Handsome coworker

I started working in a big company downtown Van couple of weeks ago and I think you started working there little bit before me. We don't work in the same team, we're not working in the same field but we physically work a couple of meters apart. I'm older than you :) I think on my first or second week there, you locked your eyes on me during a group conversation, I was little shy :) We look at each other every day. I'm always looking at you when I'm going to get a coffee, you're doing the same, especially when you're done with you day and you're going home. Not sure I can give you what you want, life is complicated, but if you want to talk over a coffee/drink, let me know. Write your initial and the company where we both work in your reply, I'll know it's you.

When: Tuesday, October, 24 2017

Where: Downtown Van

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