. The shelf supports up to 30 pounds when mounted on the wall. The weight limit is enough to hold your laptop and a few other items you use on your daily work schedule.

Yu Yusing has a design that doubles up as a decorative shelf that converts the home office to a beautiful interior design piece. The foldable desktop creates the chance to have multiple decorative pieces to transform the space into a more homely one. If you have sensitive items that you may not want to replace or have other people interfere with, you are in the right place. The wall-mounted table has a safety lock that makes your items perfectly fine on the shelf. You can rest easy knowing your work is safely waiting for you to tend to it.

Yu Yusing has clean lines that look presentable as an office desk. The desk is neat and modern, giving you the satisfaction that comes with a well-designed interior. The sturdy home office desk is the best way to start a new year with an organized and elegant outlook.

  • Stylish DIY floating desk
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Good looking DIY floating desk
  • Lockable
  • Spacious
  • Permanently fixed

3. Giantex Wall Mounted Desk

Giantex is a breath of fresh air for home office computer desks. There is nothing more time-consuming than trying to assemble your work materials every morning because the shelf is not sufficient to hold all of them. Giantex brings the seriousness of having ample space to arrange your work material and the simplicity of enjoying the beauty. The desk looks pleasant and satisfying as a piece of modern interior design gem. The desk offers just enough playfulness with angles that culminate into a beautiful design.

Giantex is perfect for the living room and the bedroom, giving you the chance to work whenever you feel like it. Giantex has compartments for keeping the extra things you occasionally use for work. You can include decorative pieces on the desk to have a presentable workspace. You can mount the desk at the most convenient height that suits your preference.

Giantex is house-friendly. The desk is easy to clean, offering you the chance to be neat at all times while enjoying working from home. The desk has angled feet to avoid any bumping that may cause constant pain once mounted. You can rest easy knowing that your toe or knee is safe. The DIY floating is easy to install, making your transition to the home office a smooth one.

  • Easy to install
  • Elegant design
  • Enough storage space
  • Sturdy structure
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevent hurting
  • No Lockable compartment

The Best Floating, Wall Mounted, Desks Online – Buyers Guide

Floating desks can save a lot of space in a small home, and they are generally inexpensive. If you have a family and your kids need to study on their laptops, you can buy them one each to have their personal space. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so an important thing to do even before you start looking for a floating desk is to measure the space where it will go. If you are looking for a similar guide to this one, but with study desks or tables, have a look over here instead.

a) Storage

Having a wall-mounted desk is informed mainly by the need for convenience. With that in mind, most floating desks maximize on simplicity, with some going as far as having just one functional surface. While having a simple surface is a good idea for saving on space, storage space helps save you time. Imagine moving things to and from the desk every time you want to use them. That can be quite the hassle. A wall-mounted desk with extra storage space ensures that you can get to work at a moment’s notice without having to set it up or down every other time.

A DIY floating desk should perform the functions of a regular shelf, such as storing the stationery that you need for your daily use. A good desk will have the storage issue taken care of without noticing the absence thereof.

b) Material

Most desks will be made of MDF boards which are widely available for furniture worldwide. However, there are different materials available for use on the desk. Some materials are environmentally friendly and insist on using recycled material or sustainable material. For example, a desk made of a wood frame is ideal for a home office. However, wood as a material for furniture tends to be slightly more expensive than materials such as MDF boards or plastic.

Know the limitations of the material you are getting for your desk because it will inform how you maintain the board. Some materials like MDF do not do well when exposed to water. Therefore, what will be of the desk when you need to keep it clean constantly? You may be tempted to buy the plastic option and for good reasons. Just ensure you know the limitations of each material before you install the desk on your wall.

c) Installation Process

Different desks have different installation processes. Some desks have to be permanently fixed to a wall, without the possibility of moving around. Many a desk will require a concrete wall for mounting. This might limit your options to only the house’s outer walls, changing your design entirely. How many holes will you need to drill, and what is the weight of the desk? If the desk is too heavy and has heavy objects on it, then it might be time to consider other options before replacing a whole wall.

Ensure you have the installation instructions before commencing the installation process. Installing a desk should not be difficult. However, the installation needs to be done correctly. Once you have installed your desk and you are confident in your work, you can start enjoying working on the desk. However, if you are not too confident, do not risk placing your expensive Mac or PC on the desk. If you are lucky, you can come across a shelf that ships ready for installation. Good luck with that.

d) Adjustable Shelves

Having adjustable shelves on the desk will save you a lot of frustrations in the future. When you get a tall decorative piece that requires a place to sit, you do not have to worry if you have adjustable shelves. When you have a work desk, you may install computer speakers, which tend to have tall dimensions. The side compartments should have adjustable parts, if not the whole desk.

Better yet, a desk could have removable shelves to add to the convenience of redesigning a space ever so often. Removable shelves increase the number of designs and ideas you can try out. Removable shelves transform spaces in ways that will not go unnoticed.

e) Shape

The shape of the desk is one of the first things you look at before buying a desk. If the desk is a corner piece, it will have an L-shape. Some desks have rounded corners and will not fit well in the spaces you intend to install the desk. A rounded corner can end up wasting a lot of space and costing you the real estate that is already limited. One good way of buying a desk is first identifying a spot, then looking for a desk for that space. Do not buy a desk simply because you like it. Ensure the desk fits into that space perfectly.

The good thing with floating desks is that they only require a flat wall surface, and you are good to go. As a result, most desks will fit in the most limited spaces without causing any distractions or inconveniences. In addition, most desks in the market today are foldable, making the problem of space a solvable one.

f) Dimensions

Before you buy any piece of furniture, you have to consider the dimensions. Imagine having a massive chair in the living room or an extremely tiny one. Suddenly, you will have a lot of wasted space due to the wrong dimensions. A home office is set up at home. Home should feel like home to every occupant of the house. Therefore, when sourcing for a desk, look for one that will not be too imposing or inconveniencing for the rest of the family members.

A tip on picking a desk is to look for one closest to a decorative piece so that when it is not in use, it looks good. You would not tell our desks many desks until you see someone using the surface. Remember, the goal is convenience.

g) Lockable Compartment

Working from home means there will be people in the house who will interact with your workspace. Having a lockable compartment does not mean you have suspicious characters in your house. Simply, some things need to be kept safe for everyone, not necessarily from everyone. You can not leave the binding contract lying around simply because you do not suspect anyone of anything.

Some things may need a lockable compartment as a matter of privacy. For example, if you have a diary, you will want to keep it safe.

h) Color and Design

I trust your taste. However, if you are sure that you do not have any taste, look for an interior designer to help. A lot goes into having a beautiful space that is appealing to the eye. One is color combinations. You can not have yellow and orange lying around next to each other unless you have done it in an elegant and good-looking way. Having a bit of knowledge in complementing colors will help a lot. If not, there are earth colors or dead colors that will go with literally any other color. Just be sure to do an excellent job with the color combinations. Do not let the desk be the only thing someone sees when they walk into the room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Desks

i) Is it Best to Find a Floating Desk online on Amazon?

Yes, you can go out to the store and look for a floating desk. However, to make a proper choice, you might have to go to a few stores to see what’s on offer. Isn’t it easier to sit down in the comfort of your own home and browse through Amazon, where there is a wide range of floating desks?

They always give the desk’s dimensions, so you will know if it will fit in your space or not. Once you’ve decided, place an order, and Amazon will give you a delivery date. The floating desk will be delivered right to your doorstep.

ii) Can I Build my Floating Desk?

If you have basic DIY skills, the simple answer to this question is yes. One of the advantages of doing this is that you can choose the shape and size of the desk and what materials you use. For example, you can make a plain floating desk, but you can also add drawers, shelves, and a keyboard tray. In addition, you can give it legs if you want, although one without legs makes it very easy to clean underneath.

A DIY desk can be very economical if you are on a tight budget. However, you will pay more for a custom-made desk unless you buy something fundamental.

If you have the skills, you should be able to complete this project quickly, on the weekend for example and in addition, you will have the satisfaction of a job well done.

iii) Is There a Floating Desk with Drawers and Storage?

All of the floating desks we have looked at in this article have drawers and shelves for storage. Most floating desks do have them, so as well as working on your laptop, you will be able to keep books, ornaments, and essential papers close at hand. Having drawers and shelves filled with your things makes the floating desk look like part of the decor. We have found this desk with storage which we think is worth considering.

Final Thoughts

Floating desks are a great idea if you have limited space. You can get both a desk and storage in one which will make the room look tidy. We stand by our top picks for the best floating desks you will find in the market. The options give you both desks and shelves that are easy to put together and dismantle if you want to move to a different room, and are durable and sturdy.

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