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E.g., Jul 22 2019

Bus 49 - Blonde in red

We both sat near the back of the 49. We made eye contact more times than I can remember. What I can't forget: your beautiful round eyes and symmetry. You had a red top and deep purple lipstick. Would you be interested in coffee?

When: Thursday, July, 04 2019

Where: 49 in Vancouver

Baby blue nails Rachele

Was sitting on a curb on oak street having a slurpy u walked up and stopped then came back and sat down to explain your day . Loved every minute of our convo . Would like to listen to a lot more of what you have to say

When: Thursday, July, 04 2019

Where: Oak st

Babe on Bike

We passed one another on bikes yesterday in a West End walkway around 7pm. You were heading towards the beach and I in the opposite direction. I think you are a total babe: tall, dark, handsome man, bike riding lookin hot in sunglasses and hat with backpack. Me: brunette, jeans and white flipflops. Repondez s'il vous plait :)

When: Wednesday, July, 03 2019

Where: West End


I was walking my dogs in my own world when you commented on my Nirvana t-shirt. You were friendly and cute, wish I had stopped to chat. If by chance you see this and care to connect shoot me a message :)

When: Tuesday, June, 18 2019

Where: New Brighton Park

Cute one, is it you?

I was at Mediterranean Grill on Denman near English Bay, Canada Day 7:30 ish. I was getting up and said CUTE ONE and looked at you. You locked eyes with me and we had a moment. My friend standing between us had an honest to god giggle. I was wearing a cheetah print dress. Brown hair, fringe, green eyes and freckles. I only saw your blue eyes .

When: Monday, July, 01 2019

Where: Denman Street, English Bay, Mediterranean Grill

Grouse grind

I think we exchanged few eye contacts, while I was trying to survive the Grind but I wasn't sure and didn't want to seem awkward. You were wearing a black t-shirt with dark grey shorts and had only a bottle of water with you. I was in a black hoodie.

When: Saturday, July, 27 2019

Where: Grouse

You there with the side shave!

Struck by your beauty, I was caught looking a few times at Friday night’s party: first while you enjoyed the music from the outer ring of the dance floor then again in my double take to and from the washroom while you chatted with your girlfriend. Loved your vintage future style in that two tone patterned (leopard print?!) black sleeved jacket and dirty blond lopsided locks. I was the tall handsome bespectacled fellow emblazoned with a colourful shopping cart…who got all tongue tied. if you happen across this, come join me on my cloud? better still, let's meet on the dance floor…

When: Friday, June, 28 2019

Where: RedBull’s A Day In Vancouver

Park near New West City Hall

I was enjoying an edible enhanced stroll through the park near city hall in New West when I interrupted you. We locked eyes as people do in an embarrassing moment, then I rode away on my bike. I'd like to see if we could put this aside and find friendship or more.

When: Sunday, June, 30 2019

Where: New Westminster

Deer Lake Goddess

You were waiting in line for a food vendor while I was cutting through. We exchanged smiles, and then second looks, and then more smiles, then third looks? It was so lovely! You had the yellow top, pleated brown skirt, long hair and a fully tattooed sleeve. I had the outdated blond bun (majestic when it's down tho) in the jeans and tucked blue t-shirt. I feel like that was a perfect moment to say hello and don't know why I didn't! Afterwards I was hoping to run into you again serendipitously, but alas, no such luck. I hope we cross paths again sometime!

When: Sunday, June, 30 2019

Where: Deer Lake Park VSO

Me and my Frenchie looking for friends!

I have one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen (yeah, I'm humble enough to admit he might not be "the most" as every dog parent ever says, but he really is up up there!), so every time I walk him, I end up interacting with lots of different people. I just thought hey why not try to make friends like that? Sounds "lame"? Keep on reading :) Yeah, Frenchie's are all over the city, but believe me when I tell you this dog is a magnet! He brings out the biggest smiles even in people who had frowns. We smile at the elderly, young, middle aged, everyone, todos and we don't discriminate the homeless or else. We stop and say hi because everyone deserves a smile. I just really like seeing people smile (sometimes more so when I'm not smiling myself, you get that?), and by how my dog moves his tiny tail I think he does too. I've lived here for four years and yeah it's tough to meet new people yada yada, to make friends. I don't like using apps, so if you ever see me walking my dog and you feel like it, say hi. I'm a 29 year old male btw. Just here for the friends! Maybe mention that you saw my post (that'd be so creepy but cool) and hopefully we get along! If you have dogs yourself then all the best. See you around

When: Sunday, June, 30 2019

Where: Kits/South Granville


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