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E.g., Jan 17 2019

mixed filipina hugger

we saw bands together at the toast in early september. you were with a friend, i was with a friend, we all got along together drinking our beers. you just moved into town recently, you're not on social media (or so i was told), but you asked for my full name which i typed into your phones' notes and invited you to come to my show the week after (which u didn't, which is ok.) we hugged and parted ways! u told me u were part filipina (i am filipinx also). if u remember me and ever wanna hang sometime hmu. that would be cool! have a nice day.

When: Thursday, September, 06 2018

Where: The Toast Collective

Presumptuous Asian

I came in and saw you sitting waiting for your take out order. I nervously grabbed a Straight to read, making eye contact. You were wearing Grey overcoat, brunette very nice smile. I'm gonna presume by the size of your take out, you ordered for one. I'm also gonna presume you're uncomfortable eating in a restaurant alone. Well I would love to meet again to offer a dinner for two.

When: Thursday, January, 10 2019

Where: Tentatsu on Hastings

Canadian Tire Service

We chatted in the waiting room and discovered we are both originally from the same city. I enjoyed our brief chat and hoped it might continue a bit longer, but your truck was then ready. Thanks for brightening my day!

When: Monday, January, 07 2019

Where: Cambie Canadian Tire

You Rocked That Sweater

This was a while ago... It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was coming home on the Canada line. At Broadway/City Hall, I went out to get the 99 and you were busking at the entrance, playing a fiddle and wearing a beautiful white and blue fair-isle sweater. You had a nut-brown beard and a broad build. I couldn't say hello then (you were working, I was in a hurry), but whenever I went back, it was someone else.

When: Tuesday, October, 16 2018

Where: Broadway/City Hall Canada Line station front entrance.

Whole Foods Cutie

We crossed paths several times at the Cambie Whole foods. First I was at the deli. Then we were in the produce. PERHAPS I was checking you out? Maybe this was mutual? You: Longish brown hair. Toque. Neutral jacket (maybe green?) Me: Hooded black Patagonia jacket. Gingery blonde hair. We ended up paying at the till at the same time. I was too shy to say hi! Kicking myself now! Hit me up if you feel the same :)

When: Wednesday, January, 02 2019

Where: Cambie Whole Foods

Fun on a dog walk

I was walking my dogs, big black one and a yellow lab, at Cordova Beach. Our dogs played while we walked together and chatted about life and relationships. Mine is so drab and lifeless and you were like a ray of sunshine. Thank you for the reminder that people don't change no matter how hard we try to make them and that running away from problems won't lead to solutions just temporary bandages.

When: Wednesday, January, 09 2019

Where: Saanich, BC

Just outside of no frills on Denman

I was helping a friend, who was in a sling and walking with a cane, with his shopping. We left the store and I looked up at the stairs, near the exit, and I saw the most handsome guy, brown wavy hair, mustache and the best smile I ever saw. It hit me like a ton of bricks because I looked pretty grubby. God I wish more than anything that I swallowed my pride, and said hi. Instead I just stood there, dumbfounded, wondering what he was looking at. I was in a black vest, grey sweater and black jeans. My friend had a sling and walked with a cane, I was carrying all the bags. I just hope you read this because I would love to see that smile again.

When: Thursday, December, 20 2018

Where: Outside of No Frills in the Denman Mall

Virtual Reality Island

We met at the gym. I commented on your Tough Mudder shirt. You liked my sleeve tats and tight pants. Next time I will wear my ball cap to cover the bald spot and catch your eye.

When: Tuesday, January, 08 2019

Where: West Saanich

Sauna wave

I was talking in the sauna at the kits community center and you mistook my gesticulation for a wave. You gave me a thumbs up and left when you realized. You were cute! Hmu if you thought I was cute too

When: Monday, January, 07 2019

Where: Kits community center


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