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E.g., Feb 21 2018

Laura from Frog Hollow

At the "Art of Observation" workshop, you welcomed me to your table with a smile. I loved your thoughts on and passion for childcare. Didn't hurt that your style was fresh and you were so elegantly poised. I'd love to see/hear more of you! - Alex

When: Thursday, January, 18 2018

Where: Frog Hollow Community Center

Movie theatre ¿meet cute?

While we were waiting in the theatre lobby, I remember thinking 'I need to find a way to talk to this cute pink-haired girl,' just before you approached me and asked about where I got my tights. We talked and you seemed really kind, but I was a bit distracted because I was waiting for a friend who was late to the movie. Would love to talk to you again sometime!

When: Sunday, January, 21 2018

Where: Scotiabank Theatre

Walking on Northbound Main and 5th

We both walked past each other near the bus stop and smile at each other. You had blond ponytail, glasses, jacket and carrying a back back. After a few steps I looked back just as you looked back as well and we smiled at each other again. I had a grey headband. I would love to see that smile again :)

When: Wednesday, January, 17 2018

Where: Main and 5th

Strangers on a train

I saw you at Brentwood station from the other platform last night and when we caught each other's eyes, you gave me a huge smile and I smiled back. Right then, your train came and you got on with your friends, but you kept ducking down to see if I was still watching you, smiling the whole time. You waved goodbye, and we watched each other as your train left. You seem like an amazing person, upbeat and happy and able to make an amazing connection with a stranger in an instant with a look. All I could think was I have to meet this girl, but it was all over before I had a chance to do anything. I feel like it's a long shot that you will see this, but if you do, I'd love to meet.

When: Saturday, January, 20 2018

Where: Brentwood skytrain station

Canada place bar/lounge

You were seated with an associate by the north windows overlooking the north shore. It appeared from where I was situated near the front bar counter, that whenever I stood up by my seat, you would clearly gaze at me across the lounge bar. Shortly after you left the premises with your darker hair associate, you returned briefly and passed by me and the front counter. I was too afraid to say anything to you as I feared that a bunch of security guards might jump out of nowhere and nab me since you look extremely classy, intelligent, sophisticated, very attractive and appeared to know some of the bar staff. Me, on the other hand, was unshaven with a beard and have long blond somewhat messy hair. You also have blond hair and was wearing black and I was wearing grey.

When: Tuesday, January, 16 2018

Where: Pan Pacific Hotel bar/lounge

Cheap Cab Sauv...

You heard me ask for a "cheap cab sauv", so you jumped in and said you were looking for the same. We bought the same bottle recommended by one of the employees. As I followed you out the door you said "enjoy the wine" and all I could think was I wish we were enjoying it together... How about we try the next bottle together?

When: Thursday, January, 18 2018

Where: JAK'S Beer Wine Spirits

Does this train go to the airport?

You dark hair nice glasses cute smile...with a girlfriend? Hopefully just a friend. I was a bit lost trying to get to the airport and was on the wrong train. You told me to get off at Bridgeport and transfer trains...total hottie. Let’s hang out if you’re free.

When: Friday, January, 19 2018

Where: Canada line

Blue Jacket Boy

I saw you on the 99 B-line today. We both got off at Granville and consecutively got on the 10 headed downtown together. You were wearing a blue jacket and a backpack with "Sierra Wireless" on it. You're a memorable kind of cute. :)

When: Thursday, January, 18 2018

Where: Downtown Vancouver

Mina- I guarded your table and stuff at Starbucks

Mina...I was meeting a friend today at the Starbucks at Cornwall and Yew. I was facing you. You asked us to guard your stuff while you used the ladies' room. When you came back we joked about how we killed a guy who tried to sip your coffee...and then chatted about many other things....Toronto, cycling in Mimico, the lack of careers in your field in Kamloops, your four month lease on a pad in the hood, minus 48 in Brandon Manitoba, and how unfriendly people are in Vancouver. You write in a bound journal with a floral pattern on it. I think you are stunning, and funny, and I'd like to meet you socially....

When: Thursday, January, 18 2018

Where: Starbucks at Cornwall and Yew

THanks for the ride!

I had my thumb out looking for a ride at the skytrian station. You waved at me to hop in. Thanks for the ride up Main Street in your sweet old classic car. Wish I got your number.

When: Saturday, January, 13 2018

Where: Main St

White Havanese

We chatted ever so briefly about how dogs rule at The Bay downtown as I was waiting with my pooch at the ground floor elevators. In that short moment, your appreciation for life and friendly, down to earth personality were on full display. Your beauty was the cherry on top. You mentioned your Havanese...sure'd be nice to go for a stroll.

When: Wednesday, January, 10 2018

Where: The Bay Downtown

Eternal Abundance

It was close to dinner time. You were wearing a green winter coat. Short brown hair. I was wearing a beige turtle neck sweater. You browsed at the bananas a few times and took a couple glances my way. I thought you were darling. I wish I wasn't so shy. Maybe we can grab drinks sometime?

When: Monday, January, 15 2018

Where: Commercial Drive/Eternal Abundance

Falcon-ry in Kerrisdale

My heart accelerated as you swooped around the corner in your silvery Falcon. Maybe you revved too, as you bent to check me out, waiting at the crosswalk? Fly me away in your gorgeous ride?

When: Monday, January, 15 2018

Where: 41st, in Kerrisdale

Figure skater skills in referee shorts

You were hanging out with a couple of your girlfriends; I was with my brothers and their GFs. We were both being subtle but definitely noticed each other. You waved goodbye on your way out, and I could only think to say "bye" back. I would have liked to have introduced myself at least. Any chance I can still do that?

When: Sunday, January, 14 2018

Where: Britannia Ice Rink


today you showed up at the donation area at Value Village. 50ish with brown hair and blue eyes. we chatted a bit but you weren't there to donate. as we talked I noticed your eyes and your hair and the way we had the same things to say. did you happen to have a sexual relationship with one LM in the first half of 1985? 'cause that's who gave birth to me. I was put up for adoption shortly after being born. I know you may feel terrible about abandoning me and tbh you should. but not enough to prevent you from reaching out. I'd love to meet you (again). I have a lot of questions.

When: Sunday, January, 14 2018

Where: Value Village, East Hastings

Absolute stunner

Our encounter was brief inside the brewery at Parkside in Pomo. I had just arrived, got a beer and was looking around the place when my gaze stopped halfway to the door and saw you. You were looking to your right and went to turn to your friend, when you caught my eye. We stared at each other for 2-3 seconds when you slowly turned your head to your friend to chat. For the next little while you and I exchanged glances, I thought you were insanely attractive and wanted to come up to you and say hi, but didn't get the chance to introduce myself and the place was packed. If you read this I'd love to grab a coffee and chat.

When: Saturday, January, 13 2018

Where: Parkside Brewery

Cropped 2-tone hair, Marpole Safeway, Granville

We first crossed paths in the baking aisle, as I turned after putting some flour in my basket. You gave me a really great smile but I was shy and I thought to smile but it didn't come out :/ I later saw that you were looking for something and asked a clerk to help you. You have short 2-coloured cropped hair: black and blonde. You have a slight olive complexion and light brown or hazel eyes. You were wearing natural green or brownish pants with a white sweatshirt, and a black vest. I'm bearded, have a light complexion and was wearing a red hat, green coat and glasses. I looked for you after I checked out but you likely had already left. I just wanted to say thank you for smiling at me! I know smiling is basically just good manners, but you were cute, and I felt like we could have a decent conversation and maybe be friends. If you see this I'd like to meet up :)

When: Saturday, January, 13 2018

Where: Granville Safeway in the Marpole neighbourhood

chivalrous Canada line rider

Me: fumbling for my wallet by the waterfront CL entrance. Looking like a doofus with a full apple hanging out of my mouth. You: kind looking fellow wearing a mustard coloured toque, you offered to help me get through the gate. We rode on the same train for a bit, I wish had the courage to talk to you. Cheeky beer sometime?

When: Saturday, January, 13 2018

Where: Waterfront Canada line station

#4 POWELL Bus, Orange/Yellow Work Suit

I was wearing a black jacket, long wavy red hair and black glasses. You smiled when I got on and I smiled back but too shy to say anything. You got off at the Commercial stop on the #4Powell bus this morning a little after 6:30am. Once you were walking away outside the bus I smiled at you and gave the peace sign. You seemed surprised but smiled back. You have my attention. Coffee?Tea?

When: Friday, January, 12 2018

Where: Powell/Cordova

VGH Night nurse Britney/Brittany (?) on the 99 Bus

We saw each other once in Dec on that 6:15ish 99 bus from Commercial and I was blown away that you remembered that brief encounter when we saw each other again yesterday. We had time to recall that and introduce ourselves before I had to jump off. I didn't act quickly enough to exchange info but would love to meet in a less spontaneous way for a coffee if you're interested.

When: Tuesday, January, 09 2018

Where: 99 UBC B-Line at Commercial-Broadway

Nelson the Seagull on a Sunday never looked so goo

You asked if the seat across from me was free and I said, “yes, I’m fact I’m just leaving”. As soon as I said it, I thought, ‘no you doofus, stay! He’s cute!’ We smiled a few times on my way out and now I’m kicking myself. I’m going to go back another Sunday and try my luck

When: Sunday, January, 07 2018

Where: Nelson the Seagull

Saturday night fever

I met you on the dance floor back in September. You are interesting and quirky just like me! There is always some sort of miscommunication between us that makes things awkward. Anyway I think you are pretty cool!

When: Friday, September, 01 2017

Where: Vancouver

Beautiful You at the Harrison Pool

Was at the pool with a friend and you were sitting at the edge. We made eye contact several times, and later on, asked you about your float board. You're a beautiful human being and it would be wonderful to see you again!

When: Wednesday, January, 03 2018

Where: Harrison Hot Springs

You were reading at the five point, hope you read this.

You came into the Five Point restaurant about a month ago, and were reading outside. I served you and we chatted a bit. You came back in last night and sat in my section with your friend, again, you had a book with you. I lost my nerve both times and didn't tell you I think you're gorgeous. You are tall with tattoos and a beard. Me, short, long brown hair, tattoos. I hope your love for reading brings you to read this, come back and see me at the bar, or reply to this :)

When: Wednesday, January, 03 2018

Where: The Five Point, Main Street.


You order 3 shots of tequila and we had a brief conversation. I got busy at work and you left before we could chat again but maybe you'll read this..

When: Sunday, December, 31 2017

Where: Mahoney & Sons stamps landing


Vegan: Impossible

Life without cheese? Not a CHANCE. That was my attitude a few years ago. But now I know how...