Awkward Road Rage in the West End

I am crossing the street on my go, and the car honks at me. I point up to the green lights, and they yell out at me "get a car" so obviously I flip them off. They then start yelling at me so I walk up to the car, and figure I would rather have this argument up close. Then we start explaining our issues with the other person, she keeps saying "I'm going to get upset when you finger me" "you were over there fingering me" and so I am like "I feel like there has to be a better way of saying that...". We fight for a bit, explain why we were mad at the other person... and then realize that fighting about it is really stupid. At the end we both laugh off our stupid fight and I tell her to have a great day... and we went our separate ways. Here is the thing... I figure we have already had our first big fight and if we can walk away from road rage with a smile, things can't be too bad, eh? You said you were taking a photo of me to post to Facebook, so I said I would take one of you... turns out my camera was accidentally turned around and I just took a selfie. Attached.

When: Friday, July, 21 2017

Where: Robson and Jervis