Steve Miller rocked, & so did we!

Sandy Dee noticed me cause I was larger than life! My EX-wife says I'm jerky, but Sandy perceived the quirky & she knows I'm a kind, generous, intelligent guy who (bonus!) is an intriguing, cuckoo-fun Dancer, baybee! (FYI Bebé said like Austin Powers, not like a creepy weirdo dude!). You seem fun, smart, open-minded*(*for a Catholic school-girl anyway, LOL, probably graduated not so many years ago -such a fresh, youthful smile Sandy has ;-) When I take you for lunch, brunch, cocktail, dinner w.h.y. I GUARANTEE more smiles, or I'll pay (oh I'm paying anyway, so... I haven't thot that thru, but I know YOLO you'll let me buy you a meal or two & we reminisce old times at Club Soda, Metro, the Coyote(?). Turns out thee man, Steve Milller, is 72! I bow to his amazing-ness. We ARE so young, it turns out :^)

When: Wednesday, August, 24 2016

Where: PNE amphitheater