Coffee shop cute guy

I was at this Matchstick coffee shop and I walked in with you sitting directly in front of me. You looked up from your book as I walked in, dark hair, white button up which was then opened with a white shirt inside. You had your guitar case up against the wall and you gave off this vibe of mysterious but somehow interesting aura. I thought you looked like Aaron Johnson. I noticed every seat was almost full except for the space next to you. I was contemplating on sitting next to you and maybe strike up conversation but I was too shy and I don't think I would even try. Fortunately a chair cleared up and I was able to sit. But still wondering what of I sat next to you and strike up a convo. Anyway, I am just daydreaming away. If you happen to see this post..i was the girl in the red sweater. Your secret admirer. Hope to meet you at the cafe again.

When: Sunday, June, 11 2017

Where: Matchstick coffee shop

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