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E.g., Sep 20 2018

Metrotown Metropolis

You are the gorgeous lady in the pink dress. I'm the old guy with the fine asset you noticed. You floated through our line at BJ and hovered near, on your phone while enjoying self-titillation. I noticed your beautiful hand and would love to hold it. Anything for you.

When: Thursday, August, 23 2018

Where: Booster Juice line up

Break a leg comment

You were encouraging someone ahead of their performance, finishing up with'Break a Leg'. I was getting into the elevator and joked with you about that. It would be fun to extend our conversation!

When: Wednesday, August, 22 2018

Where: Coal Harbour

Thank you, first responder

You were kind, respectful and kept me calmer than I otherwise might have been. I couldn’t get my card out of my wallet so I handed you (a complete stranger) the whole thing. You came back later, told me I looked like I was feeling better (I was) and asked if my heart rate is always this low. You left without me saying thank you and you’ll probably never see this but I wanted to post it anyway – THANK YOU!

When: Tuesday, July, 31 2018

falling off your seat on a double take on the #9

I was standing on the corner of kingsway and broadway outside ourtown around 9pm waiting for a friend. The #9 drove past and we locked eyes, you almost fell off your seat trying to keep eye contact as the bus kept going. I think you gestured something, but I couldn't make it out. A part of me wished you got off for a second to introduce yourself.

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Kingsway and Broadway

Super Hunk in the West End

I saw you in the Safeway on Davie, before closing, a long time ago. I said hi in passing. After checking out at the same time, you asked me if I needed a ride upon approaching your car (car-to-go). I said no, as I was nervous. I've seen you around the West End two more times since then (at different businesses: last night being one.) Perhaps now the opportunity is lost, but every time I see you, it takes quite awhile to get you out of my head.

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: West End

Tuesday drum circle vibes

We were at the drum circle and I first noticed you walking on the path and caught a radiant smile from you. Later on we were hanging with our own friends but were closeby. You were drumming and dancing and made healthy eye contact and were exchanging good energy. Afterwards we chatted briefly and I mentioned that I was really digging your vibe but I regrettably didn't ask for your number. I think you are super sweet and would be really happy if I could see you again sometime :)

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Third Beach Drum Circle

Silver Fox Cashier at Nesters Market d/t

I was on my way home from happy hour with my friend and dropped by to grab something I needed for a recipe. I was on my bike and we joked about tipsy bike riding. I thought you were very cute, and I dropped by the store a couple times hoping to see you again. Coffee? Matcha? Kombucha? Wine?

When: Tuesday, July, 17 2018

Where: Nesters Market Seymour

Double glance on 14 Granville

We exchanged eye contact twice as I was getting off the 14 Granville bus. Dark hair, bob cut (I think), sharp chin, and wearing earphones. I had puffy dirty blonde hair, with a dark jacket and grey patterned shirt. Wish I had stayed on so I could've said something. I picked up a friendly vibe, and you're v cute. Coffee? :)

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Kitsilano

Downtown afternoon ride

95 You: tall, caucasion, dirty blonde hair, grey shirt, kooda bag, short a hand Just wanted to let you know that I think you should get into modelling, if you don't already.

When: Friday, August, 17 2018

Where: Downtown vancouver

Bumped into you

I was walking out of Translink gates into Waterfront Stn. and our paths literally crossed. I almost bumped into you. Sorry! You gave me the best smile ever! You made my day and I hope you have a great one too. Coffee?

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Waterfront Station

tissue man

I was sitting on some steps outside along Kingsway having a very difficult conversation on the phone (and crying). I hadn't noticed that anyone saw me, but you walked up and handed me some napkins. I was so touched. Didn't get a chance to say thank you, so, thank you.

When: Monday, August, 20 2018

Where: Kingsway at Main St.

Gorgeous Save-On Shopper

You: gorgeous tattooed lady ahead of me in line just came from a workout? Me: gentleman patiently waiting to buy lemons in regular line as express lanes were super busy & slow going. Clerk made a comment and I said I'd been watching the lines and they were comparable. That's true but I was also happy to be in line behind you. Hesitation got the best of me as I was going to comment about the wonderful "messages" you had etched on your skin and was going to offer to carry your groceries to your car for my random good deed for the day. You're too fast. "Thanks" and smiles were all that were exchanged but the off-chance you 1) read this 2) are unattached 3) are intrigued I'd love to take you to dinner. I see you eat healthy so Whole Foods Food Bar it is!! LOL Seriously, though, let's have a nice dinner somewhere.

When: Monday, August, 20 2018

Where: Save-On Cambie

At the shower room

I'd just finished showering in the men's room at the gym and had opened the curtain and was towelling myself dry when you walked by. I'm Asian, medium build and with a shaved head. You are white, with blond hair, and was wearing board shorts with a reddish-brown pattern. I think you liked what you saw, because you turned around, walked back and watched me as I was all full frontal and had everything on display. My eyes met yours very briefly as I passed by. I usually hit the gym 2-3 days a week, and it'll be cool to have a workout, running or swimming companion. If you're up for that, then let's hang out.

When: Wednesday, August, 01 2018

Where: YWCA

Next to me Bus#10

You sat next to me this morning, and we were checking out each other while peeking out the window. Yes I noticed, you have the most beautiful eyes I've seen. I should have said 'Hello' before you got off on 14th. I'd love to invite you out for drinks/coffee.

When: Monday, August, 20 2018

Where: Back of Bus #10

BC Ferries Langdale to Horseshoe Bay Cafeteria Cashier

I bought a coffee and asked how long the ride is. You said it was short. I didn't know what else to ask to keep the conversation going so I left and came back to purchase another drink for and with my mom. Haha. Would love to talk for more than 5 seconds :) You may have been the most beautiful man I've ever seen.

When: Sunday, August, 19 2018

Where: Langdale Ferry to Horseshoe Bay

CP rail cop, Port Moody

At the Esso station last weekend, you were buying water to hand out to the homeless people. A man outside was clearly having some issues, and was crying, and you talked to him like a real person, and hugged him when he asked you to. You have restored my faith in our police, and humanity, You were so kind to him,

When: Sunday, August, 19 2018

saw you @ crazy rich asians movie

yesterday I spent all day with my nana for her 90th bday went for long walks fed lil birds and squirrels the whole shebang at stanley park grabbed lunch in the north shore and movies @ park and tillford she wanted to see the crazy rich asians movie **my nana traveled around asia and one of her fave places happen to be singapore lol**lets get down to the bizz....i saw you waiting in line for cinema foods with ur gf hopin ya turn around....you didnt lolcouldn’t help but secretly admire you **checked you out -cough cough- lol** you and ur gf went to see the same movie. I saw you and her walk down and sat in the furthest right end section row 16 from the screen two seats closest to the aisle passageway. We sat far back row closest to the exit wished my nana didnt pick those seats lol i was easily diverted by you felt like I missed most of what went on with the movie ....end credits rolled by we stayed till the very end saw you and ur gf get up to leave without watchin the bonus scene **yes!!there was a bonus scene with the dude from glee and astrid** as soon as the bonus scene ended me and nana left for the car and suddenly saw you and the gf get into ur little gray or silver car drove off sighhhh just wanna say that I think ur really cute .good looking as a matter of fact....nice arms btw lol and hope to see ya again! YOU-buff asian in late 20s slicked pompadour undercut kinda hair **hairs on fleek btw**muscly with nice big arms with tattooes on ur left arm wearing gray tee with black athletic vest and blue jeans gold watch THE GF-brunette chick wearin black shirt gray athletic pants gray sketchers shoes **I have the same ones lol** sketchers rock!! ME-dirty blond hair chick with blue eyes and dorky black rim glasses lol teal flannel shirt black tights white reebok kicks....pm me if you ever wanna chill....even as friends ....just wanna say you have an admirer I think ur really cute!!’ impressive arms btw they look yummerzzz **woah I sound like a thirsty high schooler**llol you and ur gf are a cute couple and am jealous in a good way!’! cheers

When: Saturday, August, 18 2018

Where: cineplex odeon @ park and tillford

Jurassic World seated side by side

I was already seated at the movie, Jurassic World 3:55pm showing, eating popcorn, wearing white Keds. You sat down in the empty seat to my left after the movie had just barely started and it was dark. There were some women a few seats down from us to the right making loud and funny exclamations throughout the movie that made me giggle separately from the giggles the movie elicited. You may have giggled a little about them too. They were hard not to giggle about. At the end of the movie I wanted to say hello, as we had somehow seemed to share space in the theatre. We had randomly shared a weird Jurassic World experience together; who wouldn't say hi after that? If nothing else to just comment on it? But I froze. I had had a really terrible day prior, hence partly why I went to Jurassic World at 4pm on a Saturday. It felt abnormal, awkward, that I said nothing. Usually I would have been able to say something, anything! But all I could say after gathering my belongings was "excuse me, sorry" as I passed you to leave. Redo?

When: Saturday, August, 18 2018

Where: Jurassic World, 3:55pm, Cineplex Odeon International Village Theatre


What a privilege it was to "have to" stand beside you on the Canadaline train from the airport of Richmond - such rare beauty you possess! (beautiful face!) true class and intelligence! And on top of that I could see that you were a special, genuine person by the way that you laughed in response to some of the emails on your phone. And then you were so nice as to talk with ME! - humble old me!!- how great that was - our little talk - your delightful English accent - that you told me you pick up by living your life in India and not in some renowned British College - or university. I felt badly about breaking away - leaving for some thing less significant than you.

When: Friday, August, 17 2018

Where: Canada line skytrain to Waterfront

Bimini Liqour store

I saw you at the Bimini liquor store while we were both buying beers. We talked about our favourite drinks. You first got drunk off Colt 45’s. I was the blonde going to the red truck concert and I told you my favourite beer was parklife passion fruit ale. You were on your way to a wedding ‘not yours’. You were drinking 33 acres of ocean and bought your friend a case of coronas. I seriously regret not giving you my number!

When: Saturday, August, 04 2018

Where: Bimini liquor store


Leos/Tokyo/bronchitis..if you're interested, ask :)

When: Friday, August, 17 2018

Where: RBC Lonsdale

A moment in the reeds

I first noticed you- cute blonde, short hair, leather jacket, in the hallway going back into the theatre. I couldn’t believe my luck when you walked up the stairs straight towards the empty seat next to mine. Unfortunately, you sitting next to me made me feel super shy and I didn’t even manage to ask you how you liked the film. Second chance over coffee? Maybe I see you at one of the other QFF shows (Deep Inside Clint Star or The Miseducation of Cameron Post)?

When: Wednesday, August, 15 2018

Where: Queer Film Festival International Village Theatre

Wooden Horsemen - CBC Musical Nooners

Beautiful woman in a white skirt and light blue tank top sitting on a folding seat on the lawn in front of the stage. Great smile and style. I was just to the right of you. Was going to say hello but you jumped onto your hot pink scooter and went south on Hamilton. Coffee, lunch, or a chat about music. You made the Nooner even more enjoyable.

When: Thursday, August, 16 2018

Where: CBC Plaza - Hamilton Street

Would you like to continue our chat Damica?

I was at the bar, and we had a brief talk before you were whisked away by your friend. I 'd like to meet up again - if you'd like. Life is good!

When: Thursday, August, 16 2018

Where: Saint Augustine's on Commercial


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