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E.g., Apr 23 2019

Tall guy walking down Seymour

To the tall, slim guy walking down Seymour and turning onto Nelson this afternoon -- you are a handsome young man. You were wearing dark bluish dress pants and dress shoes with a longer Helly Hansen jacket and a brownish backpack. I regret not saying hi.

When: Wednesday, April, 10 2019

Where: Seymour & Nelson

Reading on the Tsawwassen Ferry

Spotted: A travel-size bookworm perusing a substantial tome at the back of the boat. Perhaps you could Educate me by reading aloud to me some time? Would love to catch up, maybe we could spot some whales next time...

When: Thursday, March, 28 2019

Where: Tsawwassen Ferry

Asian comedian girl at Budgies... Summer 2016

It was summer 2016, you thought I was a cook when you saw me in the window because of my black dress shirt, but I'm a woodworker. You do stand-up. We had good banter and I missed every chance to see you again. I was getting over some recent heartbreak, but have regretted it since. Bikes and beers?

When: Sunday, April, 10 2016

Where: Budgies window seats

Want to go for a walk?

We met after leaving the Budder King smoke shop on Commercial. You asked me if I had time to go for a walk with you and I didn’t, but we exchanged IG (or I thought I did) but now I don’t see the friend request. Let’s have that walk.

When: Tuesday, April, 09 2019

Where: Budder King Pain Management Store on Commercials drive.

Oyama Sausage at Granville Island

You : Russian dude from Ontario Me : Italian girl waiting to buy prosciutto. While the wait was long , that didn’t matter as you kept me entertained with good laughs and prosciutto samples. Thanks you made my day! You had to leave to work in Abbotsford. Only thing, wish I could rewind back to that scene and ask you out. Let’s connect

When: Friday, April, 05 2019

Where: Granville Island

Canada line to Richmond

We were standing near the head of the sky train doors and you leaned up against the side glass facing me just before we got to brighouse. You looked upset so I didn't want to bother you. You were wearing a grey UrbanLifestyle backpack with dark jean jacket and pink sneakers. I was wearing jeans, grey hat and black long sleeve over shirt with the sleeves rolled up. If by the odd chance you read this, let’s talk :)

When: Tuesday, April, 09 2019

Where: Canada Line

Waving thru the #9 window

You sat down next to me, I made a joke, you mocked that I was so rude, I felt your great energy and tried not to look, but once I got off at Arbutus I couldn't resist glancing through the window, you caught me and we smiled and waived, I think I blushed too much. Thanks for that, made my evening.

When: Thursday, April, 04 2019

Where: #9 bus @Arbutus

How many times?

We met eyes repeatedly in the few seconds involved in a walk past on on a busy street. We may even have tracked each other; I know I was tracking you, and you always seemed to notice. Then, I was off for a dinner engagement, and you, your life. I first spied you dropping something in the bin on the NW corner, with your chopped, blond bob and irreverent cat-eyeshadow, red top and blue-gray pants, amoungst the masses. Your expression, in deed and choice, reflected your beauty and shone through it all. I, in black hat, jacket and jeans, salty beard and glasses, was transfixed. So my answer is, that in a given life, not many times can one expect to feel something that strong. So I owe it to myself, and the world, and especially a certain someone, to reach out in the hope of sharing some joy. I want to meet you for a berverage, and maybe compare playlists if it comes to that. Or ??

When: Saturday, April, 06 2019

Where: Georgia and Granville

The Beautiful Blonde with the accent

I rode the #16 Arbutus bus with you. You advised me to take the #14 bus to UBC. I should have listened to you, because it would have given me the time and courage to ask you out. Hopefully there is a next time ♥️

When: Monday, April, 08 2019

Where: #16 Arbutus Bus

That guy from across the street

You were walking down Main Street. I was walking up on the opposite sidewalk. We kept looking at each other, you waved at me and I waved back. I should've come and say hi. Hopefully you see this!

When: Sunday, April, 07 2019

Where: Main Street


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