I tried to let you cross

I've never posted anything like this but I couldn't believe how cute you were. I feel like such a freaking desperate idiot but here goes nothing. Saw you in Superstore as I was B-lining it for the bagged salad section in a black and white dotted dress. I thought, oh that guy was cute ... But then I saw a sale on spiralized beets and forgot to turn around to see if I was just imagining you. BUT then I was driving out of the parking lot and saw you about to cross, I tried to let you cross even though I had the right of way but like the dumb idiot that I am, I just blocked the road. You let me drive off as you should have. If you aren't completely freaked out by my seemingly desperate post...tell me what colour or type of car was i driving?

When: Tuesday, August, 8 2017

Where: Superstore Grandview east can

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