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E.g., Jun 2 2020

We made eye contact right away

It was Friday May 15 5:15pm and I decided to stop into the Super Store on Grandview Hwy, I picked up a few items and made the bakery my last stop before I was gonna go pay. As I was walking the aisle I looked up and saw a very tall 6’2 or 6’3 handsome man dressed in his wrk cloth and foot gear and we both made eye contact. We walked around each other about three times but still keeping eye contact. I saw him walking towards the cheese aisle but still watching my movements and I decided that I was going to pay for my items. I approached a teller that was free and started to unload my few items and as I looked up I saw this same gentleman just about to walk by the teller that I was at but he quickly decided that he was gonna pay at the same till. I quickly new that he also liked me to have made that quick decision to use the same checkout. I paid for my items and glanced at what he was purchasing and was gonna make a comment on his healthy choice of item but I did not have the courage to say something, I could kick myself for keeping shut. I packed my items and felt he was watching all my movement, thanked the cashier and walked out of the store hoping that he would follow me towards my vehicle. I was pulling out of my parking stall and saw him also pulling out of his spot in a white new pick up truck, I ended being behind him and we both went up on Grandview Hwy, him in front of me. We both turned north on Boundary and he new I was behind him and he took the 1st exit which would take him on the hwy towards North Van and I lost my opportunity to have maybe met my match. I’m not sure if he ever reads the Straight but maybe he’s shared this story with a friend that also reads the Straight and will make this link. I have learned that next time I will have to be not so shy.

When: Friday, May, 15 2020

Where: Super Store Grandview Hwy

Intersection Crossing

You were in your black truck waiting for the light. I was in my friends car when we went through the intersection. We made eye contact with smiles, then waved at each other. Hey!

When: Friday, May, 15 2020

Where: East Vancouver

It's all up from here

You dropped your mushrooms all over the self checkout right beside me. I said I wanted to help, but covid got in the way... I should have done more to help brighten what appeared to be a very frustrating day for you. Need a (socially distance approved) coffee/beach walk one day?

When: Monday, May, 11 2020

Where: Safeway West Broadway

Are you the guy??

Hilarious, sarcastic, nice guy, aged around 46-50ish, attractive with dark hair & nice eyes, who said he knows how to use a hammer & saw, but not at the same time. Seen today in the lower mainland being funny. This is a slim chance but am hoping we can connect- didn’t catch your name. If you’re not funny, then you’re not the guy.

When: Saturday, May, 09 2020

Where: Seawall

I saw you at a grocery store on Denman St

We were waiting on the line together to the store and ran into each other multiple times in the store~! and you always smiled at me. We even paid at the same cashier, I was right behind you. We got multiple eye contacts, and we both smiled. I should have asked your number right away! But I wasn't brave enough at that time. Therefore I write our story here and hope you see this so we can start to chat?? :D

When: Thursday, May, 07 2020

Where: At a grocery store on Denman St.

All things worth having are worth waiting for - ?

We shared a bus seat over to 4th & Maple - you ex pat from Ottawa, East Van work - me WV heading Alma way for dinner - you joked as you departed that I would not find a nicer person than you to sit with...8 months later...you're still right - I need more help with the ECO app - how about a second lesson ???

When: Saturday, September, 14 2019

Where: Georgia/Granville

1283 howe st babe in black cycling shorts

Hello. Spotted you walking into this building from my car. You caught me looking back at you a couple of times lol, i couldn't help it! You were walking up Howe from the granville bridge side, dressed in all black work out clothes. You have such a beautiful face and those shorts, wow! I was driving a silver mini van and this all happened today (3rd) at 1.45pm. Lets do some laps?

When: Sunday, May, 03 2020

Where: 1283 howe street

I let you cross the road

I was driving south on Wellingdon Ave about to turn onto the on ramp for Hwy 1 west, you thought I wasnt going to stop for you but I did and we exchange smiles, a few times. It was cute. I'd like to smile like that again.

When: Thursday, April, 30 2020

Where: Wellingdon Ave before the overpass

Hiking near Whyte Lake

We crossed paths hiking, we chatted briefly. I asked you how far it was to Eagle Ridge bluffs. You were super cute and I wished I had mustered the courage to ask you for your number. When this COVID thing is over, I'd love to go on a hike or grab a drink with you sometime.

When: Saturday, April, 25 2020

Where: Horseshoebay

Granville Island boat yard

You were the first stranger to strike up a conversation with me since the pestilence began, and it was so refreshing. I'm glad you made it in to Canada before the gates closed. I wish I'd kept the conversation going instead of running away. Try again?

When: Saturday, April, 25 2020

Where: Granville Island


BLM & indigenous communities

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