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E.g., Jul 23 2019

Pink Hair on the 14

I boarded the 14 Hastings eastbound at Kaslo and Hastings. You complimented me on my hair, to which I thanked you and told I had had got it done recently. You said it was a nice colour. Wish I had the courage to say something then but I also did not want to approach you while you were on the job. Hopefully I'll run into you again but if not, I hope you see this.

When: Tuesday, July, 23 2019

Where: 14 Hastings Bus

No Foot worship on set!

We were on a popular TV show, filming interior day. I saw you immediately when you arrived, but wanted to maintain a professional distance. I happened to be kneeling on the ground, and you mentioned something about a foot fetish. It was not the time or place, but I'd like to maybe explore the possibility of starting from a similar position. . . Or whatever your foot-related needs might be.

When: Monday, July, 22 2019

Sweet cashier at Donald's market

I used to go to Donald's market at Hastings and nanaimo. Everytime my feet passed the entrance I got anxious if you might be working today. The times I actually went to your register there certainly was some kind of chemistry even if only rudimentary words were exchanged. It was never even a smile, more like anything I remember your eyes, whenever we locked eyes I had butterflies in my stomach. I never had the courage to ask you out to take a joyride around the closed of pne on my Honda motorcycle, I don't even know If this was me... But I do think about you from time to time. Your name was Amy. I do remember you lol if you read this and I'm not totally mistaken after all That time leave me a reply and I might buy an 80s motorcycle again just because of it...

When: Thursday, May, 02 2013

Where: Donald's market at Hastings and nanaimo

No, You're Not A Jerk

In fact I probably should have moved over to let you sit in the aisle seat, instead of getting up so that you could take the window seat. On any other day I would have, but I was honestly feeling overheated and cramped already on that bus, and didn't much like the idea of getting more sun and squeezing in opposite Mr. Slouchy Longlegs. Sorry about that! Me: 30 something, exhausted, civil servant. You: Summer-attired young woman with a droll sense of humor.

When: Monday, July, 22 2019

Where: 84 Bus - VCC/Clark

Friendly Vendor

I'm that goofy-looking guy with glasses and cap with a pink striped shirt who ran into you multiple times during my first-ever visit to the beach. You told me that you were originally from Campbell River and I told you I grew up in Vancouver but was born in Hong Kong. Just want to tell you that you seem like a really friendly and mellow individual, and I really enjoyed the way you talk! Hope I run into you again there for another chat. :)

When: Sunday, July, 21 2019

Where: Wreck Beach

Suggestive T Shirt

Bus on Granville Street Friday July 19. You were sitting across from me and couldn’t miss your t shirt. What was the first word on the slogan? Would love to meet

When: Friday, July, 19 2019

Where: Granville Street

Taking the scenic rout! Your dog is the same colour as my cat!

As the door opened to the elevator I noticed you standing with your dog. I step on and asked,"taking the scenic rout?" You explained why you were on the elevator as the door closes . bla bla dog! bla bla cat! . We both exit the elevator, I greet my friend who had just arrived for a visit as you walked out the building. Just wanted to say........ I like the way you look at me! See ya when I see you

When: Friday, July, 19 2019

Where: Elevator

J from Montreal

You were heading for the West Coast Trail, and I was heading for the Juan de Fuca. We swapped a few stories on route, as I tried to avoid motion sickness. The timing of my stop caught me by surprise. Next time I would suggest a hike when you're next in town.

When: Friday, July, 12 2019

Where: Victoria

Stripes Attract Stripes

You and your friend were sitting outside Blenz in Olympic Village, you were wearing a green & white striped shirt and had a big smile on your face. I was also wearing stripes and a smile when I passed with my two friends (who were matching in black & denim). I definitely did not wait long enough before saying "that guy in the stripes is really cute" so I can only assume you heard. What I should have done is stopped to say hello so instead I'm writing my first ever I Saw You... just in case.

When: Thursday, July, 18 2019

Where: Outside Blenz in Olympic Village

Terminal Auto Wash

My vacuum cycle ending and you ask me if I won. I found it cute that you created a race in vacuuming your car. Wish I could have chatted with you more!

When: Tuesday, July, 16 2019

Where: Shine Auto Wash


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