Standing by the Hellevator, we were both Hella-scared

It was July 28, the last night of the Adults-Only Playland Nights. I was the 5'9" Asian guy standing by the Hellevator, waiting outside the lines. You were the girl with the dark-ish blonde hair, about 5'2" to 5'5". You materialized from out of nowhere and we ended up chatting for what must have been 30 minutes while we waited for our respective friend groups to get through the ride. We were both too scared to ride the Hellevator. You told me you were doing an arts major at UVic, visiting home in Abbotsford for the summer. You work part-time as a freelance graphics design artist. Your latest design was used in the product packaging of a condom company. You were really proud to have your design seen by so many people. I told you I work at an insurance company. After the ride, you and your friends went to The Beast, and you hoped to see me there as well. My friend group ended up going a different direction and we didn't end up at The Beast. In retrospect, I should have gone to find you by myself. I think it's awesome that you're in an artistic field. Looking back, I can't help but feel you were sending me signals and I was too clueless to recognize them. I hope you see this post somehow, and if you want, we can get together for coffee or a movie, or even Playland again.

When: Friday, July, 28 2017

Where: Playland, Vancouver