Sun Run Pace Bunny

I often focus on someone just slightly in front of me during runs to pace myself, and you were particularly special. As we approached mile 1, I saw you: you're a 5'9 brunette with a runner's build, great legs, and a gorgeous face, and you were running wearing neon green running shoes with a water bottle tucked under your arm. I'm 5'11, slim, glasses, with black hair, and I was wearing headphones and a black running jacket... We made some quick glances at each other as we wove through the crowds during that stretch from Lost Lagoon to English Bay, but I lost you right before Burrard Bridge. I got some of the digits from your running bib, but not more than that, so drop me a line if you see this and you're looking for a pace bunny too!

When: Sunday, April, 23 2017

Where: Sun Run