Alibi Room

When you were leaving the Alibi Room with your friends, we made eye contact. I was with my friend at a table near the window. I glanced outside and you were on the sidewalk watching me. I was a bit shy, but I kept glancing over my shoulder at you guys. When my friend left the table, next thing I knew you came back inside and sat down at my table with me. You shook my hand and asked if you knew me from somewhere. You looked familiar as well to me. I made a terrible joke that perhaps we had met in clown school. You were blonde, attractive, your name was Jordan. We chatted for a few minutes until my friend came back. You asked for my number, and when you left you said you were going somewhere secret. But you never contacted me? Did I give you the wrong number?

When: Saturday, April, 1 2017

Where: Alibi Room