Friendly girl from TaiwanFest who called me "beautiful girl" Sept. 3

This is sort of a long shot here, and I might just totally be misinterpreting the situation but you seemed really cool so I figured I'll give this a shot. On Sept. 3 at the flower/donation booth at TaiwanFest you said I was really beautiful, but I walked off before realizing I didn't get to say that back to you... I was really nervous so it took me a while but eventually I got to tell you that when you were working a small origami booth with someone. When you saw me you waved your arms real big and said "hi beautiful girl~!". I'm so sorry if I took this the wrong way, but the way you seemed so friendly I wasn't sure if you were flirting or not. Anyways, I sat down at the origami booth and you happily offered to help me, but I totally panicked and walked away! I should've just pretended not to know how to fold an origami crane... You were around 19-21, short black hair, round glasses, blue/white striped shirt I've never done something like this, so please know that I'm just really shy! Thanks ^.^

When: Sunday, September, 3 2017

Where: Around 550 Granville Street at Taiwanfest