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E.g., Jun 22 2019

Beautiful Angel in #10

You, the most beautiful blue eyed blonde woman I have seen. Yes, you made an impression. You were wearing a very nice skirt with pink flowers and black blouse. You barely noticed me but you did, wink. I’d love to invite you out for lunch or coffee and be able to see your eyes again.

When: Wednesday, May, 22 2019

Where: #10 bus

Karla from Chile

I enjoyed our chats while you made my sandwiches. I was going to ask if you could help me with my Spanish. But you stopped working there before I had the chance.

When: Saturday, May, 04 2019

Where: North Burnaby

At whole foods Cambie in line

I saw you and we chatted after you knocked over the shelf as we were in line. Then we chatted very briefly at your car outside.

When: Monday, May, 20 2019

Where: Whole foods cambie

The Beaming Brazilian

It was the most perfectly timed accident. You had a beautiful smile. We started to chat and you mentioned your birthday was in a week. If you see this, I would like to say feliz aniversário. I hope fate will allow us to run into each other again.

When: Monday, May, 13 2019

Where: Oakridge Station

You, tall, dark hair, handsome

You were waiting outside with two other gentlemen to be seated inside Via Terre. I was waiting outside for my pizza to go. You wore dark jeans and a blue plaid shirt. I have blonde hair and wore a patterned dress with a denim jacket. I definitely noticed you but was too shy to say anything. I think you noticed me too.

When: Sunday, May, 19 2019

Where: Via Terre Pizzeria

Weekend Brunch with your son

I saw you having breakfast with your son when I walked in with my daughter. I gave you a little smile, then had to stare at the back of your head. Should have had the courage to say hi or give you my number.

When: Saturday, May, 18 2019

Where: Micky's Pub - Coquitlam

An Inviting Smile While Reading in the Sun

You were sitting at the table one over from me, soaking in the sun, and jotting down thoughts as you read. I was writing myself. Each time I took a peek your way, I was struck by the ease of your smile. Alas, I missed the opportunity to exchange a warm hello...

When: Sunday, May, 19 2019

Where: Cornwall & Yew

Green Jacket Girl after Kevin Morby

After seeing Kevin Morby at The Imperial, I was walking past the bus stop on Main Street and East Hastings. I locked eyes with a gorgeous girl in a green jacket waiting for a bus heading up Main Street. I walked by you twice and we met eyes. Me: beard and medium-long hair with a black hoodie. You're a babe... maybe you felt the same?

When: Wednesday, May, 15 2019

Where: Main and East Hastings

SFU Nicoles Trail

You and your friends were kind enough to step off the trail and let me by. Took just a moment to be captivated. Lucky to be a good mountain biker or I would have crashed. You were wearing a red top, black leggings and a grey hoodie wrapped around your waist. Coffee and chat?

When: Saturday, May, 18 2019

Where: SFU


Hollywood North

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