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Top 5 Best Golf Chippers in 2024

Best Golf Chippers

Most golf enthusiasts believe that mastering the short game is essential in the game of golf. The area around the green can be quite challenging, however, utilizing a golf chipper can improve this specific aspect of your game. By investing in top-quality golf chippers, you can improve your control and precision, resulting in lower scores and enhancing your overall performance to a higher tier.

Who Should Use a Chipper?

Chipping is a tricky technique involving a short swing where the ball hits the green then rolls like a putt. Therefore, the skill entails minimizing the ball’s spin in an attempt to lower it so that it achieves the more putt-like rolling. It follows then that a chip typically requires a lower lofted club, like a gap wedge, pitching wedge or short iron.

A golf chipper is a special utility club that helps you get the ball nearer on chip shots. Its uniqueness comes from the construction -the length of roughly a 7 iron and the loft of a wedge or short iron. This means you don’t have to open the club face (as you typically would) to hit shots, which gives you more consistency and gets the golf ball up and down more frequently.

Chippers aren’t beneficial to everyone. In fact, they can equally hurt your gameplay. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure that a chipper is suited to your game:

  • Beginner Golfers – Chippers are great for beginners if they’re struggling to get the ball up and down around the green since they’re just starting out. However, developing the proper pitching and chipping technique with wedges is highly recommended as you progress.
  • Junior Golfers – Chippers are shorter and easy to play, making them excellent for young golfers.
  • Senior Golfers – A chipper can help senior golfers reclaim a chunk of their short game since it’s heavier and built easy to hit.
  • High Handicappers – High handicappers who have no intention to improve their chipping will benefit from chippers.
  • Low handicappers and committed golfers should NOT use a golf chipper.

Now let’s get into the fun stuff. These are the best golf chippers to help you eliminate thin or fat chip shots, get better distance control and lower your scores:

1. Wilson Harmonized Chipper

Wilson has been in the golfing world since 1914, continually building its immense history and reputation of making high-performance clubs. You’ve probably seen one of them on top PGA Tours. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our top pick for the best golf chippers is the Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper.

The Wilson Harmonized Chipper is 35 inches long, making it superbly comfortable both at address and when you’re stroking the ball. It also features a firm grip that allows you to adjust up or down depending on your height. The club head is engineered as a blend of a mallet and a blade putter, making the club fairly easy to use.

This chipper also comes with a pretty nifty alignment aid. This allows you to line your chips easily while also helping you to get more accurate shots. Its weight is also well-balanced to give you a great feel and solid control to boost your confidence around the green. However, it’s worth noting the club is only manufactured for right-handed players.


  • Alignment aid for easy line-up and accuracy
  • Clubhead design replicated a short mullet or blade putter
  • 35-inch chipper is comfortable at address and stroking the ball


  • Isn’t two-faced
  • Different colors on either half of the club head can be distracting when lining up the ball.
  • Made for right-handed players only

2. Mazel Golf Chipper

The Mazel Golf Chipper is an equally solid contender for the best chipper on the market. For starters, it sports a wider sole, further minimizing the need to open the club face. It also weighs a mere 12 ounces, which is impressively lightweight for a good feel of the golf club.

The Mazel Chipper comes with four different lofts: 35, 45, 55 or 60-degree variants, giving you plenty of choices to best suit your game. The shaft is just about the ideal length, measuring 35 inches long. On top of that, the chipper also comes with a high-quality rubber grip that feels incredibly firm in hand for better control of the club.

It also has a low center of gravity, making it easier for you to hit the golf ball square while also lowering the chances of annoying thin or fat shots. There are both left- and right-handed models, plus two color options to choose from. Additionally, this chipper is 100% legal, so you can use it in competitions without worrying about getting disqualified.


  • 4 loft options
  • High-quality rubber grip
  • Left- and right-handed models
  • Low center of gravity
  • Legal
  • 2 color options


  • The shaft might be a bit too heavy for some.

3. True Ace Assembled Golf Chipper

The True Ace Assembled Chipper is the ultimate budget option, thanks to the affordable price point and specialized features. It stands out with the four-way chamber, wide sole that does a tremendous job of helping players hit out of the rough. It also features a cavity back with weights on the heel and toe to help you with more control and forgiveness.

The chipper measures 35 inches long with a loft of 35 degrees. Therefore, the club gives you a true putter-like feel combined with the angle of a 7-iron. This makes it ideal for short chips on a flatter surface or bump and runs. Just as important, the True Ace Assembled Chipper is cheaper than other chippers with similar features.


  • The 4-way chamber is ideal when hitting from thick grass.
  • Affordable
  • Legal for golf tournaments


  • Made for right-handers only
  • The club is designed like a mallet putter, which can take time to get used to.

4. Ray Cook Extreme Aim Chipper

Ray Cook is extremely popular in the world of golf for its top-of-the-line wedges and putters. It follows then that the Extreme Aim Chipper is our premium option, thanks to its unique site alignment that helps you to hit chip shots more accurately. More so, it has a premium feel that’s great in the hand, giving you even more confidence when you’re playing golf on the green.

This Ray Cook Chipper comes with a 37-degree loft and a 70-degree lie. These specifications allow you to lay the chipper down on the ground just as if you were putting. The loft also helps you hit higher lofted shots when necessary, and at the same time giving you more flexibility when hitting out of the trough.


  • Both right- and left-handed models
  • The 37-degree loft allows for a variety of shots around the green.
  • Durable stainless build
  • Dent- and scratch-resistant


  • Only right-handed model for women
  • A bit pricey

5. Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper

As the name suggests, the Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chippers comes with two faces on either side of the club, allowing both right- and left-handed golfers to use the club. But first, you must consider that this club is illegal for tournament play, like all other two-faced golf clubs. However, it’s still an excellent choice if you’re just looking to enjoy golf or friendly rounds on the course.

The two faces allow you to maneuver tricky situations more easily, where you would have otherwise had an awkward stance. In addition, at 35 inches long, this chipper is the size of your average putter, and the 32-degree loft is close to a 6-iron. This combination means the Intech Golf Approach Two-Way is an ideal club for new golfers and high-handicappers who aren’t looking to compete in tournaments.


  • Two faces allow for more flexibility
  • Both right- and left-handed models
  • Clubhead resembled a blade putter for more comfort around the greens.


  • Practically illegal due to the double-face
  • Face angle is a bit lower at 32 degrees

Factors to Consider in the Best Golf Chipper

1. One-Sided vs. Two-Sided Chipper

Typically, the first consideration is choosing between a one-sided or two-sided chipper. First and foremost, one-sided chippers are legal in tournament golf and well-suited to single-hand players. On the other hand, two-way chippers are great for ambidextrous players but are prohibited in competitions.

You’ll also need to factor in hand orientation. Some manufacturers only produce right-handed models while others have both right- and left-handed ones.

2. Angle

A chipper has a lie angle that allows the player to place it flat on the ground at address. It’s designed to slide underneath the golf ball for much cleaner contact and consistency in your shots. Therefore, it’s important to find a chipper with an angle that matches your forward press.

3. Loft

Generally, loft ranges from 35-60 degrees, so ensure that you know exactly what you require before buying a chipper. A lower loft (35-45 degrees) is ideal for traditional bump and run shots since chippers fly the ball lower, making it easier to hit more consistent chip shots. Conversely, a higher loft (55-60 degrees) is more beneficial to pitching than chipping since they help you hit the ball higher and land it softer without fretting about opening the clubface.

4. Shaft

Chippers are designed to mimic the look and feel of an iron. As such, chipper shafts are generally made of stainless steel for a sturdy feel and stability throughout the swing. The ideal shaft length should be anywhere from 34 to 37 inches, so as to also comply with legal standings.

5. Head Size

The ideal head size is largely dependent on the golfer. Some prefer large-headed chippers, more like a mallet putter, because they offer a heavier feel to anchor the club throughout the swing. Others prefer a smaller head size, like a blade-style putter, because it’s notably easier to control and also offers more familiarity to their putting stroke.

6. Legal Compliance

Just as important, you need to check if your ideal chipper fits the legal requirements of tournament play. Certain chipper specifications have to be met if you intend to complete, so you have to be familiar with the rules before choosing your perfect chipper. That being said, non-compliant chippers aren’t prohibited in friendly games, although it would be best to ask your opponents first.

7. Weight & Comfort

It’s also quite necessary to ensure that you get the ideal feel from a chipper to help you build and maintain consistent performances around the green. Comfort entails finding the chipper with the perfect build and weight. We recommend a high-performance rubber grip for a firm hold on the club, as well as shock-absorbent material to reduce vibration, which gives you better control of the club.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Golf Chippers

1. Can I hit full shots with a chipper?

Yes and no. It can be done if you have a great lie from the fairway, but it’s normally not recommended. Chippers in general should only be used when hitting shots around the green.

2. Can I putt with a chipper?

Technically, you can but it’s also not highly recommended. Generally, chippers have more loft than mallet or blade putters, which makes getting a solid roll almost impossible. If you happen to need but not have a putter, we recommend using a fairway wood instead since its lower loft makes it easier to get a smooth roll.

3. Do any professional golfers use chippers?

Rarely, if ever. Most pros have to practice hard with greenside shots, which certainly rules out the need for a chipper. Instead, they use a variety of wedges and lofts to hit their desired shots around the greens. 

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