Silvery white tied up hair.

I must have been passing by Metrotown area, and you must have been skipping cart for a seat. You briefly made an eye contact and quickly sat in front of my seat. You had two friends and you sat side ways to talked to them. I must have been glanced your face saw your smile while you were chatting. I thought you glanced at me while I was trying to act normal looking outside of window. At least I thought you were looking, we've managed to make one direct eye contact, you and your friends had to get off and go back to Joyce station. I headed to downtown. I came across you at Granville station on my way back from downtown. I didn't manage to talk to you, I keep thinking about it hoping that I run into you again. You had tied up pale bleached hair and pretty smile.

When: Monday, November, 21 2016

Where: Passing Burnaby in Expo line skytrain