Head of the class - Buttless Chaps

We asked Buttless Chaps's Dave Gowans about the city's hippest haunts and hottest hotties:

Perhaps the only Americana-oriented outfit in North America with a drummer known to use neon sticks, the Buttless Chaps offer a natural mix-tape bridge between Depeche Mode and the Handsome Family. Dave Gowans sings and plays guitar for the ever-eclectic outfit, whose latest album is the beautifully downbeat Where Night Holds Light.

Best local release other than yours
“Loscil's new album, Plume, is my favourite record of the year. Working in a record store [Red Cat], I get exposed to a lot of music, and I've found his stuff the most soothing if you're having a terrible day.”

Most mind-blowing gig of the past year
“Depeche Mode at GM Place [on November 15]. I hope one day they get the respect they deserve as electronic-music pioneers instead of always being compared to bands like Linkin Park.”

What Vancouver band is overdue for a reunion gig?
“Beauventure. It had Stephen Lyons of Fond of Tigers as well as members of Coin Gutter. They were a country-folk explosion with metal and prog thrown in. They were one of the best Vancouver bands ever, but they never made a record, which is a shame.”

Who would you love to see on your Myspace Friend list?
“I've always wondered what happened to the actor Ken Marshall, who was the star of the 1983 movie Krull. I'd like him to be my friend. He was my idol as a child. Krull was all cyclopses and swamps—that whole fantasy world that's amazing when you're 12 years old and go to the movie theatre for the first time. And I always wonder what happens to failed actors.”

John Q. Musicbiz just flew in from L.A. and he's waving his gold card around. Where are you gonna take him?
“Toshi Sushi [181 East 16th Avenue]. Just because it's out of the way, not pretentious, and has amazing food.”

What local musician makes you wish you were a little more promiscuous?
“Mike Reno. He's an example of over-the-top, male rock 'n' roll sexuality in tight leather pants. Tight red leather pants. How did he pull that off? Today's indie-rock world could learn a little bit from Mike Reno.”

Which Vancouver venue would you be saddest to see go?
“The Railway Club, because it showcases both a lot of local music and established, touring bands. It's a great-sized room with a built-in local crowd, which is something that a lot of venues don't have.”