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E.g., Oct 19 2019

Dancing at The Fox

You wore a jean jacket and had a bandana. We were "dance partners" off and on throughout the night. Drinks?

When: Saturday, October, 12 2019

Where: Fox Cabaret 80s vs 90s night

On the bus on grandville street

I saw you in the bus. We gazed at each other across the bus many times. As you got up to leave you stood in front of me waiting for me to say something. I said hi. Yiu got off and looked disappointed that I didn't get off. I regretted not getting off.

When: Friday, October, 04 2019

Where: On grandville street downtown the bus

You helped with my shopping cart

You helped me get my loaded grocery cart over the threshold to the elevator in the Fraser Street No Frills parkade. Then you warned me that some items from one bag were likely to spill over. Then you made sure I knew why I had taken one elevator down from No Frills and another up to Fraser Street. It's been years since any woman wanted to take care of me, or even wanted to. I liked it. I guess I've made the transition from eligible bachelor to rescue dog. Please. Take care of me again.

When: Friday, October, 11 2019

Where: Fraser Street No Frills

We voted together at Kwantlen College

We waited together at a small table until the poll was open. You were so sweet and jolly, I wanted to take you home with me. Can I take you home with me now?

When: Friday, October, 11 2019

Where: Polling place at Kwantlen College in Richmond

Millennium Line Train Ride

We both took the evening Millennium train from Commercial/Broadway just after 11pm Thursday October 10th. You wore a black Cirque sweater. We exchanged glances and stares throughout the train ride. Regretted not approaching you as soon as I got off at my station. Wouldn’t let that happen if I were to run into you again.

When: Thursday, October, 10 2019

Where: Millennium Line Skytrain

Server at Green timbers pub

You were my server at the Green Timers pub, your name on the bill was Jenny. I was wearing a grey hoody with short brown hair and a beard sitting by the fireplace. Our eyes met as I walked out and I felt a connection.

When: Monday, October, 07 2019

Where: Green Timbers Pub

Trevor We Met at Oktoberfest

Trevor, I’m Renée. We met upstairs at Oktoberfest on Friday, Oct 4. I posed for a photo with you and your friends Cory & Ashley and Trevor. Your birthday is Dec 30/89. You’re a firefighter. I was in a pink & green dirndl and you were wearing jeans, a black T-shirt, a jean jacket, and an Oktoberfest hat. I should have grabbed your number and expressed that I was interested. I would love to dance with you!

When: Friday, October, 04 2019

Where: Vancouver Alpen Club

Melting over avocados

We stood together squeezing avocados, looked at each other and smiled. You commented on the erotic nature of this. I laughed. My husband arrived and broke our moment. You: black jeans T, dark hair Me: white T, jeans, red heels, blonde. Let's squeeze some avos together.

When: Monday, October, 07 2019

Where: Whole Foods Kitsilano

Watching Joker at Landmark

You, cute brown girl with her friends, a couple, top last row at the theatre for Joker. You smiled at me as I sat next to you with my buddy, and we made eye contact a few times throughout the movie, especially laughing at that one scene where you pointed out to me your friend laughing uncontrollably. You said they all deserved it at the end and I wanted to ask for more of your thoughts, your name, your number, but I let the chance pass. If by some chance of fate you see this, let me take you to another movie and this time we can laugh together?

When: Sunday, October, 06 2019

Where: New West Landmark Cinema

Sofi Tukker - Tiny Hat

I had on a tiny hat at the Sofi Tukker show and you commented that you enjoyed it. I think you might have said you loved it. I proceeded to tell you about how tall you were and how I hoped you wouldn’t stand in front of me and my friend. I even asked “How’s the weather up there?” I was drunk and thought I was funny. I am guilty of tall shaming you. I’m so sorry. Please let me know how I can make this better. I actually love y’all people and have a lot of tall friends. I feel bad.

When: Friday, October, 04 2019

Where: The Commodore


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