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E.g., Aug 6 2020

August Long Weekend at Wreck

I think you have your last name tattooed on your side. We physically bumped into each other and I couldn’t get over how soft your skin was. You winked at me and I melted. I hope to bump into you again soon ;)

When: Saturday, August, 01 2020

Where: Wreck Beach

Wish I asked you out! @Cambie JJ bean

You were sitting on the JJ bean patio on your laptop when I walked in for my daily coffee. You had your blonde hair up, in a T and shorts, ankle socks and sneakers. I was wearing a white crop top and green shorts, hair in a pony tail, reading my book on the pop up patio. I noticed you right away (cuz my gaydar was ringing off the hook) and started to work up the courage to ask your number - was just about to come up and talk to you but you packed up and left before I had a chance! If you see this, maybe stick around longer next time?

When: Wednesday, August, 05 2020


tall and stunning at whole foods

You were wearing white pants and an orange top. I was on my way home from the gym - wearing black shorts, blue t shirt and black baseball hat. We made eye contact a few times, then you disappeared! I think I’m in love. Lol. Read this message please :)

When: Tuesday, August, 04 2020

Where: Whole Foods - Cambie & Broadway

Marble Canyon Motorcycle man, lady with the butterfly tattoos

We met at Marble Canyon, near little town Clinton, I was driving a new Volkswagon, I asked you if we could swim at the lake there. You were very friendly and sweet, and I was attracted to you right away. Though, you may be too old for me and I may be too young for you. You talked about being sober and that was appealing to me. You said you worked in metal fencing.. I can't remember what company. I was mesmerised by your kind spirit. For some reason I said see you later when you rode off slowly on your motorcycle, thinking I'd just see you again. For some reason. Really kicking myself for not getting a name or number. You had a beard and were wearing an orange tank shirt. Said you'd moved to Hope recently. Not expecting you 'd read this sorta' thing but maybe someone who knows you will. Really kicking myself for this missed connection. Maybe you felt the same.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2020

Where: Marble Canyon, BC

Miss Osprey-Watcher at Iona Park Jetty

We watched the weasel together (think it was a mink)...I mentioned the coyote...you the bear at coquitlam Minicata? Love to have coffee with you...

When: Sunday, August, 02 2020

Where: Iona Beach Park

Bike chats and bagels at Solly’s

I was sitting outside Solly’s bagels this afternoon with my friend, when you started talking to me about my bike - you totally caught me off guard! I wish I’d asked for your number so we could continue the conversation :) bike ride sometime? (You can pick the pace ;-))

When: Saturday, August, 01 2020

Where: Solly’s Bagels

In from of the Whitecaps building, Gastown

You walked in front of me yesterday afternoon, wearing short shorts and a crop top. You are extremely tall, slim and you were wearing you big headphones. I can't stop thinking about you. Would love to meet... hope you noticed me.

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2020

Where: 375 Water St

Kits Beach Sunset Serenade

Tuesday night I stood near you watching the sunset as you played guitar and sang so beautifully. First Aid Kit, Big Thief, Bob Dylan... What a lovely soundtrack to the sun going down over the ocean. I was off to your left in jean shorts trying to sneak a smile between songs. Can I buy you a coffee?

When: Tuesday, July, 28 2020

Where: Kits Beach

Max from Howe Sound Crest Trail

We chatted at Unnecessary Mountain and I shared that my group was planning to camp at Brunswick Lake that night - we didn't make it that far but you're a fox and let's drink rum/bourbon together sometime. -Mya

When: Saturday, July, 25 2020

Where: Howe Sound Crest Trail - Unnecessary Mountain

Spanish Banks Dog Beach Brunette

You're a brunette named Nicole with a big tattoo on your right shoulder, you have a chihuahua and your friend was Yvette. We chatted briefly but both had our own things going on :) Reply with anything you remember from our meeting if you're interested.

When: Sunday, July, 26 2020

Where: Spanish Banks Dog Beach


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