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Top 8 Best Soft Leather Handbags in 2024

Best Soft Leather Handbags

A supple leather bag is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Whether you opt for a handbag or a crossbody bag could be determined by the occasion, and they’re ideal for carrying must-have items like your phone, lip balm, perfume, and other necessities. Mini bags come in handy when you only have few small items such as keys, whereas a bigger handbag is ideal for carrying your laptop to work.

There are so many different buttery soft leather handbag styles that you’d love ranging from crossbody styles to shoulder or carry bag styles. When shopping for the best buttery soft leather handbags, you’ll probably start by looking through the most popular ones, but can you be sure that they are super soft or at least made from genuine soft leather?

While on your search for the best buttery soft leather handbags, here are a few pointers: Lambskin is one of the softest genuine leather that’ll give you that soft buttery feel. Some brands will combine lambskin leather for its softness and goatskin leather to hold the bag shape. Before we get into our favorite picks, let’s expound more on what buttery soft leather is and how it differs from other types of leather.

What Is Buttery Soft Leather?

Very specifically put, buttery soft leather is the most delightful type of softest leather that creates that one-of-a-kind, gorgeous supple bag. It may not be a specific type of leather, but the sensation it leaves on your fingertips while touching it will give you the sizzle. This is a term used to give you an idea of how soft and smooth the leather is.

Like butter, it is soft but kept flat. It has the charm of saddle leather, but it’s protected from environmental aggressions under its waxy finish. Buttery leather is a hand-charmer that gives you every sense of a leather connoisseur.

Everyone wants a great-quality, high-fashion, real leather handbag that will act as a statement piece. If you are on the search for a high-quality soft leather handbag that will last you good and long as your favorite day-to-day companion, this article is the best place to start.

Unfortunately, for buttery soft leather handbags and mini-bags, keep in mind that cheap leather isn’t an option. So to help in your shopping at the best price, here are some of the best buttery soft leather handbags in different styles that you will love.

1. Purses for Women Soft PU Leather Shoulder Bag

If you love yourself a high-quality leather bag that doesn’t feel rigid, you will be in for a treat with this Purses for Women buttery soft leather shoulder bag. The PU(polyurethane) leather is soft, comfortable and lightweight.

Unlike other mini-bags and crossbody bags, this compact design bag has two main pockets to fit all your accessories. You will also find three zippered pockets outside the bag and two additional side pockets. In addition, this handbag is big enough to fit your iPad and other items you may have.

There are more ways and styles to wear and accessorize this bag like any crossbody bag. For example, you could choose to have it as a handbag or shoulder bag depending on the occasion, whether traveling, grocery shopping or running errands. Additionally, this bag could double up as a diaper bag for parents on the go.

  • Has various compartments to carry your phone, keys, iPad and other necessities
  • The PU leather material is soft and lightweight.
  • Pockets have zippers to keep your accessories safe
  • Has a unique retro style
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • The side pockets do not stretch out much

2. Browning Concealed Carry Purse

This Browning purse is made from PU soft leather, which is durable and comfortable. The soft leather material also provides a deep, rich color and a super soft and smooth feel to the handbag.

Keeping your accessories and valuables safe is an important consideration when buying handbags. The browning concealed purse features a lockable zipper with a hidden key ring. This ensures that you have privacy over your items. Once you have locked the zipper, the key goes into the hidden key ring attached to the strap.

Sometimes, you want quick and easy reach for essentials like house and car keys. For this reason, this soft leather handbag allows you to access these items through a zippered holster pocket. In addition, you can rotate or adjust the holster to fit your comfort, grip and angle of preference.

  • Constructed from premium materials
  • Has a soft and smooth buttery feel
  • Enhances safety by including a lockable zipper pocket
  • Allows quick access to the bag’s contents
  • Features a rotating and adjustable holster
  • Not many styles to wear it

3. ITCOSY Women Tote Bag Handbags

The best buttery soft leather handbags should last you ages. This women’s tote ba by ITCOSY is the perfect addition to your wardrobe to complement any outfit. You can style it as a shoulder bag or work tote bag for traveling or heading to the office. In addition, this soft leather purse can double up as a gym bag to fit your gym accessories.

Made from high-quality, anti-scratch PU leather, this bag can withstand accidental scratches to avoid tearing and wearing out. Additionally, it has a distinctive design with a zipper closure featuring gold hardware.

If you do not feel like carrying this ITCOSY bag as a shoulder bag, you could adjust or remove the shoulder strap to fit your preference. This purse features an elegant and simple design and has one main compartment and several inner pockets for organization. You can fit your iPad, notebooks, wallet, phone and keys.

  • Buttery soft leather
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Well priced
  • Has a simple, distinctive design
  • Has small multi-pockets to help you organize your handbag
  • Comes with a separate wallet clutch
  • Not available in size small

4. Kattee Women’s Soft Genuine Leather Tote Bag

If you are in search of genuine soft leather, this Kattee bag will make an excellent choice. It is made from brand new cowhide leather and silver hardware. In addition, the inner lining is made of polyester, which is soft and durable.

This Kattee crossbody purse has a zipper closure that keeps all your accessories intact. In addition, this soft leather bag has a main compartment that can fit work files and a laptop on the interior. You will also find the divider zip pockets and the other two pockets to come in handy for putting small things like a pocket mirror, lipstick and so on.

This tote bag has a roomy capacity that can fit your water bottle, laptop, wallets and file folders. It also comes in two sizes, large and small. Additionally, there are more ways to style this handbag, such as a shoulder, crossbody, or tote bag.

  • Made of genuine leather
  • Has a roomy capacity
  • Fits several items
  • Offers an elegant and stylish look
  • Has several pockets to fit all sorts of items
  • Has zippered compartments for safety
  • It does not have a medium size

5. S-ZONE Women’s Genuine Leather Tote Bag, Large Shoulder Bag

If you’re searching for another tote, here’s a large tote for work with plenty of room for everything, including your laptop, work, makeup, phone, a bunch of keys, and even that midday snack. Although it’s quite large, it remains slim against your body and won’t get in your way while you use it.

It can carry a 15.6-inch laptop and isn’t bulky. It might be a little stiff at first since it’s packaged flat, but after some time, you’ll notice that it becomes softer. This tote is made from genuine cow split leather with adjustable straps for a beautiful shoulder design.

  • Made from genuine vintage crazy horse leather
  • Interior comes with a removable duffle bag and a zipped soft pocket
  • Extra padded cushion at the bottom
  • Humanized construction and design
  • Refined appearance and durable construction
  • Large capacity compartment for up to 15.6-inch laptop
  • More leather patina as time goes by
  • May stain a little in the first days of use, so don’t use with light-colored clothes, shoes, or bags

6. The Sak The Sequoia Hobo

This Sequoia Hobo handbag by the Sak is the perfect everyday bag featuring a classic and timeless design. It is constructed from 100% leather, PU trim and a polyester lining. Additionally, this soft leather bag is roomy to fit your everyday essentials.

The hobo silhouette on this bag makes it effortless everyday wear, either as a crossbody or tote bag. The minimal design features a zipper closure on the main compartment, a front zipped pocket and a back slit pocket. In addition, you will find a charming handcrafted key chain that adds all the flair to the bag.

This buttery soft leather purse has premium materials sourced from certified tanneries. In addition, the leather comes from environmentally complying tanneries, while the interior PETA is vegan certified and approved. This makes the overall bag durable, stain-resistant and water repellent.

  • Materials are well-sourced from certified artisans
  • 100% soft leather
  • Utilizes recycled materials as a way of conserving the environment
  • Has a minimal but durable design
  • Stain and water-repellent
  • The purse is roomy enough to fit everyday accessories and essentials
  • Quite expensive compared to other brands

7. ECOSUSI Vegan Leather Tote Bag Convertible Backpack

Suppose you want the functionality of a backpack doubled up with the elegance of a tote. In that case, you can get it both ways with this free-structured ECOSUSI vegan leather convertible backpack and tote bag. It easily converts from a backpack into a shoulder bag with simple strap adjustments.

It makes for an amazing laptop bag for its price since it includes a padded laptop sleeve that helps ensure that your computer stays safe inside. Additionally, it comes with a zip pocket, 2 open pockets, and 2 pen holders. All these features make it a splendid work tote if you’re going out on business.

  • Made of vegan leather
  • Easy to clean
  • A freestyle that can be converted to a laptop backpack, crossbody shoulder bag, or purse for either business, college, or travel
  • An efficient organization with the main compartment having a padded sleeve for the safety of the laptop
  • Can carry a laptop up to 14 inches
  • An easy-to-open front pocket plus a hidden zipper pocket at the back for extra security
  • Humanization with a front open pocket for quick access, a hidden back pocket for extra security
  • Compact business design
  • Made of soft, durable, matte, and water-resistant vegan leather
  • Affordable in price
  • Since vegan leather is synthetic, it won’t form a patina like real leather does as it ages
  • Tends to discolor or deteriorate within some years

8. Rebecca Minkoff Megan Tote

If you’re searching for another tote bag option, the Rebecca Minkoff Megan tote is another viable option. It comes with an open compartment and secures the items inside using a black-colored dog clip and magnetic snap closure. In addition, it features an exterior slide back pocket and an interior slide pocket.

As an industry leader in the accessible luxury bags category, Rebecca Minkoff only sells modern bohemian designs and colors inspired by confident and powerful women who join and embody an effortless, free-spirited lifestyle order.

  • A roomy size that’s enough to carry a lot of items
  • In the classic Megan shopper tote silhouette category that can fit a laptop, gym clothes, and other items
  • Impressive colors for you to pick
  • Made from soft pebbled leather that comes in a tan hue color
  • Relatively high in price

What to Consider As You Shop for the Best Soft Leather Handbags?

Below are a few things you should note when shipping for soft leather handbags:

A) How to Care For Soft Leather Handbags?

  • Occasionally wipe your leather bag clean with a soft, damp cloth to give it a clean color and look
  • Apply
  • a leather wax or cream to help add a layer of protection to its surface
  • to help repel scratches and scuffs superficially. Also, choose a cream
  • that contains natural waxes to give your leather piece a rich look and a
  • barrier against moisture and dirt
  • Regularly air out your leather bags
  • Blot away water or any moisture on it as soon as you can
  • Dry it naturally when wet never use artificial heat
  • Use a specialized leather conditioner every 3-6 months to help keep the leather supple

B) What Are The Different Leather Types?

Leather types can be referred to differently, but in this context, to help you search and shop for the best soft leather handbags, we’ll refer to the different tanning methods and hide types:

  • Vegetable-tanned leather– leather tanned using a tannin color which naturally occurs in plant matter color or a tree bark color
  • Chrome tanned leather– chrome, also known as chromium tanning, is quite a popular and efficient way to color due to the properties of chromium. This type gives a soft, thin leather since the chromium binds to the collagen present in rawhides. It also increases spaces between proteins in the hide to allow the leather to be more stretchable and resist shrinkage.
  • Calfskin leather comes from young cows and is generally quite soft and pliable. Its smooth nature makes it great for shoes and boots.
  • Sheep leather/ Sheepskin-This is another popular choice because it often comes with one side that’s leather while the other is covered in wool. The wool will naturally draw sweat away from you, making it ideal for use all year-round. This is best used on seat upholstery, slippers, boots, and moccasins.
  • Shell cordovan/ Horse leather – This type is mainly associated with the premium ‘cordovan’ leather made from a horse’s back section. It’s pretty dense but smooth. It works great for premium shoes and gloves.
  • PU/Bicast– This is leather that’s made with a split leather backing and a layer of polyurethane or vinyl that is embossed/impressed on top
  • Faux leather / Synthetic leather– This is plastic that’s manufactured to look and smell like real leather

D) What Leather Qualities to Look Out For?

In reality, leather names and qualities refer more to how the leather has been split and how the surface has been treated to sell. However, below are some leather qualities you need to be familiar with.

  1. Full Grain Leather – This leather cut contains the hide’s outer layer, referred to as the ‘grain.’ It hasn’t been sanded or buffed out to remove any imperfections. Generally, only the hair will be removed in most full-grain leather items.
  2. Top Grain Leather – This cut is similar to the full-grain, except the top layer is sanded and/or buffed. Doing so removes any imperfections or irregularities for a neat finish. This, in turn, makes the leather softer and more pliable.
  3. Genuine Leather/ Corrected Leather – Genuine leather can come from any layer of the hide, and it undergoes treatment on the surface to provide a more uniform, ‘corrected’ or ‘refined’ appearance. It can be either sanded or buffed to remove the surface imperfections.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Buttery Soft Leather Handbags

1. What is the best oil for a soft leather bag?

Many products are available to improve the appearance and moisturize genuine leather. Still, a dab of coconut, sunflower, or vegetable oil, evenly rubbed, is all it needs for maintenance. Also, consider moisturizers to help with water resistance.

2. What ways can you restore leather handbags?

To help you restore and revive the colors back again on leather, apply Leather Honey to the faded areas. It is recommended that you apply the entire piece rather than spot treat it.

3. How often to condition a leather bag?

Typically, leather will only need treatment a couple of times a year. However, if you are a little adventurous, your bag must last through the most extreme conditions, so you might want to condition your bag  3-4 times each year. If the bag happens to get wet or rained on, then apply the conditioner before you allow the bag to dry out.

4. How to quickly spot the difference between genuine leather and faux leather?

If you’re searching for genuine leather, it is relatively easy to differentiate it from faux leather since no two hides are similar. Most often, cow leather will feature hallmarks like stretch marks, scars, and veins from its origin, which adds to the overall character and beauty of the leather piece.

Genuine leather will also feature some sort of inconsistent pores and marks, which makes it beautifully differentiated from faux leather giving it a distinctive look. On the other hand, faux leather is relatively uniform even when designed to look natural since the pores are synthetic.

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