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E.g., Jun 24 2019

Brought together by BASS

Met an intriguing man, Joe, who likes to kick it "front left" and has the Bday of an Irish Saint. The dancing was hot, the bass was loud, and our long hug in the alley made my night Would be delighted to share more hugs and time with You Joe! Patiently awaiting reply, Lucky Clover

When: Sunday, June, 16 2019

Where: Red Room Ultrabar

Golden Pearl

Just made eye contact in the restaurant.... and then later on in the parking lot as I was driving my family out. I just have to say your are handsome! Some times all it takes is a look. I wish I had said hi or smiled.

When: Saturday, June, 15 2019

Where: The golden Pearl

At kits beach

I met you at kits beach on Father’s Day around 12-1pm you had a bully dog named baby,not sure if your with you bf or not...I can’t remwmber your name cause your so beautiful,you said you had a cleaning company..send me a msg on my dogs insta - tank_and_me love to see you again

When: Sunday, June, 16 2019

Where: Kits dog beach

Super store

You were in a line up at checkout 7 on your phone. Was hoping I could get you to notice me at checkout next to you. Maybe I’ll see you here again cause I think you will like me cause I think youre cute. Coffee? You; buff inked asain wearing black hat and vest

When: Friday, June, 14 2019

Where: North van super store

Fly Operator

We didn't have an encounter, I just think you're cute and want to talk to you. Fly operator covered in tattoos. Which books are you reading? I can never catch the titles when I see you walking around South Granville.

When: Thursday, May, 16 2019

Where: South Granville

Beautiful and Sweet Sikh from Subway

You work at the Subway near New West Station. I'm a regular and you usually see me in my construction wear. I find you are super nice and polite with me as a costumer, would this change if we went for dinner/drinks?? I would love to get to know you better :)

When: Friday, June, 14 2019

Where: Subway/New west Station

At 3rd and Yew

You were out walking your golden/apricot coloured dog along 3rd ave. I am the brunette who noticed you as I crossed the street, but proceeded to walk to grab the car2go (black Mercedes) along Yew st. As I was opening the car, I looked up to see you smiling at me.

When: Wednesday, June, 05 2019

Irish Kits Beauty

You, tall Irish woman with flowing long hair and a mysterious smirk. You were working in Darby’s when I came in with a group of friends. I was stricken by your gorgeous demeanour But I was too awkward and intimated to say anything. Please reach out to me and maybe come on my boat sometime.

When: Friday, June, 07 2019

Where: Darby’s Kitsilano

I was looking for whole foods (soho)

I almost walked into you while you were getting out of the elevator. You said “cheers” and caught me off guard because I was half asleep, I apologize. I was in a green dress and yellow cardigan. Kind of wish I introduced myself when we bumped into each other the second time.

When: Sunday, March, 31 2019

Where: Burnaby

Science & Sunshine

You: sitting in the shade looking fabulous with your dark skin and wide brimmed hat. Me: a dad with black t-shirt chasing his daughter up and down the playground equipment. I kept hoping my daughter would start a game of tag with your daughters. Alas, it did not happen. I thought maybe you noticed me. Maybe your were just admiring my bald spot.

When: Tuesday, June, 11 2019

Where: Science Centre playground


I'm Sorry

You just were'nt strong enough to love me. Goodbye


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