Cactus Club Langley bar

I was the guy at the bar alone having a few pints and some dinner in a black hat with the beard. You were an attractive woman sitting at the end of the bar with a friend. You made me feel shy with your very forward flirty looks in my direction that your friend didnt need to tap me on her way by to tell me you wanted me. I was feeling burnt out from just driving from Calgary so I wasnt able to be more forward in the ways I wanted. I noticed that I had dissappointed you by not showing more interest. When you left the 2nd time on your own I quickly paid my bill so that I might have the chance to meet you out side. When I wasnt able to find you I couldnt get your staring at me outta my mind so i called Cactus club and asked the host to pass you on a message where i was staying hoping youd show. twofive0 seven18 zero3sixfive

When: Wednesday, March, 8 2017

Where: Cactus Club bar Langley

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