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E.g., Dec 19 2018

I'm looking for a gorgeous social worker who I let walk away from the skytrain

We sat next to each other on the expo heading from King George to Waterfront on Friday early afternoon.. She was an amazing woman who helped a blind man get off the train.. We talked a while. She was on her way to get hockey tickets on Friday. She never had her phone on her and I froze when she incinuated for me too come with her. I wanted too but froze up. She came back even after leaving but I couldnt talk.. She said she was a social worker who's son lives in Africa.. I havent been able too stop thinking of her and how much I need her in my life.. I told her I just moved here she offered to get me a job with a friend at PLS.. I told her I do flooring and damn how much I wish I just got off with her.. She was utterly beautiful.. She was wearing glasses and talking about how her son lives in Africa, and how much she misses him.. I think she seen the utter pain im in and shes that kinda woman.. I just wamted her to stay but I couldnt talk.. I went three times looking for her but to no evail.. I didnt even ask her name.. If anyone knows a light haired slash dirty blonde haired lady who's son is in Africa and she is a social worker in the new west Burnaby area at least she lives there im begging you to tell her you read this.. Shes from Nova Scotia she retired there and moved here to be a social worker please someone help me find that lady I should never let walk away.. I so froze up.

When: Friday, December, 14 2018

Where: Expo line BC Place exit is where I last seen her

Pleasant chat at the post offic

We were both waiting in line, me picking up a package and you dropping off a piece of mail. I asked you about your jacket, it had "cage co-ordinator" on it, as well as some Japanese writing at the top. I asked if you were a martial artist, and we got to talking about our reasons for being at the post office. You mentioned that the marketing program at UNC had something called a bird cage and that You coordinated getting students to participate in events. You casually mentioned having a canadian dad who taught you how to use a hockey stick that you'd probabaly be able to fight after I made the martial arts reference and we had a laught. You asked me if I was staying in town for Christmas and I mentioned that my friend had an extra plane ticket to Belize, but id probably be staying in town because of my new niece... then my phone rang and I regretfully mentioned I had to take it... before i could end the call you noticed the quick drop mail slot and had left the post office in Denman Mall. It would be nice to connect with you over a coffee if you see this. We had a pleasant chat and you had a really great energy. I don't know if anyone reads these things but if the tall blonde with the striking blue eyes happens to read this, id be happy to take you for coffee. Anyone from the "bird-cage" or UBC marketing reading this???

When: Monday, December, 17 2018

Where: Denman Place Mall post office

Christmas Market double take

You were working in one of the artisan booths at the market, wearing a white toque with a big white pompom. We met eyes and smiled, and then met eyes and smiled again as I walked by. I had on a green coat. Coffee sometime?

When: Saturday, December, 15 2018

Where: Downtown Christmas Market

Grandview Honey

I saw you flying sign at Grandview Park. A Captain Jack Sparrow type in a Nausea hat with black jeans held together with dental floss. I was the Princess Oogle type talking about my Seeking Arrangement account. What’s up? Want to come over, shower, wash yr clothes and see what happens from there?

When: Thursday, December, 13 2018

Where: Grandview Park

Candian trivia in a Squamish kitchen

Hey Bronwyn, you were up visiting my roommate last week. We played this circa 1980's Canadian trivia game in the kitchen until you had to go back to the city. The game was fun but as we played I found that the only trivia I cared about seemed to be during your turn. Coffee?

When: Wednesday, December, 12 2018

Where: Squamish

LOL doll

My daughter explained what these dolls are to your daughter. My attempt at flirting was in stumbling into a comment about supporting the plastic industry. Care to chat over a reusable mug of coffee?

When: Saturday, December, 15 2018

Where: London Drugs Park Royal

androgynous fox at the birds and the beets

you - butter on a thick slice of toast, a little tattoo visible behind your ear, dark hair buzzed on the sides, jeans tucked into work boots, alone at the bar height tables - perhaps a lil' bit disgruntled? me - tall & long brown hair, headphones, young-lookin, probably sad expression, laptop with stickers about women's rights i was gonna approach you but you left. you did not put your own dishes away, which is kinda rude, but you're so cute, so here is this i saw you.

When: Saturday, December, 15 2018

Where: gastown

FRIDAY TRAFFIC: Headache 100

You: Stuck behind a bus Me: Lady in the red car who let you in. You then waved and talked ro me at the next traffic light I couldnt hear a word you said abover the noise of phone but smiled and nodded because you seemed happy and I thought you were friendly and good looking. We kept passing and waving as we headed east for quite a while. It made me feel good all day thinking about this. If you aren't married or otherwise attached we should get a coffee sometime and discuss the rules of the road. (Tell me the make, model, and colour of your car so I know it's you.)

When: Friday, December, 14 2018

Where: East bound Marine Drive Vancouver

"Its a beautiful morning outside"

I served you vegan food in a restaurant on Main. The dry weather must have made you happy. Your smile left me speechless and after you left, I was distracted for the rest of the day. You have olive skin and dark hair. We locked eyes for a split second over the check. I should have offered to pay. Realistically, I know its a next to nothing chance you see this, but knowing a smile like yours exists in the world makes me happy. If you do to see this, coffee?

When: Friday, December, 14 2018

Where: A Restaurant near King Edward and Main

Gorgeous at YVR Airport Wednesday night

I was jet lagged hard, You were waiting in the parking garage by your car at the Vancouver airport on Wednesday night around 8pm, wearing a black wool long coat. You had perfect blonde hair and the most beautiful eyes I think I have ever seen. You smiled as I walked up near you, and my heart was racing. Not sure if you are taken or not, if you are hes one lucky dude but maybe we could have a little gin and Perrier sometime ?

When: Wednesday, December, 12 2018

Where: Vancouver Airport



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