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E.g., Sep 24 2018

Blarney Stone

Your friends entered the Blarney Stone. You waited outside by the sandwich board. I'm the short blonde who passed listening to music with a pizza box. You interacted with me and I blew you off quick... because I had just come from work and needed to get home. Bad timing. To be fair, from afar, it looked like you were going to throw up on that sandwich board! Now I realize you were sorting out what to say to me. Second chance?

When: Saturday, September, 08 2018

Where: Gastown

Fraser and Broadway

I saw you the most beautiful woman I have ever seen on Broadway and Fraser at 3:30 on the Holiday Monday of Labour Day I was going to approach you at the Bus Stop but the B Line picked you up before I could get your number. Me: Black Dress shirt and brown dress pants and wearing a fedora. You: Asian with blonde hair wearing an all black outfit. I need a date for my holiday in Hawaii and next year and I would love to bring you with me. Get back to me.

When: Monday, September, 03 2018

Where: Fraser and Broadway

Skookum Festival Dance to be continued….

At the end of the arkells Friday night, I wanna dance with somebody was playing to rap up the night. I was at the back of the Mountain stage and you looked amazing in a long tan or gold dress. You came up to me and we danced for the rest of the song . I think I dipped you and we swung around . amazing ! Then your friend reminded you that you had to get going …. Then we sort of said goodbye. Can we meet again to laugh about that night and see if you and my dance steps realign ?

When: Friday, September, 07 2018

Where: Skookum Festival

Bucket List Crowd Surfer at Frank Turner

We spoke briefly at the Frank Turner concert at the Vogue Theatre on Saturday night - both before and after you and your friend went crowd surfing during Photosynthesis. You said it was a bucket list thing for you to do. Your smile made it clear you had an awesome time. I wanted to ask for your number or invite you out for drinks; but didn't wanna interrupt your joyful dancing at the end of the night (and was too bloody nervous to ask as well). Glad you enjoyed the show and hope you crowd surf again.

When: Saturday, September, 08 2018

Where: Frank Turner - Vogue Theatre

Lady of the Gene

You: dark hair in ponytail, tattooed, beautiful smile, distracted work flow ;) Me: red shirt, reading, had two coffees but should have only had one, distracted by you. Could stop glancing your way; would have loved to ask you for a walk under the rain today.

When: Sunday, September, 09 2018

Where: Gene cafe - main

rainy cafe handsome guy

You came in to the cafe where I work and we had a nice chat at the counter. You ended up making friends with a couple from Texas. We walked by each other a few times outside afterwards and I really wanted to ask you out. Better luck here?

When: Sunday, September, 09 2018

Where: Gastown

Pharmacy cutie with an accent

You work at Macdonald's Pharmacy and have a cute accent. You helped me find vitamin D. I've seen you a few times and it makes me look forward to picking up perscriptions. I had a neck brace on from a crash. It's off now! Let me know if you would want to grab a non pharmaceutical beverage sometime.

When: Friday, September, 07 2018

Where: Macdonald's Pharmacy

Carmen at the Belmont

We spent Saturday night together at the Belmont after locking eyes and then dancing the night away. You have tattoos on both your arms. You said you'd give me your number but next thing I knew we were kissing goodbye and I lost track of how to get ahold of you. Let's see where this connection takes us.

When: Sunday, September, 09 2018

Where: The Belmont Bar

Stunning Blonde-Newport Village

I saw you crossing the parking lot as i was leaving my truck in a skirt and blouse with heels, you were a stunning blonde stunning, lot as i was leaving my truck, you were getting fruit/vegtables at Kins market, our eyes connected a few times, should of asked you for a drink at St. James Well Pub. Would like to have a drink and conversation.

When: Friday, September, 07 2018

Where: Newport Village-Port Moody

My local bartender

I run into you all the time at the bar on Main Street. You’re my favorite bartender! Blue eyes, beard, and super nice. I spend way too much money On beer just to exchange a few sentences with you. Maybe we can grab a beer at a different bar sometime?!

When: Saturday, September, 08 2018

Sexy man

posted about you before, Sean. found you on instagram and turns out you're married. you have admirers in the city.

When: Tuesday, August, 28 2018

Where: restaurant

Markus (with a K) at Burton Cummings concert August 31st,

You said your name was Markus (with a K), we were at Burton Cummings concert August 31. We didn't talk long enough and I didn't get your phone number. Things are strange now because I didn't take any action in meeting you. I hope you will see this message.

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Where: PNE - Burton Cummings Concert

1984 by Point Grey road beach

You stopped me by asking about my cousin’s dog. I was being a bit of smart ass while talking with you about your book, the dogs name, and whether I spoke French. If you can get back to me about the dog’s name or my nationality, I’ll buy you lunch or coffee. Your were taller than me, from Castlegar BC, black hair like mine, and had a moustache that appeared to be growing out.

When: Wednesday, September, 05 2018

Where: The beach past Volunteer Park

Tanned, fit lady in a black XTrail, Murray Street / Esplanade Street, Port Moody

Tuesday afternoon, you were walking on Murray Street at Es[;anade and got into a black XTrail with a cargo bin on the roofrack. I was behind you in a black Ram, we checked each other out, smiled and waved. You were then behind me and beside me in traffic, and you waved at me as I turned down a side street. Let's make eyes at each other over a drink, not just in traffic.

When: Tuesday, September, 04 2018

Where: Murray Street at Esplanade, Port Moody

Saturday night - Safeway on Commercial Broadway

I saw you in Safeway on Commercial Drive. I was wearing a blue top and grey jeans. I could not make a final decision about what to buy. You have either giggled or smiled - I was in a hurry and didn't take enough time to look. If you want more awkward and unintentional humour, let's meet up.

When: Saturday, September, 01 2018

Where: Safeway Commercial Drive

You only live once

We both chose to end our long weekend at Funky's Metal Mondays. It seemed like you came alone; I found it endearing (and attractive) how you boldly took to the stage to sing your heart out to Wheatus. We locked eyes a few times and I got the sense you were lingering at the bar for a reason... When my friend and I left, you were standing at the crosswalk light directly outside the doors however it did not seem like you were intending to cross. In a flurry emotions (my being anxious to miss my bus and nervousness to talk to you) I rushedly complimented your song choices and bolted across the street. Sorry for the bizarre exit - perhaps we can sing together next time? If by any chance you see this and are interested, let me know what other song you sang and we can connect. I was the one singing "You Only Live Once" by the Strokes - so here goes :)

When: Monday, September, 03 2018

Where: Funky Winker Beans

Babes on Babes

We met at the Babes on Babes Queer Dance Party. I think your name is Kelsey (definitely starts with a K), you're 24, sprained your ankle while landscaping over the Summer and you're back in school next week, mid length blonde hair, was wearing blundstones, absolute smokeshow. We were flirting and I started to feel nauseous from drinking too much. You so kindly got me some water, but I ended up having to leave suddenly and wasn't well enough to come back for your contact info. I would love to take you out sometime. Wishing myself some luck here, hoping you or one of your friends sees this! Jess

When: Monday, September, 03 2018

Where: Fortune Sound Club

Smile on 257 Horseshoe Bay bus

We were sitting in the back of the bus as we shared a few really nice smiles while three funny drunken people were chatting together in the last row. You said something to me before you got off the bus (Park Royal) but I couldn't catch it because of a podcast I'd listened to. I'd like to see you again.

When: Friday, August, 24 2018

Where: 257 Express Horseshoe Bay - Vancouver

Incandescent smile on the Lions

I was coming down the Lions trail with a friend when we ran into you and some other folks going up. You asked if we had made it to the top, and I said we'd made it to the "medium" top, which made you laugh. Your smile was amazing.

When: Saturday, September, 01 2018

Where: The Lions

Friday night on GeorgiaStreet Bus

You asked me if I wanted to sit down...I am older...our eyes kept locking...I got off at Denman before Stanley park while some idiot was talking about acres and hectares...let's wrap..contact me

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Where: On city bus on West Georgia

Friday night Alibi Room

We were both at the Alibi Room on Friday night, you were the lovely woman with long hair and glasses. We kept giving each other glances. I wish there was an opportunity for us to chat.

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Where: Alibi Room

The Save-on salad pose

'Twas noonish. In tan high-heels and a gauzy black dress, your gaze lingered over the bagged salads in refrigerated veg. The studied, thoughtful pose you struck invited all to see you, so I did. See you, that is. I think this is what you had in mind. A very strong look, may I say. My buzz cut and t-shirt were rather less obvious. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers.

When: Saturday, September, 01 2018

Where: Langley Save-on Foods veg aisle

Cafe Lokal

We briefly chatted about the upcoming Wailer's show at the Commodore. I was hoping to continue, and introduce myself but you had to leave. You-tall, dark and oh so handsome, me-sporty and blonde. Would love to chat more about music over a drink sometime.

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Hustle Pizza Diaya Hater

Saw you at hustle pizza on commercial drive. You and your friend a pie. We both agreed we dislike diaya cheese on pizza. Maybe grab a slice?

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Where: Hustle Pizza

My Friend Chris

I only managed to introduce myself to you this past Tuesday and today was the last day of your route. You left me utterly speechless and I’m hoping that there’s more here….I only just bumped into you again after seeing you for a few months last year.

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Where: You tell me.


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