GLASSES Canada Line King Ed Station

You: Tall gorgeous brunette with glasses; i commented on how your glasses complimented your look as we walked up Cambie street. I should have introduced.... Me: big, long haired, older gentleman, who was too shy, introverted, scared, to introduce myself. (introverted I'm not, so more immature and scared maybe Lol!) The energy i felt when we were looking at each other in the eyes!!! WOW! Hope you're curious enough to think I may seek you here. Reply and let's continue where we left off, just a talk and get to know one another... alternately I'll hand around the Starbucks at 20th more often hoping to see you again. God will place us together if the energy is same for you as it was for me.

When: Wednesday, November, 30 2016

Where: Canada Line King Ed Station and walking up Cambie