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E.g., Jun 20 2018

Johnny Rockets Nelson street

I was working behind the counter n noticed you walk in with your beautiful smile and còol hair. So decided to come out of the kitchen and serve your meal. Then I heard your voice and melted. I was hooked from then. Please come back and see me. Could listen to you speak all day. Yes, I was flirting with you handsome.

When: Sunday, May, 20 2018

Where: Johnny Rockets Vancouver

Freckles in Dollarama Dish/Container Aisle

Oh hi! We crossed paths at Dollarama in the West End on Monday morning, while you were picking out dishes and I was taking too long to choose storage containers. You're tall, wore a dark t-shirt, and have killer freckles! I was in a zip-up hoodie with glasses. We kind of shuffled by each other as you were listening to music and smiled. I roamed around the store a few minutes later to say hi but you must have beat me to the cashier. Let's grab a drink?

When: Monday, May, 21 2018

Where: Dollarama West End - Denman Place Mall

South Surrey Home Depot

We were both inquiring about the same decking material with the same sales associate. Me : 5’7 stocky build with a more salt than pepper beard . Thought you were gorgeous. Would you be interested in a coffee\drink

When: Sunday, May, 20 2018

Where: Home Depot South Surrey

Beautiful girl working at Chez Christophe Burnaby

You are the most gorgeous girl! You are Asian, have the most beautiful face, cutest smile and beautiful hair. You work at Chez Christophe. I would love to ask you out but don't want to put you on the spot at your work place. I wish I'd meet you somewhere else so we could chat. You served me today, I dropped a spoon when I was putting my dishes away and you picked it up. I wish we could meet sometime.

When: Sunday, May, 20 2018

Where: Chez Christophe, Hastings St, Burnaby

Whole foods kits

Beautiful Asian girl buying cheeses etc . You donated to the fellow on the sidewalk on your way out. At the crosswalk , I asked you if it was going to rain . You are stunning! I would love to learn more about you !

When: Saturday, May, 19 2018

Where: Whole foods kits

Smoke pit at the Slayer gig

Right after Lamb of God, we smoked and chatted together. I was so busy having a great time, I totally missed your cues! Would actually love to learn that handshake and get to know you better, even if we only end up as drinking buddies (although I'm up for a proper "friendship" if that's how it goes). K

When: Wednesday, May, 16 2018

Where: PNE

Server at Jethro’s

You are the tall, purple-haired, tattooed server (hopefully that narrows it down enough) at Jethro’s on Fraser. I came in alone and ordered way too many pancakes for one human. I love your hair and you have beautiful eyes. Let’s get drinks!

When: Saturday, May, 19 2018

Where: Jethro’s on Fraser

Delicious Skip The Dishes driver, Port Moody

Tuesday May 15 you- athletic, leggy, fair skinned redhead- delivered pizza from FreshSlice to the front reception at my workplace. Because it was a surprise for me, I wasn't expecting it, and when I came down to the lobby to see what was going on....I was STUNNED to see you there. We had a fun and flirty interaction and you spelled out your first and last names for me after blowing me a kiss...unfortunately, I was SO stunned that I couldn't remember how to spell your last name, so I can't look you up and ask you out that way. I would LOVE to meet you for a drink and some fun- you're one of the most gorgeous and fun women I have ever met, period. And I dare say I think there was some mutual attraction.

When: Tuesday, May, 15 2018

Where: my workplace, 3000 block St John Street Port Moody

Post yoga tea

I started talking to you in the east van moksha lounge post yin yoga on Saturday. The ease of our conversation may have been fascilitated by post yoga bliss. You told me about how you murder oysters and we talked about bees and honey. I left before telling you my name. You had a kind presence and energy.

When: Saturday, May, 12 2018

Where: East Van moksha yoga studio

You took my sushi order at Kiso Island on a Tuesday and then wished me a happy Friday.

I came in before a haircut to order a mango roll and some nigiri. You were refreshingly talkative and we discussed the heart break in thinking its Friday when its only Tuesday. But my heart was mended when I saw you wear that Van Halen shirt and gorgeous smile. Lets talk and treat every day like its Friday!

When: Tuesday, May, 15 2018

Where: Kiso Island Japanese Restaurant

Charlatan- We slap ourselves to stay awake

You had friends with you. I enjoyed our brief talks while your friends went to smoke. You waved when I left. You said you have kids so maybe also a partner? Jaegerbombs another time?

When: Tuesday, May, 15 2018

Where: Charlatan

beach day

i was at wreck beach with a friend, you were beside us most of the day... we talked about how cold the water was and i asked you to send the beer guy over when you left. you were cute, i wish we had talked more!

When: Sunday, May, 13 2018


With the very cute dog & blue Herschel bag :)

It was a beautiful day at the park, I came there after an exhausting day to just have a break. We chatted a little bit about our well-behaved dogs but I totally forgot to ask your name. You left after you finished your book. I hope to see you again. Security question, ask me how old your dog is :-)

When: Sunday, May, 13 2018

Where: New Brighton Park

Brad at Blackie Spit

On Saturday, May 12th, you we walking around Blackie Spit with your Frenchie and nephew(?). You hung out with us while he played with the ferrets. Wishing I had given you my number. Maybe we could do coffee sometime?

When: Saturday, May, 12 2018

Where: Blackie Spit White Rock

6th Avenue Blonde

You were walking your bike down 6th Ave, you have long wavy-ish blonde hair and were wearing short shorts. I was in an Evo turning onto Main, and told you that you looked lovely while I was waiting at the stop sign. You thanked me but I didn’t continue the conversation unfortunately. I’d love to take you out for drinks and/or brunch.

When: Saturday, May, 12 2018

Where: 6th and Main

Espresso Vodka

I was waiting at the Yaletown SkyTrain Station around midnight. You offered me some espresso vodka and I failed to realize that was a chance to maybe hang out. I'm kicking myself for being so daft.

When: Saturday, May, 12 2018

Where: Yaletown SkyTrain Station

French Guy on Air Canada Flight

We sat next to each other yesterday in aisle 45. After the flight you handed me a sweet note (which I thought was your phone number). Ahh! I don't have a way to find you to invite you for a glass of wine.

When: Saturday, May, 12 2018

Where: YVR

Cucumber guy

You made my day being such a lovely human. Your mum did well! As soon as I left I wished I had gotten your info cause I'd actually love to set you up with a just as lovely and gorgeous friend of mine, no joke.

When: Saturday, May, 12 2018

Where: Safeway Kits on West 4th

On the Arbutus bikeway

I was biking on the Arbutus Bikeway. I was stopping at Burrard and 5th and you told me that i looked peaceful on my bike. I saw your amazing blue eyes and I asked you if you were running. You were skating in fact. I thougth it was pretty cool. But then i left cause i was late to meet a friend, but i wish i asked for your number. I was wearing a green dress and a navy blue jacket. Eould love to go ride/skate one day.

When: Friday, May, 11 2018

Where: Burrard and Arbutus Greenway

Tattooed Man with Box of Carnivorous Plants

The expo train to King George arrived at Columbia during after-work rush hour. You got off to make room for people to leave the train. You were carrying a cardboard box full of carnivorous plants. Some looked like Trumpet Pitchers. You had many tattoos, some on your neck, some on your arms. You wore an army print cap, and an army green t-shirt. You were caucasian. You had nice strong pecs and arms. Perhaps you have brown hair based on your thin eyebrows. I smiled at you as I got on the train. I was the young Asian man with somewhat tousled hair. I wore a grey sweater with yellow, green and blue thin stripes. I wanted to talk to you and about your plants, but there were too many people between us. Perhaps we can connect?

When: Thursday, May, 10 2018

Where: Columbia SkyTrain Station

Book lover - King Ed skytrain to 123 Cambie on weekdays

I have long black hair and bangs, headphones, and am usually reading on the train. You get on at King Ed with your book and your head is shaved. I’ve been seeing you for months and we are often walking together in the mornings down Water St. I work at a law firm a block east from you. I smiled at you at Waterfront a few weeks ago, and I’m super shy. You rode your bike past me on Water on Tuesday morning and smiled back. We were both late that morning. I’d like to say hi and don’t want to wait until it’s not “ride your bike to work weather” Wanna have coffee, a drink, or sushi at lunch / after work? :)

When: Wednesday, May, 02 2018

Where: Water St at Cambie - Gastown

Somewhat Happy Ending At Fortune

Your friend's boyfriend asked my name and told me you had a type. She was short and Asian. You were wearing all black with sneakers, long dark hair and just came from the Kendrick concert and have a great smile. We hit it off right away, then you dipped to get pho. You asked if I wore a pink hat last time, so I can't help but wonder if there's someone else you were after. Although it was Happy Ending Friday at Fortune, I feel like this ending wasn't happy enough.

When: Friday, May, 04 2018

Where: Fortune Sound Club

Canada Line

you pulled me out of a day dream. your name is Adam we both work in Yaletown and both live in mt pleasant havent seen you since

When: Tuesday, April, 24 2018

Where: Canada line

Suz on Bumble. Red hair and kind eyes.

Hi Suz, This is sort of a long shot... I matched with you on Bumble about a year ago. You were the first and only person I was actually excited to meet since I started using that silly app. Unfortunately our match expired before you sent a message. I can't explain why, but I have thought of you ever since. I've let too many opportunities pass me by, and rather than mourn the loss of another potential connection, I thought I'd reach out and take a chance. If you see this and have any idea who I am, drop me a line and let's grab a drink :)

When: Monday, May, 07 2018

Where: The internet

Old aqua colores bike early monday morning

I saw you checking me out i am too shy but i am head over heels about you you are so beautiful i wanna get to know everything about you i hope you see this and we meet up for ice cream mayne more i was wearing camo shorts grey shirt with black sleeves and had glasses on listening too tunes live next too where u work

When: Monday, May, 07 2018

Where: Across from birds and beets in gastown


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