Recycling stereo, London Drugs Market Crossing

I brought an old stereo to you for recycling at London Drugs Market Crossing. When I mentioned the stereo was about 28 years old, you told me that was your age. You began wheeling the stereo away on a cart, but were suddenly called to help another customer and I didn't get to say good-bye. You are not tall, but more than make up for that in kindness, amazing, playful eyes and a stunning, beautiful smile. You have short, nearly black hair and dark-rimmed glasses. I have dark-rimmed glasses, too, really short cropped hair, and a too-loud voice that was probably heard throughout the store. Returned to store Aug. 29, but found out you were leaving there at the end of the month. I sure wish I got your number or e-mail. How about you?

When: Thursday, August, 24 2017

Where: London Drugs Market Crossing store, Burnaby, BC