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E.g., Jul 16 2020

Parking attendant -- Tall, lean, soft spoken

Monday, July 13, downtown on Howe near Davie. You were the parking attendant who asked me which car was mine. I was in a rush, wearing a mask and didn't make time to chat. But I regret that. You are taller than me (6ft 1in). I too am slender and like other men that way. Your silhouette and soft spoken manner made a lasting impression. Maybe we can chat, after all?

When: Monday, July, 13 2020

Where: West side of Howe Street, near Davie Street.

Sunflower dress black hair glasses and septum piercing. At shoppers drug mart. Rudy tattoo on kneck

I saw you at shoppers drug mart at kaslo and hastings. You looked so incredible in your sunflower dress and we smiled at each other for a brief second. I wanted to say hi to you but you were gone before I left and you went the other direction. I have long blonde hair and was in my work clothes. We should enjoy the sun sometime, message me if you see this.

When: Wednesday, July, 15 2020

Where: Shoppers drug mart. Hastings and kaslo

YVR Missed Connection

I saw you at the airport security line-up around 7-8am today. You turned around and looked at me a few times but I didn't think much of it until we locked eyes and you waved at me. Let me know if you see this, if not, have a safe flight.

When: Wednesday, July, 15 2020

Where: Vancouver Airport YVR

That smile, though.....

You are tall, dark, gorgeous, and French (?), with a killer smile, and you frequently offer to assist me in the private liquor store you work in on Granville Street. I am (not as) tall, dark, pierced, with a fairly unique haircut. I know it's your job, but your smile and the genuine, passionate, warm energy you give off always makes my day. On the off chance you're not spoken for, and you're interested, talk to me about more than just wine next time. Regardless, thank you for being a ray of sunshine in dark days.

When: Thursday, July, 09 2020

Where: Granville Street

Trans/femm check-out person

Okay a long-shot: I was doing in-store demos (approx 2012-2013). I had to buy something to validate parking. Before trans issues were as political. You, a trans/androgynous person (fem), short brownish hair, 20's/30's maybe, doing check-out. I reminisce I woulda/coulda/shoulda struck-up a conversation (going back in time) if I knew then what I know now.

When: Saturday, July, 11 2020

Where: Save On Foods Cambie

Jess @ Rumpus Room

We had a short conversation a couple months ago. Hope to see you again.

When: Sunday, March, 01 2020

Where: Rumpus Room

Save on Foods Bentall Street Vancouver

Saw you in Save on foods and again outside by your truck putting your groceries away. We shared a look and I smiled. I wish I would have stopped and said something to you..but of course would have felt uncomfortable doing so. All I could think of was to honk my horn and wave as I drove out of the parking lot. On the off chance you might read this ...I was the blond lady in the silver Ford Escape and would be very interested in getting to know you. With a face mask on of course lol

When: Thursday, July, 09 2020

Where: Save on Foods Bentall Street Vancouver

Superstore Vancouver

Walked passed you in Superstore and saw you again outside by your truck putting your groceries away. You were very handsome and I wish I would have stopped and said something to you..instead I honked my horn and waved at you as we drove out as it was all I could think of to do lol...On the off chance you might read this ...I was the blond lady in the silver Ford Escape.

When: Thursday, July, 09 2020

Where: SuperStore Burnaby

You liked my hair colour, I liked your face

You were a very beautiful black man walking north on the Drive early afternoon of July 8, I was wearing a darker blue dress with boats. After you passed by me, you commented on my hair colour and all I could muster up was a sincere thanks. I wish I had had the balls to say something more because I had been checking you out as you walked towards me. Do you live in the area? If you see this, I would love to grab a coffee and get to know you.

When: Thursday, July, 09 2020

Where: Commercial Drive

Spin class beauty

You were in my spin class, front row. Shoulder-length black hair, it was down when you walked in, but you tied it back before the class started. Looks like you just got a haircut - it looks so good! I was so happy to see you there, you pushed me to work harder even though I was sooo tired that morning before class- more tired than I have felt in a while. But your spark and enthusiasm made it worth the effort. I hope to see you in class again, maybe next time we can go for a smoothie afterwards ;)

When: Sunday, July, 05 2020

Where: Pulse Cycling Studio


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