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How to Watch Peacock TV in Canada 2024

How to Watch Peacock TV in Canada

Currently, Peacock TV, a well-liked streaming platform, can’t be accessed by viewers in Canada. Because of this, numerous Canadians are wondering why they’re unable to utilize the platform and whether there will ever be a release date for the service in their region. This post aims to explore the reasons behind Peacock TV’s lack of availability in Canada and to offer guidance for Canadians eager to access the platform.

Readers will learn about the steps they can take to access Peacock TV with a VPN and how much the service costs. Additionally, the article will cover the top shows available on Peacock TV and compare it to other popular streaming services.

Why Peacock TV is Unavailable in Canada?

Peacock TV is not available in Canada due to complicated licensing and rights issues that prevent streaming services from offering their programming in other countries. Additionally, an exclusive agreement between NBCUniversal and Corus was signed in June 2020, allowing Corus to broadcast all Peacock Originals content to Canadians. As a result, Peacock TV cannot offer its services in the Canadian market.

Will Peacock TV Ever Come to Canada?

Peacock TV, a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, may expand internationally to grow its subscriber base. While there are no specific plans for expansion to Canada, NBC Universal already offers reality TV programming through its Hayu platform. It remains to be seen whether Peacock TV will eventually come to Canada.

What Is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is a US-based video streaming service that is owned and operated by NBC Universal. Launched on July 15, 2020, the service offers a vast collection of over 80,000 hours of content, including movies, TV shows, and existing NBC programs. Peacock TV also features virtual channels that run 24/7, offering users a seamless streaming experience. The service includes popular shows like “Bel-Air” and “Brave New World,” and it has begun to offer exclusive access to sports coverage, such as Premier League soccer matches.

How Much Does Peacock Cost?

Peacock TV offers two tiers of subscription plans, Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus. Both plans provide access to all of Peacock TV’s content and allow users to download shows and movies for offline streaming. The difference between the two plans is that the Peacock Premium subscription has ads that may interrupt the streaming experience, while the Peacock Premium Plus subscription is ad-free. The latter also gives users the ability to watch NBC’s local live channel.

Peacock Premium costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year and provides access to 720p to 4K Ultra HD video resolution on up to three simultaneous streams. On the other hand, Peacock Premium Plus costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year and provides ad-free access to the same video resolution on up to three simultaneous streams.

Below is a table that summarizes the membership plans of Peacock TV:

PlanMonthlyAnnualSimultaneous StreamsVideo resolution
Peacock Premium (with ads)$4.99$49.993 devices720p to 4K Ultra HD
Peacock Premium Plus (ad-free)$9.99$99.993 devices720p to 4K Ultra HD

What Are the Top Shows on Peacock?

Peacock offers a variety of shows, including popular titles such as “The Office,” as well as exclusive shows like “Law and Order: Hate Crimes” and the “Saved By the Bell” revival. In addition, the platform features 24/7 channels dedicated to specific genres, such as “The Office Zen” and Premier League TV. Peacock also offers access to channels like MSNBC, NBC News, E!, Syfy, Bravo, and Univision.

Can Peacock be Accessed Outside of the US?

Peacock is an NBCUniversal streaming service that offers live and on-demand content from over 40 networks, including NBC, USA, Bravo, and SyFy. Unfortunately, Peacock is only available in the US, and it uses IP addresses to determine users’ locations. Therefore, users outside of the US cannot access Peacock content without using a VPN to obtain a US IP address.

How to Watch NBC in Canada?

If you’re a Canadian resident and want to watch NBC, you may face some difficulties as NBC is only available in the United States. However, you can still access NBC’s live stream and on-demand content by using a VPN. A VPN allows you to change your IP address so that it appears as if you’re located in the United States. This will enable you to access NBC’s content without any restrictions. By using a VPN, you can enjoy all your favorite NBC shows and events from Canada.

How to Access Peacock TV

Peacock TV can be accessed on most internet-connected devices. For viewing on a computer, users can visit peacocktv.com and sign in with their Comcast username and password. To watch Peacock TV on a phone or tablet, users can download the Peacock app from the App Store or Google Play.

Where Can I Stream Peacock TV?

Peacock TV can be streamed on the NBC app, which is compatible with a variety of devices including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Peacock TV can be accessed through web browsers.

Is Peacock TV Free?

Peacock TV no longer offers a free ad-supported plan for its users since January 2023. The US-based platform has also discontinued its seven-day free trial period. However, users can still subscribe to an affordable ad-supported plan with the Peacock Premium tier, which costs $4.99 monthly.

Other Top Streaming Services

Aside from the popular streaming services like Netflix, there are other top streaming services that offer unique features and content. Here are some of the best streaming services that you might want to consider:

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that offers a wide selection of local and international channels. This streaming service is owned by Google and offers various features, such as the ability to record shows and watch them later. However, YouTube TV is only available in the United States, but you can bypass this restriction by using some of the best VPN services.

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus Canada is a streaming service that offers a wide selection of shows, movies, and documentaries from channels like Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and many more. You can watch Discovery Plus in Canada by visiting their site and signing up for an account or using a Canadian version of the app released in October. If you want to watch the American version of Discovery Plus, you can use a VPN.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a great choice for those who are into top-rated content. This streaming service offers a range of top-rated movies and shows with the option for an ad-free viewing experience. Paramount Plus is available on Amazon Prime Canada, and it’s a great way to watch movies and TV shows online, with a library of titles that includes new and classic releases. Plus, you can access Prime Video content with supported devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Hotstar is a popular Indian video streaming service that offers more than 100,000 hours of content in nine languages, including live cricket matches and all major sporting events. The Canadian version of Hotstar offers a limited selection of shows and movies, but VPNs are a great way to get around regional restrictions.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a live streaming service that provides access to select channels for a monthly fee. The service offers various packages, such as ESPN, AMC, TNT, HGTV, HBO, and Cinemax. You can watch Sling TV outside of the US using a VPN, which will allow you to stream Sling TV content without any restrictions.


ESPN Plus gives you access to world-class sporting events and live streams across a variety of sports, while the main ESPN channel has the best coverage for NHL, MLB, and NBA. Also, ESPN Plus excels in its coverage of niche sports such as MMA, Boxing, Lacrosse, Canadian Football, and many more. Sadly, ESPN Plus is not currently available for Canadians.


HBO Max has some of the best series and movies available online, such as “Game of Thrones,” “The Sopranos,” “The White Lotus,” and many more. Unlike other streaming services, HBO Max relies on past content to attract future subscribers. Warner Bros has no plans on releasing HBO Max to Canadians, but a VPN can solve your issue.


Hulu is a streaming service that offers a wide selection of TV shows and movies as well as its own original programming. Some of the top TV shows and films Hulu offers include “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “The Bear,” “The Great” and many more. However, if you want to watch Hulu in Canada, you won’t be able to access the platform directly unless you use a VPN that works with Hulu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels are available to watch on Peacock TV in Canada?

Peacock TV Canada offers a variety of channels to its viewers. Some of the popular channels available on Peacock TV Canada include NBC, Bravo, USA Network, Syfy, and E!. Users can also access live sports events, news, and movies.

How can I access Peacock TV Canada on my Roku?

To access Peacock TV Canada on your Roku, you need to first download the Peacock TV app from the Roku Channel Store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign in with your Peacock TV credentials and start streaming your favorite shows and movies.

Is Peacock TV Canada available on Firestick?

Yes, Peacock TV Canada is available on Firestick. You can download the Peacock TV app from the Amazon Appstore and sign in with your Peacock TV credentials to start streaming your favorite content.

What are some popular shows on Peacock TV Canada?

Peacock TV Canada offers a wide range of popular shows to its viewers. Some of the popular shows available on Peacock TV Canada include The Office, Parks and Recreation, Law and Order: SVU, Yellowstone, and Saturday Night Live.

Can I watch Peacock TV Canada for free?

Peacock TV Canada offers a free version of its service with limited content that includes ads. However, users can also opt for the premium version of Peacock TV Canada that offers more content and an ad-free experience.

How do I activate Peacock TV on my TV in Canada?

To activate Peacock TV on your TV in Canada, you need to first download the Peacock TV app on your TV. Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign in with your Peacock TV credentials and start streaming your favorite shows and movies. Some TVs may require you to enter an activation code before you can start streaming.

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