Capilano university lounge 2013 september

V meet in capilano university lounge while buying books in the students lounge in september 2013. U told ur name was chantelle and i told u that i was from india. V spoke about our careers and laughed about the different spellings of your name. After dat v bumped at phibbs exchange in dec at around 1 am. That is when i realised that v had somethi g magical between us. I was unwell dat night so i decided to rush to my house and just gave a smile. I did see u again after dat in july or august 2014 in the university lounge but was toooo shy to talk to u. I hv been thinking on and off about u since den Please reply to this post if you would like to meet me.

When: Wednesday, September, 3 2014

Where: Capilano university lounge

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