BC Liquor Store @ East Broadway & Rupert- I wish I took the risk!

You: Short sandy blonde hair, ball cap & light sweater. Gold nose ring. Asking an employee about a chilled beverage for your friend that was coming over this evening (should be me instead!). You smiled and asked if you could pass in front of me as I browsed the cold section. Me: Wearing a black dress with a feather print. Blondish, long hair. You had already exited the store while I was waiting forever in line to pay. But amazingly you were still in the parking lot when I left. I waited by my car. You lingered at your truck. I should have given you my number but I was too nervous to approach you. Let's share a chilled beverage together!

When: Tuesday, August, 29 2017

Where: Liquor store- East Broadway & Rupert

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