Hula hoop beauty

I was wondering around Commercial Drive area shooting some photos. Passing some sushi place and gazing into windows I had an eye-contact with a beautiful girl. Some 15 minutes later I was going back pass that place and thought I should try to take a picture of the beauty if she is still there. But when I was almost at the doors of sushi place she came out with two friends. And we had eye-contact again. And she smiled. She was amazing. I was thrilled and wanted to approach her so much. But she was with two girl friends. I thought it would be rude to come to three of them and show interest to one. I was following them for a block desperately thinking of the way to deal the situation. And the moment was lost. I felt awkward and shy... So I let her go. Was so angry with myself. And last moment I saw her I've noticed she was carrying a hula hoop. Came home thinking of the whole situation and recalled this strange I Saw You column.

When: Sunday, January, 20 2013

Where: Sushi on Commercial Drive