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E.g., Feb 22 2019

at Parq Casino Saturday Feb 2

Hi Darren, I do regret not responding better to you introducing yourself. I have so many questions, and you said you'd go back inside, but it's a big place, and where did you go? I would like to know you. Please universe help him find this message and respond..

When: Saturday, February, 02 2019

Where: Parq Casino

Asian woman south on WILLOW at12th to ICORD Feb7th

Asian woman going South on Willow ME BLACK SKI JACKET (12th and Willow) Hello. We both stood at the stop light at north and west intersection of Willow and Broadway you said hello.  We both walked up the hill going south towards ICORD...talked about weather and I mentionned skiing. You had glasses a black hat and an amazing smile and wonderful manner. Stylish black jacket and skinny jeans. I am NEVER shy like that.... I hope you see this. As you approached ICORD...you smiled over your right shoulder and said good bye.... I turned right going west on tenth

When: Wednesday, February, 06 2019

Where: Willow and 12th

Nicest Smile on the ferry to Gibsons

I saw you at the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay and even though I guess you were just waking up from a nap you managed to give me the nicest smile that I've been given in a long time. I think you are very beautiful and I would like to get another chance to have a conversation with you. I noticed you gave me every opportunity you possibly could and the best I could come up with was"Do you know how long this trip is?" Can we try that again ?

When: Tuesday, February, 05 2019

Where: BC Ferries

Pacific Centre - You said I had a nice jacket!

Hi! You approached me in front of the Bose at Pacific Centre. I was the girl with glasses and thw blue beanie. You told me I looked good in my jacket. You were really cute but I think we were both a bit awkward so we ended our interaction at that. What's your name? Do you want to grab a coffee with me sometime? :)

When: Monday, February, 04 2019

Where: Pacific Centre

Held your hair

I held your hair out of your vomit after you had a few to many at Guilt. You brunette with a nice rack. Me speckled athletic and tall. You apologized and thanked me. Let’s give it another try, drinks?

When: Saturday, February, 02 2019

Where: Guilt

MET TWICE ON BUS, tried to exchange instagrams

We saw each other on the #17 oak again after a fee months of meeting on another bus. My name was to complicated to give you in time for your stop. I think you are an actor and worked at steve nash? You remembered me from soulcycle. September maybe?

When: Monday, February, 04 2019

Where: #17 oak

You saved me!

You saved me after my friends show at the Rickshaw. Would love to thank you properly. Call me:)

When: Saturday, January, 26 2019

Safeway bulk food + Chocolate almonds everywhere

You had glasses and long light hair, wearing a hat and a backpack. I was with my friend (both blonde) tattoos, and a bun in my hair and spilled chocolate almonds all over the place. You were buying some quinoa, we smiled at each other and you laughed at us, then bumped into each other again at the self checkout. I wanted to tell you that your smile is so lovely, but chickened out. Maybe I could try again!

When: Monday, January, 28 2019

Where: Safeway on Commercial Drive

Drinking for Eleven

Hey, We danced a bit at the end of the Mad Caddies. We introduced ourselves after their encore, but my buddy had to drag me away quickly. I'm the tall guy with the Green plaid shirt. You were blonde with the cool jean vest Do you remember what my name started with? Let's hit up another show!

When: Thursday, January, 31 2019

Where: Imperial


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