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E.g., Nov 17 2018

Shah DJ's Dance Partner

You: Short, dark hair, glasses Me: Beard, dark pants, pink shirt You and I danced close to each other for most of the night, I thought you were the best dancer at the show and in moments it seemed like we were vibing. I didn't want to ruin your flow (or be a creep) so I didn't approach you on the floor, hoping to catch you at a break between sets - but it didn't happen. Let's go dancing again sometime?

When: Sunday, October, 14 2018

Blonde at the Michale Graves show

You had blonde hair, a white tank top and a black backpack on. I thought you were incredibly beautiful and really wanted to talk to you but in-between band's when I had the chance I was just too star struck like I got ran over by a train. Maybe we can grab a beer or coffee sometime?

When: Friday, October, 12 2018

Where: Pub 340

Teahouse Stanley Park close to Third Beach

I saw you in front of the Teahouse in Stanley Park. You asked me where was third Beach. We chatted briefly. I am originally from Montreal and also you lived in Montreal in Longeuil. You worked at a shipment company. I went to Beaver Lake and you continue on to Third Beach.

When: Saturday, October, 13 2018

Where: Teahouse Stanley Park close to Third Beach

Tall blonde at Whole Foods West 4th

You; very tall, elegant, well dressed blonde, probably early 30's wearig a black jacket and slacks. Me; 40's white guy, short hair, black hoodie. Our eyes met at the hot bar, and then when you went to the coffee counter, and finally at the corner of 4th and Vine when you were walking south past Brown's. Your radiant smile to me as you sipped your coffee was sublime....I drove off in my black truck but was kicking myself for not saying something.

When: Friday, October, 12 2018

Where: Whole Foods 4th and Vine

One Person's Garbage Person is My Garbage Person

At the off-chance this gets published: I didn't see you, I smelled you. I have spent some time rummaging through garbage never with the hope of smelling you. I have slept with garbage, loved garbage, lived with garbage, and even happened with garbage. You might think I say this to all the garbage, but, honestly, I've never smelled a garbage like you before. Coffee?

When: Friday, October, 12 2018

Where: Garbage Can on 10th and Clark

Pink camo pants at coquitlam bus loop

Beautiful girl blonde hair pink camo pants smoking a vape at coquitlam bus loop this morning I wanted to talk to you but my bus pulled up I would love to talk to you and this might be a long shot so if by chance you read this plz reply

When: Friday, October, 12 2018

Where: Coquitlam central bus loop

Loud burp on main

Tuesday eve around dusk, I burped really loud around main and 16thish? You rolled down your window and yelled, “fuck yeah!”. Message me back the colour and type of vehicle you were driving if you somehow see this. Hahahahaha

When: Wednesday, October, 10 2018

Where: Main and 16th

Cartems, mid day laptops

Both of us where working away on our laptops. You: beautiful Asian girl, stickers on your laptop and very cute. Me: seated in front of you by the window. Did not want to intrude on your study time but tried making eye contact. If you did too, let me know and let's get to know each other.

When: Wednesday, October, 10 2018

Where: Broadway and McDonald area

Float House Vision

You: a tall, gorgeous man with dark skin and eyes, dressed in black. A very sexy vision! Me: tall, pale skin, light brown hair, wearing a black hoodie and glasses. Tell me the intensity of the attraction wasn't all in my head? I would have said hello but...

When: Wednesday, October, 10 2018

Where: Gastown, near Float House

Party bus?

I was driving my black Dodge truck on the 1 going west. I noticed you in some mini party bus? Whatever it was, it looked fun. You were at the front of the bus where the steps were. I looked twice and we exchanged a couple smiles and glances. You drank some beer. I was the blonde singing along to tunes, wearing the blue plaid jacket. Perhaps we could have a beer together?

When: Tuesday, October, 09 2018

Where: Highway 1 eastbound, after Kensington turn off.

Shana - 5th Ave

We've chatted a few times now. You have the dog that looks like a baboon and has a Halloween costume. Would love to have a drink sometime.

When: Monday, October, 08 2018

Where: E 5th Ave

While you work at Costco

Your name starts with K, you checked me out and I Saw You, doing it. Tall guy wearing a red hoodie and a cap. You have a beautiful angelical face, and that day you fancied a cute ponytail . Would love to take you out for Drinks? Coffee?

When: Saturday, September, 29 2018

Where: Burnaby

Bumble Dad - Geoff

We never did get a chance to grab that Chinese food and I regret not giving you my number before we disconnected. Just putting this out there that if you have a change of heart and want a second chance to meet up, I'd be more than happy to make up stories of restaurant rivalries with you.

When: Wednesday, October, 03 2018

Where: Online dating hell.

Mooyah North Van

Friday around 130PM, I was in with a lady friend. We asked about the Tomahawk. You were the counter girl...tall, curvy, friendly, stunning. I think we had a connection....

When: Friday, October, 05 2018

Where: Mooyah North Van

Beyoncé’s concert

Saw you before the Beyoncé concert started. We were both in the same section. Floor B1 you were row 11 12 or 13 ice blue eyes and red hair. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world!!

When: Tuesday, October, 02 2018

Where: B.C. Place

The Dead South

You: Tyler who works in Construction, has a 13 year old daughter, an adversion to pushy people and a great smile Me: The gal you chatted with and danced next to during the show. It was a great way to spend a Thursday night. Let me know if you ever want to do it again...?

When: Thursday, October, 04 2018

Where: The Commodore Ballroom

Captivating Beyoncé Fan - A Vision in Yellow

You were at the OTR II concert with your friends, wearing a bright yellow hoodie and hoop earrings. You have the most amazing brown eyes and arresting smile and I can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe we could go for tacos sometime?

When: Tuesday, October, 02 2018

Where: BC Place

#3 main st bus every morning between 9am-920am

I see you almost every morning. You get on at main and Broadway and go to king Edward . You Vietnamese with black hair and beauty mark on your face. You always have in wireless headphones or else I would introduce myself.

When: Thursday, October, 04 2018

Where: Main and Broadway

Woman with Traditional-Stitched Elephants on Shoulder Bag @ Lougheed Skytrain Station

Hi, I saw you tonight (Tuesday, October 2nd) at around 11:30 PM on the Millennium Line at Commercial Skytrain Station. You got off at Lougheed Skytrain Station at around 11:50 PM. We exchanged looks throughout the entire Skytrain ride. I was with my teenage daughter, and you were on your own. I am single, so there is nothing to worry about. I would describe you as beautiful with curly hair and perfect beige coloured skin. You might be North African descent. You were carrying a shoulder bag with traditional-stitched elephants on it. I would love to connect with you over dinner or lunch. Please message me, and let's explore these smiles we exchanged.

When: Tuesday, October, 02 2018

Where: Lougheed Skytrain Station

You got two sugar free ice creams at urban fare

I walked in, shuffled past you in my crutches by the berries, you had two cuties w you, one bean size the other pint. You looked up & smiled, I shot a half nervous smile 15 mins later we bumped into each other, you saw me coming in my crutches and held the door open for me to pick a flavour, I couldn’t decide, you smiled at me curiously but assertively again, I looked down because I got shy. Would love to get to know you, be friends, movies and other pleasurable activities.

When: Monday, October, 01 2018

Where: urban fare yaletown

Broadway Commercial 99 B-Line

We were waiting for 99 B-line on Broadway commercial. You were wearing light jean with a black chelsea boots and furry jacket. I was drinking starbucks coffe, wearing a bomber jacket, and listening to the music. Also, i sat right next to you. You got off at Main st. Im regretting that I didnt ask your phone number, so i got off at the next stop and went back to Main to look for you. Hope I can reach or meet you again

When: Saturday, September, 29 2018

Where: Broadway Commercial 99 B-line stop at mid lane

We stood next to each other and I was lost in your dreamy eyes

It was Oct 1, we were standing next to each other on the skytrain before royal oak. I tried to resist looking into your dreamy eyes .. but You looked into my eyes and we both smiled. Time had stopped and My heart stopped beating. It felt like eternity and I could never forget your beautiful brown eyes. If you felt the same.. I'd love to see your smile again.

When: Monday, October, 01 2018

Where: Skytrain

As the crow flies

You walked into my bike shop in search of "anything with a crow". I was the new guy and had no idea if we had anything, but i proceeded to show you around the shop in search of crow memorabilia for a friends birthday party. The back and forth between us was awesome and you made my day. You mentioned it was turning out to be a flawless day, and i was inclined to agree. Except I didn't ask you for your number or if you wanted to go for a drink. Store policy :( Here's hoping our paths will cross again!

When: Friday, September, 28 2018

Where: Bike shop.

VGH Emergency: Attending EHS Paramedic w patient. Too many eyes

VGH Emergency: Admitting area. You were attending EHS Paramedic w patient. You blonde, petite & solid, great DNA, tattoos. I donated the rice crispy squares to the emerge staff, nurses, first responders like yourself and physicians. Too many eyes...

When: Saturday, September, 29 2018

Where: VGH Emergency admitting - EHS Paramedic


picture perfect

i know when others see me they think I have a perfect life. everything looks perfect. my smile,...


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