Roger H

Roger H on Saturday night in Richmond. You blonde in black with two friends. Me in silver vest, button down shirt, and jeans. Us at front of stage for concert, pretty much in front of Roger. After the show ended we locked eyes a number of times as I was leaving, you stayed behind with aforementioned friends. Thought we had a "spark" (for lack of better word). Wanted to talk with you more than we did, wasn't sure how to approach you or if you're single. At first I thought both friends were platonic before one planted a big kiss on your lips during the show - had me wondering. In any case if you are and by chance you (or anyone you know) read this (crossing my fingers) and want to chat/discuss our mutual admiration for a certain band, please get a hold of me.

When: Saturday, November, 26 2016

Where: River Rock Show Theatre

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