Cute AF couple at the dog beach

You guys were SO Adorbs, pretending not to see your dog shit on a beach full of people and their dogs. It was extra cute how you deliberately pointed outwards at bowen island instead of acknowledging your dog's soft serve gracefully swirling onto the sand, even though it was >10ft upwind of you. I thought you may have been a deaf couple as you immediately started walking away and ignored my requests to pick up after your dog. I thought it was so very cool of you to then lie to the life guard who chased you down because *maybe* you legitimately didn't hear me calling to you. I feel like I need more of you in my life, as a dog walker I've found myself yearning for more turds to pick up in my day to day. I really hope you see this and maybe we can connect, I'll bring the bags ;) You: Basic AF with your Pigeotto haircut and your probably-free-from-a-food-truck sunglasses, tight jean cutoffs, and button down shirt, with your equally basic redheaded hipster girlfriend and overweight Vizsla, being entitled AF, and clearly a (pun fully intended) crappy dog owner.

When: Friday, August, 12 2016

Where: Spanish Banks dog beach