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E.g., Mar 22 2019

Your place of work - Kingsway

I've never been so attracted to another female. You do your job well. You're in the kitchen and you tell the boys what's what. I was staring at you all night, but when I left you smiled at me. Tell me it wasn't because you were just being courteous.

When: Saturday, March, 16 2019

Where: Savio Volpe

Wish I would have asked you for a cigarette

You: blond, flannel shirt, riding a motorcycle, kind eyes. Outside the Dime, I smiled at you through the window. You came in for a drink with your friend, and when I was leaving you were outside smoking. I smiled at you again. I should have said something.... I liked your camo pants ;) Come back and buy me a drink?

When: Friday, March, 15 2019

Where: The Dime

Lady in Emerald Green

You, wavy brown hair, glasses, green top and jeans, sitting a row ahead of me during the play; I, tall, in blue t-shirt and jeans, glasses and short brown hair. We exchanged a few glances, and I enjoyed hearing your melodious laugh. I would like to know you better!

When: Friday, March, 15 2019

Where: Jericho Arts Center

Lovely Lady at Lucky Taco

I saw you at Lucky Taco. You were on a date you weren't into I was on a date I wasn't into. You beautiful blonde girl dressed to impress. Me frazzled hair blue eyes guy soaking in your beauty at the next table. I know you liked what you saw. I hope you see this so you know I liked what I saw.

When: Saturday, March, 09 2019

Where: Luck Taco

Biercraft tonight

I think I've never had that connection before with someone I haven't met. Let's meet please, coffee?

When: Thursday, March, 14 2019

Where: Biercraft

Hot Guy Starbucks

I’ve seen you a handful of times over the last year I ust before 7am at the Champlain Mall Starbucks. You are tall and more than likely work in construction. You are beautiful and gave this Starbucks it’s name. Thank you!

When: Thursday, March, 14 2019

Where: Starbucks Kerr Street


I was walking with my friend on Denman when we locked eyes for a good 15 seconds as you were passing. I felt my heart in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if you were looking at me, but when you kept looking I was discombobulated. I should have stopped you. You were wearing pink, my fave colour. Long blonde hair. Eyes 2 kill. I was wearing a black pullover hoodie, pink/red tartan pants. Pink hair. Platform docs. Would love to see you again.

When: Tuesday, March, 12 2019

Where: Vancouver Library on Denman Street

we matched, snakes and names

Was waiting for the order, and you come up and say you love my shirt. (It has two snakes eating their own tails, in a Venn diagram shape.) and that it matched your rings... two snakes. I introduce myself... and you tell me you’re called the female version of the same name. Weird cosmic juju at play. Would love to know more about you.

When: Wednesday, March, 13 2019

Where: Jj bean at park and tilford

Angel of the Number 2

I saw you on my morning commute. We locked eyes and I caught you staring at me more than once. You had a yellow raincoat, I was the guy in the on again/off again flannel robe. Let's do a chat.

When: Monday, March, 04 2019

Where: Kits

Main & Hastings

You had black jeans on, a blue top, and light blonde hair. You got on the 3 and I waited in the rain for the 8. We couldn't take our eyes off each other.

When: Monday, March, 11 2019


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