You Helped Me Unpark, While Out Walking Your Dog

I was pulling out of a spot, as you came by with your little white dog. You stopped and began giving me “this-close” hand signals. I didn't really need help getting out, but I sure didn't mind getting it from you – slim, lovely, close to my age (not quite 21, anymore), white pants, coloured top, beautifully-unadorned, with medium-long, strawberry blonde hair. You struck me as smart, stylish and ready to engage. Everything I like. Like a bonehead, I waved goodbye instead of waving you over and you walked off. When I came to my senses, I turned the car around and came after you. You were standing on the next corner, about to enter the park at Coal Harbour and I pulled into an inconvenient spot, just behind you. The car I'm driving (slightly beat-up dark blue VW Golf) is a shop loaner and I learned, to my horror, that the horn did not work. I called, “Excuse me” a few times, but you probably couldn't hear me over the impatiently-honking truck, behind me. The truck prevailed and I had to get out of there. But all may not be lost. Let me thank you for the help I didn't need. Have dinner with me.

When: Friday, June, 23 2017

Where: Jervis & Pender