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E.g., Mar 21 2018

West Broadway & Pine, you are so fine!!

We were crossing the intersection in opposite directions, waiting for traffic, and then we were both badasses and crossed while the light was still red!! You got into your car, and it looked like you had a coffee, but can I buy you another one sometime???

When: Monday, March, 12 2018

Where: West Broadway and Pine Street

Ice-cream pickup

Totally awe-struck when you opened the door, I was eating an ice cream with my team when you joined the lineup. A minute later, you decided to skip and directly go for, what I can assume, a pre-ordered pickup... we stood next to each other and I was basically speechless.. I vividly remember your Western University yellow keychain and your baby blue Mini parked in front.. which flavor did you got ??

When: Sunday, March, 11 2018

Where: Earnst Ice Cream

Skytrain to Commercial

Can't believe I'm writing this, but you left such an impression. You got on the skytrain at KG or Surrey Central and I was sitting with my guy friend. I was the girl with the short black hair and black sweater. You were wearing black too, a hat and you were drinking coffee. You also had a skateboard with you. We kept looking at each other every once in a while until we both got off at commercial. I wish I had spoken to you. If you see this, let's grab a coffee?

When: Monday, March, 12 2018

Where: Skytrain

Skytrain to Kwekwecnewtxw

You: black puffy jacket, blue drop earrings, jeans and brown Blundstones. Me: black wool coat and glasses. I thought I overheard you introduce yourself as "Jemily". Let's get together and talk pipeline expansion.

When: Saturday, March, 10 2018

Where: skytrain

reader on the 246

you: small hoop earrings; shaved head; OK tattooed at the juncture between your thumb and index finger. me: question trying to force itself through my lips, never quite making it… i’ll ask now: what are you reading? thank you for the quirky bus ride!

When: Saturday, March, 10 2018

Where: 246 highlands

Cutie with the Good Hair Upstairs

I'm the one who loved your tie. I was watching your bar show along with everyone else in line, we both disagreed with my sister, we even talked about flying. Then you smiled, seems I'm still thinking about it. Can I take you out?

When: Thursday, March, 08 2018

Where: Bill Burr at the Queen E

Olympic Village - West 1st Ave

I saw you today and my jaw dropped. You have dirty blond hair that you were wearing in a man bun, a great smile, and a great physique. I have to mention that you’re in a wheelchair, but only to narrow down my search. I don’t care at all about that, I noticed your energy and smile from across the street. I crossed the road to speak to you. Something I rarely do but I had to talk to you. You were with your brown dog, going East on West 1st. I was the cute smiling brunette behind you in a camel coat and jeans on her way to school. I spoke to you in front of Craft Brewpub and said how great your dog was. I asked you how long you lived in the area and you said 4 years. I am still surprised I haven’t noticed you before, you’re so handsome. I assume someone as good looking as you are must have a partner or spouse, but if you don’t, I’d like to have coffee or a drink with you and get to know you better. I hope you see this and my only regret is I didn’t ask your name!

When: Friday, March, 09 2018

Where: Olympic Village - West 1st by Craft

Whole Foods cashier lady, West 4th

This morning I mentioned that you looked cold. You assured me that you were not, and I assured you that I didn't mean it in a bad way. We talked about the weather next week. I see you there all the time and I think you're a total babe, a total sweetie.

When: Friday, March, 09 2018

Where: Whole Foods West 4th

Pink haired lady

We pas like ships.... last pass howe/davie(not) ... would love to ask u 4 dinner..... find me in blend most days around 3pm I am old guy

When: Tuesday, March, 06 2018

Where: Davie/howe

2 seconds/day in UBC PPC

Who are you? I see you entering the building every morning with a smile. You are beautiful. Please slow down next time you walk by my desk because watching you lights my working days.

When: Monday, March, 05 2018

Where: Ubc pulp and paper center

Cute Gas Station Connection

I asked you for your help figuring out how to pump some gas into my new (used) car in Kits at the gas station. You were so sweet and handsome with glasses and a ginger - brown beard.We figured it out and I told you that you were my hero. Wish one of us had been brave enough to ask the other out. Maybe nows our chance?

When: Tuesday, March, 06 2018

Where: Kits Gas Station

Why Does He Do That?

You turned out the porch light...however will I navigate these stairs, I thought. You put your hand on my wrist...there was no reason, no excuse for that. But it was there, your hand on my wrist, my stuff on the porch, disappointment squeezing and strangling my heart.

When: Sunday, March, 04 2018

Where: Vancouver-on a full moon

Valentines day skytrain conversation "FAFL"

I hope its not weird or too late. You were headed home from the sabaton concert in Vancouver, and I was headed home from black lable society. We had a great conversation, and I keep wishing I had given you my number. You told me you worked for AFL and I laughed about the fancy F that made the company name look like FAFL. I would love to go for coffee if you ever find this.

When: Thursday, February, 15 2018

Where: Expo line sky train to Surry central

Smelling beets

We chatted over choosing vegetables. Beware of mould; sage advice. My food knowledge was stale to you. Thank you for your warmth and playfulness. I left with a smile that did not wear off. It was refreshing to connect in a disconnected city. Great you had a grandmother that cared about food. Stay fresh ;-)

When: Monday, March, 05 2018

Where: No Frills West Broadway

Handsome man who knows a good cut of meat.

I too would agree that you shouldn't wear sunglasses inside.... unless you have a very good excuse, like laser eye surgery. I couldn't help but think I should have gone back and asked for your phone number. Here's to hoping I get to see you again.

When: Sunday, March, 04 2018

Where: Mission Safeway

Tall mystery man at City Market on Arbutus Sunday March 4

Sunday night March 4 sometime between 6:30-7pm at City Market You were wearing dark jeans with white holes, and a nice sweater with a chunky scarf. I was the hot mess at the checkout. I had just come from the gym, my hair was up and fussy, grey hoodie on, and my cheeks were flushed from the gym or from looking at you. You smiled and my jaw dropped. Your style and confidence made it impossible for me to take my eyes off you.

When: Sunday, March, 04 2018

Where: Loblaws City Market 3185 Arbutus S

I saw you at the Lez Hookup Event in November

I saw you at the Lez Hookup Event back in November and I can't get your face out of my head. I saw you walking toward the event, but unfortunately I was too scared to ask if they had tickets at the door. I saw you back look at me. We made eye contact and I smiled. You smiled back. I tried to wait for you to come out again, but my friends wanted to leave. I should've stayed. Your smile -all I see is your smile. You were wearing a black sweater with blue jeans, short black hair and black booties. I know we'll see one another again at some point and when we get finally meet, I'll have this to show you and we can laugh about it

When: Sunday, November, 12 2017

Where: The Pint - Lez Hookup Event

Ian is a cheap skate

You were at main and broadway taking out your anger issues on a mentally ill homeless person. Your (ex?) Girlfriend was trying to stop you from attacking him while also dying of humiliation. Society hopes you get the help we deserve. P.S you really are and cheap skate and now everyone knows it!

When: Friday, March, 02 2018

Where: Main and broadway

Glances at Famoso Pizza

We shared a few nice glances at Famoso on Sunday afternoon...I was at a birthday party and you were sitting by the stairs and we seemed to catch each others eyes :) I was wearing a red and black shirt. Maybe we could have a coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, March, 04 2018

Where: Famoso Pizza Commercial Dr.

Cute snowboard girl on Cypress Mountain

We were both waiting in line for Eagle Express quad chair and smiled at each other. You got to the lift one chair before me. Me: skier wearing grey jacket and black trousers waiting with my snowboard buddy. Coffee?

When: Thursday, March, 01 2018

Where: Cypress Mountain

Blonde haired czech girl on Waterfront Station

You went with your friend from North Vancouver with Seabus, both overtired and didn't like the guy's long hair :D I was wearing grey winterjacket and black winter cap. I went to the skytrain platform, you straight to the station and we both smiled at each other. Coffee?

When: Saturday, March, 03 2018

Where: Waterfront Station

Thursday night

Seeing you at the pub reminded me of the connection I felt we had when we met last summer. It may not have been clear in the brief encounter, but I was pleasantly surprised to see you again. I'm interested in getting to know you so get in touch if you'd like to meet up!

When: Thursday, March, 01 2018

Where: Kits

Granville Street Rainy Walk

We passed each other near Holt Renfrew on Granville Street. You were walking with a friend in a long coat and beret, smiling and laughing as you chatted. I looked up and briefly caught your twinkling eye. A few blocks later I looked over and could have sworn you were standing beside me at the corner of Water Street and Granville. Had you turned around and walked my way? I was caught off guard, but should have said something before turning the corner and walking east. I thought you might have followed, but you disappeared.

When: Thursday, March, 01 2018

Where: Granville Street

Jay-Z Shirt at Blarney Stone

You backed that ass up into me on the dance floor and tried to sweep my off my feet. I had to be a good friend and couldn’t stay for long - even though I wanted to. Gave my number but not my name.

When: Friday, March, 02 2018

Where: Blarney Stone

West Van

We take the same bus route but I seem to run into you quite a bit in other places. It's bizarre. I would have said something today but I was coming from the doctor. I've been meaning to introduce myself but I've been sick lately. We had an awkward run-in awhile back that still makes me laugh. I should have said something then but you caught me off guard and I feel like I made a bit of an arse of myself. You seem nice. If you don't think I'm a complete idiot, let's have a pint in one of the crappy bars in our hood.

When: Friday, March, 02 2018

Where: West Van


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