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E.g., Jun 17 2018

Prado cafe commercial drive

We sat near each other in the front window tables at Prado this morning. You were on your computer but looked up and smiled at me. When I got up to leave you smiled again, I smiled back and said goodbye. I had to leave to catch a flight but now I’m sitting at the airport wishing I was sitting in the cafe with you.

When: Sunday, June, 17 2018

Where: Commercial drive and east 4th

Beautiful Blonde On the 262 Cauldield Bus

I was on my way to Lion’s Bay for work, and you were sitting at Horseshoe Bay waiting for the 262. When the shuttle bus arrived, we both entered the bus but the driver told me I he was not loading yet. He let you stay on, and I went to finish a smoke. We both rode the bus up to Caulfield where you left. You stunned me with your beauty, and I hope you read this article? I hope so!

When: Monday, June, 11 2018

Where: Horseshoe Bay


You say next to me at the counter facing towards the water at Starbucks. You were wearing hiking boots. I asked about your phone, and we talked about my lifegaurdong course. I meant it when I said “I hope I see you agian.” If you see this call into the technological abyss, let’s go for a hike if you’d like.

When: Friday, June, 08 2018

Where: Kits Beach Starbucks

Capers Market Glances

We've seen each other a couple of times at Capers market on 4th and Vine. You petite 5'2', dark hair,(?) in sports gear, and me 5'11 in blue shirt, tie and jeans. I said hello yesterday at the bread section. Let's break bread together.

When: Thursday, June, 14 2018

Where: Caper Market, 4th and Vine

Ice Cream at buy/Low

You were the bike riding, short haired brunette in line on the first till. I was second in line buying ice cream. We had a quick chat after you were checking out my ice cream selection. I though you were mega cute and would love to share that ice cream, perhaps after a bike ride ?

When: Thursday, June, 14 2018

Where: Kingsgate mall / Buy Low

Papa Bear missed connection with Panda Bear

I saw you in Kyo on Granville this past Monday evening with your large table of friends (all girls I believe) We checked each other out a good few times. YOU: V cute with glasses, jeans, beard, grey T-shirt ( I think) and a leather harness / suspenders type thing. ME: Caucasian, Glasses, tattoos,black T-shirt and camo trousers with a friend at the table across. You kept looking over at me and I liked what I saw and regret not passing you my number. Let's connect!

When: Monday, June, 11 2018

Where: Kyo on Granville

I am riding the rails looking for Rosa

On Friday, June 8th at midnight iat the marine SkyTrain station I spoke with a platform conductor. A beautiful brunette with a stunning smile. I am now riding the rails hoping to see you again. LOL! Please contact me I would love to talk with some more.

When: Friday, June, 08 2018

Where: Marine SkyTrain station

Burrard Station, 12:20ish

you were wearing a jean jacket with a black backpack, which describes half the men in this city, doesnt it? But your eyelashes were ten miles long and your brown hair was perfectly curly and tousled, very Alden-Ehrenreich-as-Han-Solo and it made me swoon. You got on the first car of a King George train and broke me heart. Just wanted you to know you are beautiful and I hope you had a lovely voyage home.

When: Thursday, June, 14 2018

Where: Burrard Skytrain station

Blue suit/ floral tie...

You were an absolute heartthrob in your suit. I'm uncertain as to whether or not the woman who was with you is your girlfriend, or who she is (fingers crossed she's a friend, maybe a family member?). I happened to see you again, with a handful of people in the courtyard taking photos, I panicked as I wanted to say hello. In any case, I had my eyes on you during the convocation, when I could see you of course. I couldn't refrain from staring at your defiantly gorgeous dark brown eyes, they left me with so many questions... and here I find myself laying in bed for the second night, halted, staring at my ceiling dreaming that I could beg you to gaze upon me with those heavy eyes. For now I can only pretend what the conversation may be like, but if you too felt as if you had shared an absolutely mesmerizing gaze with someone, I'm writing to tell you it has to be me. In the off chance you caught me drooling over you, I'm the shorter, dirty blonde, who may have been drooling at you. With love, lust, and more... this stunned little girl is waiting for you.

When: Tuesday, June, 12 2018

Where: SFU Burnaby Mountain - Grad Convocation

Grandview Superstore (Tuesday am)

I was standing near the exit doors at Grandview superstore this Tuesday ( June 12, 2018) around 10:30am. You were buying raspberries and a carton of something ( juice) you are a beautiful man- we exchanged glances until you left the store with your workmate. I had the yellow lanyard around my neck and was waiting on a workmate as well. You had on work boots and were dressed all in black with a baseball cap- a breathtakingly beautiful man - tall, dark and handsome! I’d love to at least connect!!!

When: Tuesday, June, 12 2018

Where: Grandview superstore

250 bus horshoe bay

We met on the 250 bus. you were talking to me and anouther guy. you gave us cookies and granola bars. you were coming from bowen island, you were going to vancouver. id like to buy you a coffee.

When: Friday, June, 08 2018

Where: horshoe bay

Moja on Commercial

You were done your shift (I think) but still working as it was busy. Our eyes caught a few times but I never said hi, well hi.

When: Sunday, June, 10 2018

Where: Moja On Commercial

In the big pool we swam together

I'm a little competitive, so I take note when there's a faster swimmer than me. You came up on me, like in an open water race, swimming so close together. You kept pace with me, doing the backstroke. You were so graceful and beautiful in the water. I complimented your stroke, you offered an apology for swimming so close. None needed! Then I was off to do more laps. A memorable encounter for sure : ) Hope to see you again!

When: Saturday, June, 09 2018


tall n handsome at Dollar store

Alexander i saw you either Friday or Saturday at Dollar store on knight st n Kingsway . met you and your friend at the cashier. when I saw your beautiful smile I had to say hi and we all chatted then bumped into eachother outside leaving. Didn't see you at my event but still want to get to know you better. I'm into you. Isabelle the green eyed girl

When: Saturday, June, 02 2018

Where: Dollar tree Kingsway and knight

10 Granville Bus Smiles

This morning was brighten by your beautiful smile, several times. You were corresponded and I should have said Hi. I would love to connect with you. The colour of your jacket matched the colour of your eyes. Coffee perhaps? I like Tim’s too.

When: Friday, June, 08 2018

Where: Bus #10

Free Room & Board in Tulum

You are the girl with the dandelion tattoo trying on boots at MEC. I am the old guy with the Mexican tan. You were looking for free room & board in Tulum Mexico next winter. I needed a helper in Mexico to do food shopping and prep and light cleaning. We kinda had some good laughs in the shoe department at MEC. We thought we had a good vibe. By mistake I gave you a discontinued cell phone contact. Sorry! Let's try again.

When: Tuesday, June, 05 2018

Where: MEC shoe department

I was running late

I was the brunette with wings on the back of my hoodie. I helped you with your ticket. You seemed like you wanted to talk to me some more, but I had to run. Wanna grab a drink sometime? Tell me where you were going and why you weren't driving.

When: Thursday, June, 07 2018

Where: 29th Ave Station

tall n handsome at Dollar store

Alexander i saw you either Friday or Saturday at Dollar store on knight st n Kingsway . met you and your friend at the cashier. when I saw your beautiful smile I had to say hi and we all chatted then bumped into eachother outside leaving. Didn't see you at my event but still want to get to know you better. I'm into you. Isabelle the green eyed girl

When: Saturday, June, 02 2018

Where: Dollar tree Kingsway and knight

We met at a party

I don’t remember the exact day I met you, so this really is a long shot. Drinking games were played Lots of laughters, Flirty eye contact, You walked over and kissed me... it’s been a couple weeks, andI highly doubt we would bump into each other by chance. I’m short, with blonde hair ! And if that isn’t vague enough I was wearing blue aha

When: Wednesday, May, 09 2018

Where: somewhere in north van at a party

Starbuck W Broadway & Cambie- cueing up for the WC

You beautiful darked skinned girl on a blind date. We chatted and flirted as we cue for the WC. I said, "There are plenty of fish for a beauty like u." Hope your blind date didn't quite work out. Maybe we can have coffee and more giggles. Should have given u my number or atleast a ticket for being so beautiful. The ticket guy.

When: Wednesday, May, 30 2018

Where: Starbucks on West Broadway

new puppy dad at 1st ave vets

You were there with your new jack-chi, who was wearing the cutest jean jacket. I was there picking up two cats. We talked about getting patches on your dogs jacket. I went to bring one cat into the car, and when I came back in you had gone in for your appointment. Feel like I missed my chance ...

When: Thursday, May, 31 2018

Where: 1st Avenue Vets

Black guy with freckles on the Viva Bakery patio

You were working on your laptop and and I walked past you with my bike, then rode back past a few minutes later. I would have loved to distract you from your work but I was running late. Beers?

When: Tuesday, May, 29 2018

Where: Viva Bakery - Kitsilano

Cute Guy On 22 Bus

I was the girl waiting for the bus. You approached me and began talking to me. I just went shopping, and you were going home. We continued to chat for the entire bus ride. I wish we would have exchanged numbers. I always hope to see you again. Maybe you'll see this!

When: Wednesday, April, 04 2018

Where: Broadway & Clark

Cinco de Sparrow

Still smiling over our encounter the night of Cinco de Mayo. We met on Howe street, we took a walk, we held hands, we salsa danced on Davie. Then to be lost at Lickerious (not intentional). I really enjoyed our energy, let's hold hands again.

When: Saturday, May, 05 2018

Where: Howe Street

Fireman at Firehall 13

How long have we been spotting one another? Ages. Mostly at Steve Nash on Cambie. Another time on the corner of W.8th and Heather; you were with a beautiful dog. Most recently - last night, as you stood out the back of firehall 13. I walked by heading to Earnest in hopes of salvaging a garbage day. Learning you worked in my 'hood definitely helped ;) Me: long bright magenta hair. Tattoos. Appear taller than I am. You: tall, dark-haired n' handsome, seem to possess a vast collection of trainers. Can't believe I'm doing this but hey, you only live once, right? Don't be a stranger the next time you see me. I'll do the same.

When: Tuesday, May, 29 2018

Where: East 24th Avenue at Prince Albert Street, behind the firehall


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