Millennium Line - midnight ride - staring at a fellow biker

I got on the train at Commercial and rode to Production, you may have gotten on at the same time or a couple stations after and continued your journey after I stepped off. I rode between two doors, you rode in the accordion section (I always forget to do that!). This was on Thursday night 11:45pm turning into midnight, Friday, by the time I arrived at my stop. I couldn't help it, I kept looking at you, I kept purposely trying to catch your eyes. I think you thought it strange that I kept staring at you. I tried to smile, but my awkwardness shone through and I would quickly look away. I couldn't help but notice that you were head to toe in black - black shirt, pants, shoes, jacket, helmet, water bottle; even your bike! I was head to toe in colours - orange scarf, red dress, gold socks, white sweater, purple helmet and silver bike (with a blue patterny backpack). I slowly got off at my stop and walked to the elevator, hoping that you would get off too.

When: Friday, September, 1 2017

Where: Millennium Line

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