Jericho Beach Ukulele Girl

On Wednesday July 19th, I passed you walking east on Jericho Beach, pulled up at the next log and went for a swim. I came back, dried off with my towel, laid it on the sand and sat down. As you were walking past me to the washroom, you asked me to watch your stuff. I said I’d be here, but can’t make any guarantees. The right answer would have been, “sure,” which would have taken a whole five minutes of my life, but I didn’t say that because in that moment, I was thinking I just want to lay out and chill. When I thought about it later, I was choked at myself for not being more considerate, especially after you flashed your beautiful smile at me. If I ever see you again, I’ll apologize in person and maybe ask you to play me a song on your ukulele.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2017

Where: Jericho Beach