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E.g., Dec 19 2018

Salt at Bon's

There were two of you at your table. I'd met eyes with one of you once or twice so I suspect it was you who noticed me scoping out other tables for a salt shaker, but maybe the one who noticed was the one who passed yours over to us... Whoever it was, I really respect how observant you were and I really appreciate your action. The salt took an already glorious meal to the next level. It's 2018 and I understand not all kindness equals flirting but just in case- it's worth noting that despite appearances, my lunch partner was not a date. Keep on being awesome either way, though! Thanks again.

When: Saturday, December, 08 2018

Where: Bon's Off Broadway

Main & 14th then at Brewery Creek

I saw you and your dog at the intersection of Main & 14th then again at a Brewery Creek. You were with your dad? You had a toothpick in your mouth, we made final eye contact and I smiled at you as you were standing at the door, about to leave. You have warm eyes and I found something attractive about your energey. I saw you and I’d like to see you again.

When: Saturday, December, 08 2018

Where: Main Street


Bumping backs on the crowed 14 this evening, your quiet demeanur caught my eye. When we finally sat beside each other I couldn’t come up with any words to say to you. Then, I could feel your eyes watching me as I got off the bus. So... looks like we’re in the same neighborhood. Coffee?

When: Thursday, December, 06 2018

Where: Downtown and Kitsilano

Dazzling Dress on the #22

I see you on the #22 often. Often too crowded for small talk, But I really wanted to comment on that amazing dress you were wearing that day.Gorgeous. Let's chat sometime.

When: Thursday, November, 29 2018

Where: 22 bus

Convex Mirrors

You were the installer attending our parking garage. I liked your demeanor and our brief interaction. If you are single... coffee?

When: Monday, December, 03 2018

Where: New Westminster

Supernatural Ceasing Never

Blackest of the black Darker than night Come to me my bleeding light See she comes She comes now Enter oblivion

When: Monday, December, 03 2018

Where: Under Her Black Wings

Woman on the #3 Main Bus

We ran into each other getting on the #3 Main bus earlier tonight at Main and Hastings. You got off at Main and 12th Avenue. As we sat across from each other, we exchanged a few glances. After you got off the bus, we continued the glances through the bus window. If my stop wasn't so far away I would have got off the bus to say hello to you!

When: Monday, December, 03 2018

Where: Main and 12th Avenue

At the Sands

We danced and had such a good time. You had to leave before I could get your number. Such a shame.

When: Saturday, December, 01 2018

Where: Downtown


J: Dec 1, morning ferry from Fulford-Swartz bay. Near the end of the trip you got a bit worried you were on the wrong boat the trip went so fast. We chatted on the boat, I showed you the 'shortcut' to upstairs, then we chatted more outside while we were waiting for our connections. Wish I'd passed along my number. S

When: Saturday, December, 01 2018

Where: Fulford-Swartz bay ferry

I saw you twice on Friday

I saw you twice on Friday, and we both commented on it. We work for an employer where it would not be acceptable for me to ask you out - or I would. But I think it would be okay for you to ask me for a coffee. I would say, "yes".

When: Friday, November, 30 2018

Where: Where we work



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