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E.g., Jun 20 2018

I was running late

I was the brunette with wings on the back of my hoodie. I helped you with your ticket. You seemed like you wanted to talk to me some more, but I had to run. Wanna grab a drink sometime? Tell me where you were going and why you weren't driving.

When: Thursday, June, 07 2018

Where: 29th Ave Station

tall n handsome at Dollar store

Alexander i saw you either Friday or Saturday at Dollar store on knight st n Kingsway . met you and your friend at the cashier. when I saw your beautiful smile I had to say hi and we all chatted then bumped into eachother outside leaving. Didn't see you at my event but still want to get to know you better. I'm into you. Isabelle the green eyed girl

When: Saturday, June, 02 2018

Where: Dollar tree Kingsway and knight

We met at a party

I don’t remember the exact day I met you, so this really is a long shot. Drinking games were played Lots of laughters, Flirty eye contact, You walked over and kissed me... it’s been a couple weeks, andI highly doubt we would bump into each other by chance. I’m short, with blonde hair ! And if that isn’t vague enough I was wearing blue aha

When: Wednesday, May, 09 2018

Where: somewhere in north van at a party

Starbuck W Broadway & Cambie- cueing up for the WC

You beautiful darked skinned girl on a blind date. We chatted and flirted as we cue for the WC. I said, "There are plenty of fish for a beauty like u." Hope your blind date didn't quite work out. Maybe we can have coffee and more giggles. Should have given u my number or atleast a ticket for being so beautiful. The ticket guy.

When: Wednesday, May, 30 2018

Where: Starbucks on West Broadway

new puppy dad at 1st ave vets

You were there with your new jack-chi, who was wearing the cutest jean jacket. I was there picking up two cats. We talked about getting patches on your dogs jacket. I went to bring one cat into the car, and when I came back in you had gone in for your appointment. Feel like I missed my chance ...

When: Thursday, May, 31 2018

Where: 1st Avenue Vets

Black guy with freckles on the Viva Bakery patio

You were working on your laptop and and I walked past you with my bike, then rode back past a few minutes later. I would have loved to distract you from your work but I was running late. Beers?

When: Tuesday, May, 29 2018

Where: Viva Bakery - Kitsilano

Cute Guy On 22 Bus

I was the girl waiting for the bus. You approached me and began talking to me. I just went shopping, and you were going home. We continued to chat for the entire bus ride. I wish we would have exchanged numbers. I always hope to see you again. Maybe you'll see this!

When: Wednesday, April, 04 2018

Where: Broadway & Clark

Cinco de Sparrow

Still smiling over our encounter the night of Cinco de Mayo. We met on Howe street, we took a walk, we held hands, we salsa danced on Davie. Then to be lost at Lickerious (not intentional). I really enjoyed our energy, let's hold hands again.

When: Saturday, May, 05 2018

Where: Howe Street

Fireman at Firehall 13

How long have we been spotting one another? Ages. Mostly at Steve Nash on Cambie. Another time on the corner of W.8th and Heather; you were with a beautiful dog. Most recently - last night, as you stood out the back of firehall 13. I walked by heading to Earnest in hopes of salvaging a garbage day. Learning you worked in my 'hood definitely helped ;) Me: long bright magenta hair. Tattoos. Appear taller than I am. You: tall, dark-haired n' handsome, seem to possess a vast collection of trainers. Can't believe I'm doing this but hey, you only live once, right? Don't be a stranger the next time you see me. I'll do the same.

When: Tuesday, May, 29 2018

Where: East 24th Avenue at Prince Albert Street, behind the firehall

Cinco de Sparrow

I keep thinking about our encounter the night of Cinco de Mayo. I think I herd you say your name is Jack. We met on Howe Street, we took a walk, we held hands, we salsa danced on Davie. Then to be lost at Lickerious (not Intentional!). I enjoyed our energy, we should hold hands again.

When: Saturday, May, 05 2018

Where: Howe & Davie

Caught your eye at Nook

I was having dinner with a couple friends and caught your eye through the window while you were locking up your bike (I think), and then again as I was leaving. Me: a tall redhead who wishes she said hi. Interested in grabbing a coffee or a patio drink sometime?

When: Tuesday, May, 29 2018

Where: Nook on Yew

Jogging through the cemetery

You were jogging across Prince Edward @ 31st and you passed right in front of me and cut through the cemetery. Anyone who jogs in a graveyard is my type of person. You - shoulder length dark hair and purple jogging pants. Me - Dark hair, beard. Go for a run sometime?

When: Monday, May, 28 2018

Where: Prince Edward @ 31

Greek Anarchy Is Real

In honour of your dork mom and her search. Here's one for you. Andrew- Met you (again) at the the janky Greek spot on Nanaimo. I was in your spot but you apologized for being in mine. If Tocadero's in your favourite Greek restaurant, Your Favourite Band Sucks.

When: Monday, May, 28 2018

Where: Tocadero's Pizza & Steak House

Red Ballcap, Grey Sweater at bus stop on Granville

I was waiting for the bus on Granville Street around 7pm. We were the only two at the bus stop for a while. You were listening to music on your black ear buds, wearing a grey sweater, a red ball cap. We both got on the #4 Powell and you were standing in front of me for a few stops. I noticed the scent of your cologne, it was fantastic. You came and sat directly across from me at the back of the bus shortly after. I liked your look and wanted to ask what the scent was you were wearing to break the ice, and if I could take your portrait sometime (I’m a photographer) but I didn’t because I can be stupid shy in large groups of people. You got off the bus in gas town and went on your way. In the off chance you ever read this, we should hang out and go take some portraits! Message me with something I was wearing or the color of my hair, your Instagram to confirm & I’ll send you mine!

When: Saturday, May, 26 2018

Where: Vancouver - #4 Powell Bus from Granville Street to Gastown

Motown party at the Fox

Near the end of the night I was dancing with friends by the wall and you came up to me and tried to talk. It was crazy loud and I couldn't catch what you were saying, but my friends were in a drunk, possessive mood and pulled me away to dance before I could respond. You seemed nice and I'm sorry my friends chased you off! I would have been happy to meet you.

When: Friday, May, 25 2018

Where: Fox Cabaret

At Meet in Gastown

You were our server on Friday night. This was my first time there and I loved it. And honestly, you belong there! You were the part of my overall experience there. I asked you what I should order and your recommendation was spot on. I love my burgers and you added one on. About you: you wear glasses and have a tattoo on your right arm. You showed it to the girl sitting next to our table. About me: the guy in black who looked at you through out my visit there. I wish I had asked for a coffee!

When: Friday, May, 25 2018



We made eye contact Friday night, said hi & I blushed, band started and I enjoyed watching them tho you were right in front of them ;) Would love to chat

When: Friday, May, 25 2018

Where: Toby's pub

Kerrisdale Thrift store

Writing this defies all reason and logic but here goes... You were trying on a white kit cardigan sweater. I commented it looked nice. Realizing I was probably over stepping boundaries I backed off and kept my mouth shut. I was totally enamored by your demeanour and beauty.

When: Friday, May, 25 2018

Where: Kerrisdale Thrift store

Walking Past Juke in Chinatown

I walked past Juke's relatively quickly with my friend and his dog but I caught your eyes as I peered in. You had tattoos on your forearm and blonde hair. Should've come in and asked you join me and my friends for drinks on the roof. If you shared the same sentiment about our brief eye contact, tell me what I was wearing!

When: Thursday, May, 24 2018

Where: Juke's

Coquitlam Costco blonde

We were picking up similar items. You were wearing a pink shirt and have blonde hair. I caught you looking at me at the checkout line.

When: Thursday, May, 24 2018

Where: Gov Rd Costco

Costco loading

five ton truck, you were loading flats of water bottles with an older white guy, I was unlocking my bike nearby, many glances.

When: Wednesday, May, 23 2018

Where: Costco

Sad night due to loss of mac book laptop ect....

We kinda bumped into one another at the wrong time for this but whilst we walked the block along hastings seeking your lost goods i. Couldnt help but see the beauty you have and well wondered if maybe we could do coffee or palm bay vodka shots ??? Would be nice to know normal people other than the choatic ones i see daily at the overdose place i work

When: Thursday, May, 24 2018

Where: Cordova and carrall

Dad and daughter sushi date

I went in to pick up sushi from Sake Maki on Commercial Drive and you were sitting with your (nine year old?) daughter. Does Wednesday dinner out mean you are a single dad? We caught eyes once and then smiled as I left. I should have changed the order to stay!

When: Wednesday, May, 23 2018

Where: Sake maki - Commercial Drive

Arbutus Greenway smile

It was about 7:15 pm on Monday May 21st, and it was a spectacular evening. We ran past each other twice, and both times we exchanged what felt to me was a genuine smile. On your part, this may have been because I was wearing a yellow Jack Daniels shirt, but I'm going to assume it was because of my irresistible charm. I thought you had a really beautiful smile, so if I can't find you again on the Arbutus Greenway maybe you will see this and we can go for a drink.

When: Monday, May, 21 2018

Where: Arbutus Greenway


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