Asian beauty in beige/brown dress in front of science world yesterday

At around 2:30pm Monday, July 24th, you were walking alongside me (half Asian guy with a salt n pepper beard) and three of my friends (direction towards Chinatown from O Village in front of science world). I was giving them a geographical lesson of Vancouver... When my eyes caught you in my periphery I was thrown into fumbling confusion by your beauty and was saying something like "I'm not sure what that blue building is?" to my friends. After walking past me you chose to sit down on a bench just past the little coffee stand. As we walked past each other, I smiled at you and you smiled at me... It was a beautiful moment and I regret not turning back and talking to you. I'd really like to see you again.... and sit beside you this time on the bench and talk about life for hours and hours. You are Asian, approximately 5'9", long silky black hair, beautiful facial features, you wore sunglasses, and had on a beige dress much like this one only without the patterns . Please say hello... It'll be worth it, I promise!

When: Monday, July, 24 2017

Where: In front of science world on walking path along side the water