Smiley girl at the 130/Pho D'Lite - Burnaby

You boarded the 130 going north. The bus was half empty but I did notice you looked at my direction. We got off at the same stop at Willingdon/Lougheed and we crossed the street together. As we crossed the street, I looked at you, and you gave me a lovely smile. I smiled back and we went our separate ways. I thought that was that. Minutes later I went for some Vietnamese at Pho D'Lite and as I proceeded to leave, there you were again with your friend at the door. We both stared at each others eyes and then there was that lovely smile again. As far as I remember you ordered a table for 7. I would love to hear from you and grab a cup of coffee (or maybe some Pho?)

When: Saturday, October, 14 2017

Where: 130 Bus/SOLO District/Pho D'Lite - Burnaby

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