Fatass walking into Walmart on 8th St in New West

You: fatass, glasses, dark sweater, carrying a laptop case, went into Walmart. Me: 22 years old, brown hair, in a white 2017 Mazda 3 that I got two weeks ago. Today, around 5:00pm you were waiting to cross the street at the corner of 6th Avenue and 8th Street in New West. I believe you might've just gotten off the bus. I had a left turn signal, so I turned onto the street. My car was approximately half a foot, maybe even an entire foot past the crosswalk line and protruding into your walking space. I guess this bothered you because when you started crossing the street, you decided to punch my car. Why? I'm not sure. I was barely into the crosswalk, so I'm sure that wasn't it. Perhaps it was because you're probably single, definitely overweight, unattractive, riding the bus, and buying groceries at Walmart. Times are tough? I can understand you'd be upset that people have cars, but let's get something straight. Do NOT touch my vehicle. My vehicle is MY property, and by punching it, you are vandalizing my property. I seriously contemplated calling the police and walking into Walmart to find you. At a solid 300 pounds, you'd be easy to spot. You have anger issues. I recommend some counselling. If you're unhappy with your life, work on yourself. Don't vandalize others' property you fucking loser.

When: Friday, September, 22 2017

Where: Corner of 8th Street and 6th Ave in New West